Sunday, December 31, 2006


We are getting ready to go to Miami. We will drive to Milwaukee and stay overnight with my sister. Our flights are pretty early (7am), so we are saving ourselves a little sleeping time. She really wants to watch the Packers game. I have not watched a complete game all season, and hopefully tonight's game isn't too depressing.

We had a good Christmas all in all. Duane liked his gifts better this year than last year. I gave Duane a set of beer glasses (the kind you use to drink Belgium type beer) and 2 t shirts that I got at the craft show. He liked one t shirt better than the other (one t shirt says Mr. Pickles on it The other shows a picture of a guitar about to be smashed during a concert with the heading, "This guitar has seconds to live".

He gave me two CDs (Veronica Mars soundtrack and Regina Specktor) and a necklace.

We did family gifts this year and we got a home kit for our satellite radio. We can hook it up to our Bose surround sound, so that should be cool. We also chose a device that allows you to listen to your mp3 player in the car as our gift from my Grandma.

We went to see The Good Shepherd yesterday. I enjoyed the movie despite it's long length (3 hours). We have to get out and see Casino Royale. Everyone says it is the bomb.

We ate at a new Russian restaurant for lunch yesterday and it was so good. The potato pankcakes were fabulous. I had pelmini (meat stuffed dumplings) that were very good. Duane had a huge fried pork cutlet with cheese inside. Our friend had meat filled crepes, called blini. We will definitely be eating there again.

The weather has been dismal here. It hasn't been too cold, but it has been rainy with no sun. Miami should be a nice change (80s and sun).

I have been trying to get over a cold that basically involves snot. I think I am nearing the end of it now.

Hershey had a vet appointment this week. The vet said that Hershey has a slight heart murmur, but is in good shape otherwise. Fran is going to be watching them while we are gone, so I better get to writing her some instructions.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I switched my blog account over to the new google thing and then forgot the password. Duh.

The month has been nuts so far with work and getting ready for Christmas.

I have very little Christmas spirit this year and normally I have tons. I haven't been able to attribute it to any one thing, but it seems to be prevalent. It has gotten to be all about buying things and even spending time with family doesn't seem to be the same.

We won't be getting a new kitten, especially now that I discovered that Boots has been peeing in the office! We don't know why, as the litter boxes are cleaned every day.

Tomorrow is church at 5pm and then dinner at my mom and dad's house. We are having appetizers. I am making cheese poufs (Barefoot Contessa recipe) and some mini sausage quiches. I still need to wrap a lot of presents (including Duane's).

We had our main email server at work crash the day after our main IT person had her baby (and was not at work). It appears that we lost all our saved email, which I guess is one way to clean out your inbox.

The offer with my buyer is proceeding well and should close as planned.

Duane and I are going to Miami on January 1st for the Orange Bowl game. We will only be there for 2 1/2 days, but it should be fun.

I guess I don't have much to say tonight, but I reset my password so I shouldn't forget it again (hopefully).

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

As usual

I am reading other blogs but not posting on mine. Bad me. I am stressed out this week. My family is coming to visit this Sunday. My house is not clean and my inside decorations are not up. Duane goes to LA today for one day and I want to go to Chicago on Friday.

I am in the middle of another offer for my buyer. I think this house is a better choice for him and think the process will go much more smoothly this time. The listing agent has already commended me for writing a clean offer!

"Friends" of ours recently sent me an email (it was a mass email) asking to help them sell their condo (they are selling it FSBO). I find it rather rude that they didn't even bother to contact me first. They know I am a realtor. I would have given them my opinion on the market and price without insisting that they list with me, but I guess they don't need my help. I think they have it listed a little high considering that their condo does not have a fireplace. The other comparable units that have sold recently have had fireplaces.

We also found out that a friend of ours is no longer employed. In the past he has never lasted long at a job, but this one seemed to be going well. I am worried about him, as his wife and child are living somewhere else. The brother that he is closest to is in Iraq as well.

I want a new kitty and Duane doesn't. He is afraid I will go get the kitten while he is in LA. I would not do that. I may bug him until he gives in however. Do we need another kitty? No.

Last weekend we went to a flea market that sucked. Wisconsin flea markets are no good. We are looking for some side tables for the living room and a bar cabinet. We also went bowling with people from Duane's work. It was fun, but I bowled terribly! On Sunday we went to my nephew's hockey game. He is 5 (and has 4 sisters). He is the cutest guy, but doesn't seem that into hockey. His dad (my brother) has been involved in hockey for most of his life. He used to ref games, but I think he quit when they moved to Janesville. We also went down to Janesville to finish up a quilt I have been working on and had dinner with my parents. A nice weekend, but it didn't involve much work at home.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is it that time already?

I wonder if I can take a picture of my hair without my face being in it? I always hate pictures of myself. My mom actually likes my hair, you know if I am going to be doing that to it (huh?).

Thanksgiving was nice and low key. I actually got up Friday at 5am and went shopping. Unfortunately I did not get one of the main things I wanted. I did not get this item because it was not located where those items are located in the store, and two employees misdirected me. They were gone by the time I found them. Luckily, it was really more of a wanted item than a needed item. I did get a new smaller digital camera. 2 years ago we bought a Canon (awesome camera), but did not have the extra $100 for the Elph. Love the camera we bought, and even though it isn't THAT big, it seems like it is. It doesn't fit in my purse or other bags very well and always seems like a pain to actually bring out and take a picture. I will be selling the old one though, so I will hopefully recoup some of the cost.

After the shopping I came home and slept for a bit. I ran down to Chicago to hang out with Kandy and go antique shopping. We went to an awesome antique store ( with reasonable prices! I got a cool circular ice bucket with penguins on it and two metal trays. The next store we went to wasn't as great, but Kandy got a cool vintage Christmas tree there. We had an awesome dinner of tapas and then I went home (well to IKEA actually). IKEA was almost totally empty, so I am glad I went there later. I ended up checking out a tempermental self checkout, so I looked like one of those dorks that should not be checking out at the self checkout.

Duane came home on Saturday and we working around the house on Sunday. I also got a new garage door opener on Friday, so Duane worked on figuring that out. Our old one would open by remote, but it would only close if you were inside the garage. That doesn't work so well when are leaving. The garage does have to be cleaned out to actually fit the cars in there though.

It has been rainy here, but not bad temperature wise (which is supposed to change later this week). I have been trying to get all my lights set up outside. I am pretty close to being done.

The offer I was working on with my buyer has failed (the seller refused to budge and was being really unreasonable). We are back to looking at houses.

I found a beautiful bar cabinet (what I was looking for in Chicago) here in Madison!! It is $700 though. Way too much moola.

I put together a picture album at Shutterfly for a gift recently and just got it in the mail yesterday. It was REALLY nice! I can't wait to send it.

I am having lunch with Duane today. The BMW is in the shop for a squeaky belt and a possibly failing window motor. They seem to think it will be under $300, which would be nice!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where am I

I am here and I really need to be better about posting. Our internet connection at home has been wonky for the last week. The Charter guys were over yesterday afternoon and determined that it was something outside the house at the pole. It appears to be fixed now though, and now we know that we have an excellent signal.

I took Duane to the airport at 5:30 this morning. I did get to come home and sleep a little more, but I bet he is really tired. I will be hanging out with my Mom and Dad tomorrow, a very low key affair. I don't think Thanksgiving is that big of a holiday to be on your own. You can give thanks without a lot of other people around.

I had a closing on Monday which provided us with a good check. Hopefully some of it will remain after getting Duane's car checked out. The driver side window has something wrong with it, as well as a squeaky belt somewhere. Love the car, but it is hella expensive to fix.

Last Saturday night we went to see our friend Chris and his friends, The Steepwater Band, at the Union. The show was quite awesome, although REALLY loud. We both has some temporary hearing damage afterwards, a reminder to have earplugs on hand (even though it looks dorky, I would rather be able to hear in my old age).

I also worked on Saturday. I wrote up an offer for my buyer, and we are in the haggling process.

I did not go clogging the other night, nor did I go this week. I did talk to my clogging friend, and she promised to be there more often. She changed hours at her part-time job, which will allow her to do so. I did like doing it, just not totally on my own.

I am in the process of getting my Christmas lights up. I was hoping to have it done already, but I have had to work on the weekends a lot lately. Luckily we have very nice weather this week, so I should get it done. I will post a picture.

I got my hair colored last night and went a little nuts. A friend had her hair done recently, and I really liked it. Unfortunately I did not have a picture of it, so it did not turn out anything like hers. It is fun though, and I am sure my mom will hate it. I may or may not post a picture.

I have been thinking about posting a list of my projects to help keep my accountable. I would have to write said list though. I am having family over on the 10th, and right now my house is in no condition for guests (ie my mother).

Enough of my rambling for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Good news

Our friends in Missouri had their baby girl on November 8th. Eva Mary is doing wonderfully and too cute!.

I worked both days this weekend showing houses to my buyer. I am so hoping that he makes a decision in the next week or so.

Brisco and Boots are curled up with each other sleeping, but Brisco had a dream and woke Boots up. Too cute.

I made dog biscuits today and I hope the dogs like them!

Duane leaves tomorrow to travel to Oregon for the week. I have lots of things to work on and will also probably need to do some showings with my buyer.

The weather is crap today. Totally cloudy and dreary. It was supposed to rain all week, and the forecast changed. I need to get out there and get my lights up, so I am glad it won't be raining.

I have clogging tonight and it will be the first time I have tried it with clogging shoes on (now I am thinking about not going). I can't decide if I like it or not. My friend at work that got me started with it doesn't come during my lesson, and I don't know anyone else. She has been slacking on going as well.

Mr. Kitty wants to snuggle, so I gotta go!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Well then

Ok, the chicken noodle soup turned out really well. If I could have had a video of me throwing the noodles in the soup, you would be laughing hysterically. I forgot until the last minute that I was making homemade noodles and it was quite comical. I also made butternut squash soup that turned well, but no one ate.

My buyers accepted a counter-offer and things are moving towards closing. The closing is November 20th, so it is coming up fast.

The weather is better here and it is supposed to be nice this week (in the 60's).

The woman hater doesn't leave until the end of the month. We had a work event last week that he came to for the free lunch. We have an agent retreat at the end of the month that he says he is going to. Just leave already!

The paper mache pumpkin ended up turning out ok (although not incredibly pumpkin like). It was for my little sister's reception on Saturday. I did a lot and I got really stressed out about BUT it all turned out well. The party was a good time.

Sunday I worked from noon until 6pm with my buyers. I wasn't feeling too badly from the night before, but I was really tired. I spent some time sitting on the couch this morning, so I am feeling better.

I will be working outside this week and getting ready for the holidays. As always I have lots of projects to work on.

Friday, October 27, 2006

I tried

I tried to post the other day, but the site was down for maintenance.

This will be a busy weekend. I need to get my ass in gear on several craft projects and do some cooking tomorrow. Sunday we are carving pumpkins at my sister's in Janesville.

I am making homemade chicken noodle soup tomorrow with homemade chicken stock and noodles. I hope it turns out really well. I am also making butternut squash soup, but I have made that before.

I am already planning my Christmas light display. I got a new blowup item, to replace one from last year that sucked (it spelled out snow but would never stand up right). I also bought a gadget that is supposed to allow you to hang lights on your roofline or gutter without a ladder. This would make setting up my lighting a lot simpler.

My buyers have written a GOOD offer on a nice property. I found out today that there is another offer. We won't know till Monday if the offer is accepted or countered. My buyer has already stated that if they counter, they probably aren't interested. This is an awesome house for a good price, but they have a terrible take it or leave it attitude. It could mean a great commission for me as well.

I have a new buyer that is nice and agreeable. We are looking at two houses tonight, and I hope we find something he really likes.

I haven't had any activity on my listing that I know of, but I never did think it was going to be a quick sale.

I had a listing appointment this week with a friend of a friend. He isn't quite ready to list yet, but said he will definitely hire me for the job. Yeah! :)

The weather here sucks. Earlier this week yesterday and today were supposed to be sunny and 50's. Yesterday was rainy and cold and today is dreary and cold.

We had a new guy in the office that was a total woman hater. He has left for a new company! Hopefully I will never have to work with him. I don't know if a woman hater is better than an old perv, and we have quite a lot of those.

I am going to attempt to make a paper mache pumpkin this weekend using one of those blow up punch balls. I hope it works!

Monday, October 23, 2006


I was trying to figure out flickr so I could post pictures. I will have to look at it some more to figure how to do something other than post individual pictures. I already know how to do that.

I still have the sniffles. Our weekend with our guests went well. It snowed (again).

Friday, October 20, 2006

I have been remiss

I haven't posted in forever and now Mr. Kitty is trying to sit on my lap while I type.

I think the resolution on the tv is still off but it would require making a service call.

My hair turned out ok, but rather on the safe side as far as color goes. The new salon was nice, but freezing!

We are still not having soda at home, but I am not drinking more water like I should. I have a weird thing about hot beverages (don't like them) so no coffee. I don't even really like hot chocolate.

We got our new couch and it is really nice. The color is great and it is very comfortable. Brisco has decided that we bought it for him.

We have guests this weekend. They are allergic to our pets, so I feel bad when they sniffle. They asked to stay with us though, so what can you do? They are here from AZ.

My crazy buyers seem to have settled into exactly what they are looking for and the market has started to change towards their expectations. Hopefully this all means that we can find a place for them. I have a listing in Portage on the WI river. It will either sell quickly or languish forever.

Duane is off playing poker tonight and our guests had their own plans. Me and the tv tonight!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cable resolved

I checked the tv this morning and the interactive guide was there!! I just about did cartwheels. The resolution seems to be off, but I should be able to get that fixed without having the guy come back.

I am getting my hair cut and getting highlights tonight. I can't wait! (even though I have no idea what I am going to do). My hair hasn't been colored in quite awhile, and I think my natural color is kind of boring. It is going to be at the new location of the salon I go to, so hopefully it is swanky.

Veronica Mars tonight! We had to watch the season premiere on tape, so the experience wasn't so great. It was still awesome though.

I am 94 this month on the company list of 121. I won't be on the list next month if I don't get my crazy buyers to commit on something.

I am using a new wireless mouse with the laptop and I keep forgetting it is there. It works quite well though. Duane got a wireless keyboard and mouse for his office ($25 on clearance at Target) and the extra wireless mouse was a bonus.

I have a headache today. Duane and I are cutting down on soda (having no soda in the house) and I think the lack of caffeine is getting to me.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Duane got home from LA on Friday. He was very tired as he had been up late the previous two nights (drinking and partying). He came home and took a nap and then ended up staying up late.

We went to Chicago on Saturday. We got a late start, as Duane did not want to get up early. We went to CB2 and got a couple of neat things. We were really going to Trader Joe's, but CB2 was right there! (Lincoln Park) We spent $100 at TJ's, which seems pretty cheap considering everything we got. We got a ton of snacks, cheese, 2 bottles of wine, a 6 pack of beer, an awesome frozen mac & cheese, green garbonzo beans, spaghetti sauce, red mole sauce, and did I mention cheese?

We then went to Duane's favorite liquor store of all time (Sam's). We got a bottle of wine and some interesting beers. Duane called a friend the recently moved from North Carolina to Chicago and he was free for dinner. His fiancee was busy, but it was Saturday night after all (and we called last minute). We saw their house (in Western Springs) and met their cute greyhound Gambler. We went to dinner at a local Irish pub (fake Irish anyway). Our waiter was a tool but the food was decent. We then had dessert at the Oberweis Dairy (yum!) He is an electrical engineer and had to go to work that night at the John Hancock building! They put in new emergency generators for the transmission towers and they were testing them.

We made it to Janesville pretty late. We needed to pick up a tap of tv and some Market Day food. We are trying BBQ Pork, Bagel Dogs, and pumpkin praline pie and stocked up on our favorites.

I painted our bedroom on Friday with some oops paint. It turned out really nicely! I can't wait to finish my other projects in that room.

Evil cable II

I spent all last week trying to get the dvr fixed. It finally turned into having a service appointment today anytime between 1 and 5pm. The service tech showed up at 3:30, not too bad. He was here for 2 hours. He was going back and forth with the service center. They would tell him it was fine, he would boot it up, it wouldn't be fine. He left with the service center saying it should be fine and that the dvr should download the guide at some point. Do I have a guide right now? (1.5 hours later) No.

If it still isn't working tomorrow, I can have someone come look at it again. I seem to have all the time in the world to dick around with this.

It was Fashion Day at QVC and I haven't bought anything ALL day.

Duane had some crisis at work at isn't home yet.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Vancouver part deux

On Monday we went to North Vancouver on the Seabus. It is a short ferry ride, but the ferry is totally enclosed. I guess they don't want people falling or jumping into the water.

We first walked around Lonsdale Quay. It was nice, but not anything special. We then caught a bus to Lynn Canyon Park. The park has a suspension bridge, similar to the Capilano Suspension bridge, but it doesn't cost $30 to walk across. The park is beautiful. There are many paths to walk, waterfalls, and swimming pools. We didn't see those things though because we didn't have much time there. We ate at a funny cafe at the park run by an Indian couple. I say it is funny because it seems strange to find a full blown nice restaurant in a park. We checked out the Nature Center at the park, which had tons of ecological information (although mostly geared towards kids).

We jumped back on the bus and had a nice chat with a Scottish lady who runs a B&B. We thought about going to Grouse Mountain (we probably should have gone). We ended up heading back to Vancouver on the Seabus (after looking for a bar listed in the guidebook for about 20 minutes!).

We got on the Sky Train (aboveground subway) and took a ride to Commerical Ave. We were heading to a Belgian Fries place. Duane had an unfortunate encounter with a woman who was on some kind of drugs (Vancouver has safe injection sites). Duane thought she was trying to tell him something, but she really wasn't. The Belgian Fries were awesome, although they did not have Storm beer as the guide said they did.

We were off to Dix BBQ & Brewery for some beer. There was hardly enough in the place, but the bartender was not interested in talking to us. We had Red Truck Ale and Red Truck Lager. Ok, but nothing special.

We walked down to Chinatown to see the skinniest building, the Sam Kee building. We then headed over to Gastown (walking through hobo land). We ended up at the Black Frog (I had to go to the bathroom). There was also no one in this place and the bartenders were more friendly. We ended up drinking way too much beer (4 each, but we had 2 each earlier). The beer was good, although I can't remember exactly what we had.

We stumbled out of the Black Frog to head up to a hotel with a revolving bar on top. It was on top of the Westin Bayshore and called Vistas. While we walked up Hastings, we encounter a crime scene. There were cops and news crews and we didn't know what had happened. We got to the revolving bar and ordered our beers (Stella as they didn't even have any good CA beer on tap!). We argued about whether or not the restaurant was really moving (Duane was being silly), but it really was. We contemplated ditching the tab when we found out it was $16 for 2 beers. We figured someone would catch us downstairs as we had to go down 42 to stories. We headed back down Hastings and ended up at a steak place for dinner. I had an awesome rare fliet mignon with a blue cheese crust. We were pretty loopy by this point. We made it back to the hotel where I found out about what had happened earlier that night. There was/is a person in Vancouver who had been attacking homeless people. That night was the fourth person that was attacked and they had had their throat slit (they didn't die though). Freaky.

We got up Tuesday and made it to the airport. We weren't feeling too bad either. The Vancouver airport is beautiful with lots of glass, waterfalls, and open spaces. When you have an international flight and go through security to your gate, they sequester you in this area with only a few restaurants and shops. You can see all the cool shops and restaurants, but you can't get to them!

I will get to posting some pictures soon.

Evil cable

We have been having troubles with our dvr lately. We had a tuner go out, so we traded it in for a new box. The new box had a terrible picture (which actually would have been fixed be a reset signal), so we traded that in for a different box. I got the picture issue resolved, but now I have no guide. The box has an interactive onscreen guide. No guide means no recording!

I almost missed Veronica Mars!! I set up the vcr to tape it, but I am afraid to go check it out. I think I can watch the episode online though.

We had a beautiful day yesterday and today is crappy (rainy and cold). I got some of my halloween decorations up, but not all.

Duane is in LA this week. He paid $30 for a cab ride to In and Out Burger to get an $8 meal!

I still have some work to do at that stupid rental house I closed on last week. I have to go in to the office and get my check as well. I decided that it isn't a good idea for me to go to the rental by myself tonight, so I will wait till Duane is back in town.

I am cleaning and organizing Duane's office this week. He has real walls now (instead of cube walls) so he can hang pictures.

So many projects, so little time.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


No, I haven't been asleep since the 19th.

I have determined over the past few weeks that I will wake up after sleeping for 10 hours and I will feel good. Is it possible that I need 10 hours of sleep? If so, it is no wonder that I felt like crap and was tired all the time.

I did go to the gym twice last week, but I didn't go at all last week. I should have, as this week was pretty stressful. I had a closing on Friday that almost didn't happen due to many screwups by the lender (not that my buyer is a peach either). I am cleaning out the basement of the building tomorrow and then hopefully I will be done with it.

I don't have much else to say tonight, even though I have lots of stuff I should write about.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Not much

I didn't do much today and I don't have much to show for it. I didn't post here, do work, or work on any of my projects.

The weather is chilly here and it looks like the thermostat may have taken a dump. New thermostats aren't that expensive, and we needed a better one.

Why is it that I don't like to eat by myself? Duane is eating dinner with customers tonight and I haven't eaten anything yet. I will probably wait till he comes home and have him get something for me.

I think I will work a gift for a friend and get something productive done today.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I went to the gym today!

I need to write about the other part of our Vancouver trip and I will do that (as well as include some pictures).

I went to the gym today. I hadn't been in awhile, but I knew they were making some changes. They have put a tv screen with every bike, treadmill, and eliptical machine and you can watch any channel you want! Holy cow, there is no reason not to exercise now.

Duane and I purchased at 42" LCD tv yesterday and a Bose surround sound system. I know we will enjoy it very much, but I have a lot of different feelings about it. We couldn't fit it in the car yesterday (that should probably have been our clue that no one needs a tv this big), so a friend of Duane's at work will help him today.

I ate some high fiber cereal this morning and I think my lower intestine is freaking out.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yea Hi

I may have been posting under the influence in that last post. Duane and I had a total of 15 beers on Monday. Luckily neither of us were feeling too badly Tuesday morning.

We made it home safe and sound, and we got to sit in first class again (Duane did for both legs, me just for one). They served food, which was horrible! It was a meat and cheese plate. The meat was grisly and the cheese was tasteless. Our flight left an hour late, but we made our connection without much trouble.

We were at the Vancouver airport for quite awhile and were trying to use the wireless internet. We read in a few places that it was available, but couldn't make it work. Duane figured out in Minneapolis that he had the wireless turned off! Duh! (There was a moment where I thought I broke the computer because I had dropped it the night before).

The first day was rainy, but not terrible. We had breakfast at Lupo Cafe. I had coffee! (and didn't especially like it) and eggs benedict. It was a lighter version with no hollandaise, but really tasty. Duane had cinnamon french toast which he said was ok. We jumped on a tour bus and went to the aquarium. They had Beluga whales there and the biggest sea lion I have ever seen! They also had a sloth (one of Duane's favorites), but we couldn't find him. We headed off to Chinatown after that and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden. We had a great guide who explained all the principles of the garden. We jumped back on the bus and rode down to Gastown where we ate and drank beer at the Steamworks Brewing company. I had a lamb burger that was tasty and Duane had fish and chips. His fish was awesome. We walked up the street by the water and had a beer at the Mill Marine Bistro. I had a Granville Island Brewing company hefeweizen which was pretty tasty. Back to the hotel to watch V for Vendetta.

The weather was gorgeous after that first day. Duane and I rode a tandem bike around the park! It took a little coordination, but it was fun. We had lunch at a great greek place that gives you tons of food. I had moussaka and Duane had roast lamb. We went to the Museum of Anthropology after that. I insisted on taking public transportation which took about 1.5 hours (we should have taken a cab). The museum had lots of totem poles, which Duane enjoyed. We were off to Granville Island after that. My shopping time was greatly reduced because of not taking a cab earlier. We had some beer at the Granville Island Brewery. It was good, but didn't wow me. We also had some beer at the Dockside Brewing Company. Duane had a jamaican style beer there that was very interesting! We had a little fight about babies. :( We went to the hotel after that and watched Elizabethtown (well half of it). We went to the Christ Church Cathedral for an evening mass. It was a mass of gregorian chant and was quite peaceful. We had to find something to eat after that and ended up at the Cactus Club Cafe . We had a Shaftebury Cream Ale that was very tasty. I had raw tuna with mango salsa, alvacado, and macademia nuts with crispy wontons. It could have been much better than it was. :( Duane had chicken strips and fries. We finished up Elizabethtown and went to bed.

More later!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh Life

I am here in Vancouver thinking of you all and thinking about posting. Duane is in bed snoring away. He tired himself out today. We are on a plane back tomorrow.

We talked about babies this trip and how it is easier to NOT make a decision than it is to make one. Duane asks me why do I want babies and I don't have a good answer. Why does anyone want babies?

I am 102 on a list of 121 at work( out of all the offices my boss owns). Not too terrible, but I must do better.

Time to roll into bed, tomorrow will come too early.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I meant to post more last week, but got wrapped up with work and planning for the trip. When I tried to post, the website was slow.

Vancouver has been awesome. We got upgraded on the flight from Minneapolis, due to a kind lady at the NWA World Club. We rode in a nice hybrid taxi to our hotel, and our hotel turned out to be very nice.

It was rainy yesterday, but we managed to have a good day.

I will post more later. We have to run out and rent bikes and start our day!

p.s. always check the batteries in your camera before you go somewhere you might want to take pictures!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I must have gotten busy

I was doing so well with posting every day, and then I must have gotten busy. Duane and I did manage to get up to my sister's on Friday. We even slept outside under the stars and didn't shower for 2 days! The dogs had a blast, and were good for the most part. There was a skirmish between them, and Brisco ended up with a small owie.

It rained all day Monday, and it ended up being a very lazy day.

I wrote another lowball offer today for my buyers. I wish I had more money so I could tell them to take a long walk off of a short pier.

I slept terribly last night and I am sleepy now.

I bought 2 more things from QVC in a smaller size. If this size doesn't fit correctly, then no more QVC clothes for me.

We will be in Vancouver in 3 days.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bedtime 1am

I believe I said I was not staying up late last night, which turned out to be a lie. I went to bed at 1am; however, I was working on a project. I am putting together a photo album on Shutterfly as a gift for our friends that got married last month. I have all the pictures in, now I just need to come up with the captions.

I didn't get out of bed until 11, man am I lazy! I got some work done today, but certainly not as much as I would have liked.

One of the tv shows that Duane and I watch started tonight. We won't get to watch it until Sunday night or Monday. Thursday will be our busiest night with 6 shows (one is a new one so it may not last). We don't even watch Lost, Grey's Anatomy, or Desperate Housewives.

I am decorating a frame for an 8x10 picture of my sister and her husband at their wedding. I am gluing shells to it that I picked up off the beach. I am also going to make a necklace with a piece of beach glass I also found on the beach. She really appreciates handmade gifts, so I think she will like it.

Hershey is trying to get me to go to bed. I took the dogs for a long walk today and I think he is sleepy.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So the work situation should work out ok.

I won $10 at business meeting, so that was nice.

Duane and I had lunch at his favorite place (Bull's BBQ) and I took him to the airport.

I found a few things at T.J.Maxx (two spatulas and a knife I had been looking for) and then I went to my appointment about my ad. I had a good time talking to the rep for the cable company and I think the ad should turn out nicely. I headed over to Marshall's and managed to find a few things there.

It went downhill when I got home. I had to send some pictures to the rep for the ad and I could not find a disk that I needed. I know it was in the office, but could not find it anywhere. I spent so much time looking for the disk and dinking around with the computer (the keyboard died on me-it's wireless, and the computer crashed) that I didn't have any time to work outside. I finally remembered that I had it in my sent items in my email. Then I had to deal with sending the pictures which were all large.

I went to make dinner. I saw a huge earwig and then it disappeared before I could kill it. We get them in the house from time to time and they are GROSS. I knocked a glass in the sink while I was running the disposal and glass went down the disposal. OH and I got my QVC sweater and it is too big! (as the other item I bought was) Hopefully I can get it in smaller size because it is really cute.

Duane is in LA and managed to find some coworkers at the airport. It will be nice for him to have people to go out with.

I have a looooooong list of things I want to get done this week, so no staying up late.

My mood

My mood is pretty foul this morning. I am not a morning person especially when I have to get up early. I am listening to music on the laptop and I don't have anything nearly hard enough to improve my mood. I do have some Tool to play in the car after I drop Duane off.

I do have business meeting today in which I should get 2 spins on the Wheel of Fortune. I could win some money which may improve my mood.

Babies have been on my mind lately, but I still haven't come up with a feasible time line. It looks like this trip to Europe with Duane's parents may work out and it would happen in April sometime. I may need an IV of beer then, so no baby before that.

Gene Simmons has a TV show on A&E about his family that is actually quite interesting. Is it weird that I get grossed out everytime he sticks out his tongue?

I did go to the gym twice last week. I would like it to be 3-4 times/week. I still haven't hit the pool for laps. The whole process before getting in the pool is long enough that my laziness has won out so far.

I have been trying to remember to take my vitamins lately. I have been getting a lot of bruises, which I am prone to. I always think I am anemic, and I never usually am. You never know though!

Enough random thoughts for now. I have my work meeting in 15 minutes.

Work oops

My head hasn't been in the game lately, and consequently I made a mistake.

I have been working on an offer with another agent in my office, one that I am pretty friendly with. I missed a deadline (in which I had two opportunities not to miss it), which she didn't realize either. The onus is on me though, to make the deadline. We are going to meet today and hash it out. It involves repairs that my buyer has asked the seller to make. Legally the seller doesn't have to do any of these things since I missed the deadline. Ugh.

I am in the midst of another offer with an elderly seller and weirdo buyers. The buyers really want the house, but say they can't pay the price the seller wants. They have suggested a rent-to-own scheme, but I don't know if the seller has 2 years left in her lifetime.

I also need to drum up some more business AND put the kibosh on my spending habits.

I am setting up an ad that will run on TV, so hopefully I will get some calls.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Everybody's working for the weekend

Friday's dinner was good, but I will have to order something different next time. Duane had skate in a lemon butter caper sauce, which was super tasty. I had the special, which was tuna. I guess I thought that a fancy place would cook tuna correctly without my asking, but they didn't. It was served over a sweet corn mash with tri-color cherry tomatoes, which was tasty.

We had an appetizer of meats including some duck liver mousse. I tried it, but it was kind of weird. They didn't give you enough crostini either.

Dessert was a caramel pot de creme with a couple of sugar cookies. It was tasty, but next time I will try something just for me (like the lemon meringue tart).

My friend's engagement ring was beautiful! We talked a bit about how much weddings cost (she missed our wedding due to a work conflict). Our wedding was about $10,000 and we did everything ourselves (except music and pictures). She was shocked.


We did get the Flor rug in place and I will have to take a picture of it.

In the process of returning the fabric samples for the possible future couch, we ordered it! We ordered it in a totally different fabric that we weren't considering without taking it home and checking it out in the room. I think it will be ok though (I had to use some skills from watching Get Color on HGTV).

Saturday must not have been that memorable as I can't remember what else we did!


Duane was mowing the lawn and decided the trees really needed pruning. The trees really did need pruning, but now I have a lot of wood to cut up. I spent a lot of time outside working that I hadn't planned on. It was stuff that needed to be done and it was nice out.

Duane goes to LA tomorrow afternoon until Friday. I need to work at home and at work this week AND plan everything to take to my sister's this weekend. Hopefully I won't stay up late watching tv like I usually do when Duane is away.

I got my hair cut this morning and found out that the big poufy brushes that were used to brush off all the hair clippings have been outlawed! (something about being too difficult to clean) Towels are the only thing you can use and just don't work as well. Duane said I should buy my own poufy brush and bring it will me each time.

Friday, August 25, 2006

No work week

I have been terribly sloth-like this week and haven't gotten much work done. I am at work right now, reading blogs instead of working.

By the way, that Shaft movie culminated in a large pink pulsing object being blown up with a Stinger missle. I can't believe Naomi Watts was in that movie!

I bought another sweater on QVC. I go on weird QVC streaks about this time of the year, especially when they start with the Christmas gifts. The 3 things I bought so far did not cost anymore than they would have in a store (in one case much less) and are way more useful that the stupid laser level and painting crap thing I bought 2 years ago.

I just found out that Tantric will be playing at the Taste of Madison next weekend. We are already scheduled to visit my sister and there is no rescheduling. This was a free concert too!

We are going to eat at a new restaurant in Madison tonight called Sardine to celebrate my friend's engagement. Hopefully Duane will find something he can eat without picking it to pieces. He is a lot more adventursome in his eating now than he ever has been.

I am going to be sending out Packers schedules with my fabulous business card on them, so let me know if you want one.

I started to watch the new Willy Wonka last night and found it fascinating. I think other people said Johnny Depp was creepy in this movie, but it started out really cool. I fauxvo'd (not my word) so maybe I will watch it tonight.

I will get a picture up of our Flor rug one of these days when it actually gets put together correctly (this weekend hopefully!).

I have so many projects (friends, family, and personal) and I just need to write them all down. Nothing will get done otherwise.

Fabulous thunder and lightening the past couple of days here. Sun Prairie seems to be insulated in a strange way so we don't get the hail or tornados. Fine by me!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sick Day

Duane took a sick day today. He had been feeling rather burned out lately, so hopefully a day of playing Playstation will recharge his batteries.

I had an inspection today on a property that revealed a few problems. It is a rental building, so no big surprise. Hopefully the seller will fix things otherwise the deal will fall through.

I have a couple of showings tomorrow night for the PITA couple. Hopefully they will buy a place, so Duane and I can get a new couch.

Duane and I had dinner at a new Greek place in town. This place was formerly a mexican place, formerly a Jamaican place. The food was really good, even Duane really liked it.

Duane asked his Dad about going to Europe with us next year. Duane is trying to earn enough miles to get tickets for 4. I think it would be a really nice thing to do with his parents, since it is something they would never do for themselves.

I am watching a horrible horror movie call The Shaft.

Monday, August 21, 2006

When dogs attack

We were walking the dogs tonight and had an "incident". There was a man walking his dog ahead of us and we were trying to put distance between us. He stopped and waited for us! Hershey did not like the dog and it set Brisco off. Brisco ended up getting a cut on his lip, but Duane was the one who was traumatized. It always freaks him out when that happens (and it happens very rarely).

We are going to Vancouver next month for a little vacation. We are actually staying in a swanky place (got a good deal at travelocity). The Sutton Place is in a good location and sounds like a nice place.

We are staying at my little sister's over Labor Day weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can sleep on the outside bed! My sister and her husband built a hanging platform bed with mosquito netting. Duane isn't too excited, but I think it will be fun.

Unless Duane has been really sneaky he hasn't bought any Tool tickets lately. :(

Nice weather

We have been having nice weather lately. I guess July was our August instead of August being our August.

I did not get a chance to tell you about Snakes on a Plane. Duane was very excited to see this movie, so we saw it on Thursday night at 10pm. I do not like scary movies and this one was (even if it was predictable). I left with a stomach ache from all the gore and snakes jumping out at you. Duane loved it though.

My buyers did not follow my directions to the property on Friday (because they know better than me right?) so I had to wait for them. The property was pretty dumpy, which was disclosed on the MLS sheet.

Weightwatchers has gone to heck this week. I think I would have to eat veggies the rest of the week. We did have an awesome pizza Friday night though. Olive oil, fresh mozzarella, basil, roma tomatoes, and pepperoni. Duane picked off the tomatoes, but he did enjoy the pizza.

We spent Saturday shopping with a quick visit to the Farmer's market. I bought 3 chili pepper plants, so hopefully I won't kill them. We had an empanada at the farmer's market that is about 1/2 lb cheese with a little bread added. We looked for a couch on Saturday and have decided to order something from Lazyboy. Duane wanted something more modern. Everything that was modern was uncomfortable or too expensive. The lazyboy has a reclining chaise and recliner (it is a sectional) and we are going to pick a more modern fabric for it.

Sunday we spent babysitting for my sister's kids. They were good and it was a nice day.

I also found out that my little sister is going back to school to be a physical therapist. She has a b.a. in modern dance, so she has to go back and take a lot of science courses. It will keep her in Milwaukee for awhile and then hopefully in Madison, so she will be closer.

I have paperwork I have to do today and filing. Duane has been getting on my case to do my real estate filing. I have been slacking on that.

Friday, August 18, 2006

It is the weekend again

I really have to watch my use of the word though. I wrote it 8 times in my last post!

I was feeling down earlier in the week. I found out that the couple I recently did a listing presentation for did not pick me. I thought they would have been really great people to work with. The husband said they had a "gut feeling" to go with someone else. :(

However the week picked up when 2 of my other clients decided to write offers, and I even got one accepted! The other clients did not want to write the offer for the price that would have got them the property, so they didn't get it. I love people who ask my opinion on something even though they have already set there mind. These people are also too smart for me obviously. I am not excited about showing them this property tonight.

I just realized that I have got to get going to show this property. It is a decent ways away.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Well the weekend was busy but fun.

The closing Friday morning went well, other than the seller not giving notice to one of the tenants and the POD not fitting into the driveway. Both things have since been resolved in a good way though.

Duane's picnic was nice, although no one else had their spouse there. People in his department are pretty used to seeing me around though.

My company picnic was lame though. There was hardly anyone there and the food was just ok. The weather was nice though.

My showings that night went well and my buyers seemed to really like one of the properties. I haven't heard anything back yet though.

We ended up staying up way to late though, because Duane wanted to hang out with work people at Old Chicago. Golf time came way too early on Saturday.

Golfing was a lot of fun. I did not care for the course at all though and probably will not golf again. It was pretty expensive and the greens were not well maintained. I put sunscreen on but missed some spots. :(

Duane did his fantasy football draft thing and I went home for awhile. It was a good compromise because the draft things bored the crap out of me last year.

We went to see the Steepwater Band at the UW Union. They have a Terrace area on the lake that it is really nice for concerts. A friend has been involved with this band for quite awhile, so we always try to see them when they are in town. Unfortunately the Union had some creep-o terrible singer on for way too long. Apparently he won some sort of Idol contest. I had to see who had lost. The real opening band was good, The Sleepers, as was Steepwater. It made for another late night though.

Sunday we had lunch with our two friends that were in town for the draft and Steepwater concert (there were other people there). I had an awesome pizza with pesto, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, feta, tomatoes, and prosciutto. It really wasn't worth $13 though.

After that we stopped by a For Sale by Owner open house. It is someone at Duane's company that he knows pretty well. I gave them some advice, being the nice person that I am.

We also watched Just Like Heaven with Mark Ruffalo (cutie!) and Reese Witherspoon. Duane complained that it was competely predictable and formulaic. I liked it!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Busy day tomorrow

Tomorrow I have a closing with the crazy buyer. I call her the crazy buyer, but I really do like her. After that I have a picnic at Duane's work and after that I have a picnic for MY work. Hopefully it will be a fun day.

I am golfing tonight with Duane and two guys from his work (who were added this afternoon). I am thinking it will be 9 holes of work talk, but what can you do.

Saturday is golfing with friends and then Duane's big fantasy football draft. I am going to skip out on most of the draft (snoooozefest) to take care of the dogs. We are also going to see a band that night (a friend's band so doesn't technically count as a concert for Duane or for me).

I have been having great success getting rid of stuff through Freecyclelately . We are trying to purge our house of as much crap as possible.

Duane and I are thinking of going to Vancouver next month. He has some vacation days to use before the end of the year. Or Toronto for the movie festival.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pitchfork Festival

Apparently I totally neglected to post about the festival. Well it was hot!

Art Brut was way better in person than on CD and a lot of fun.

I was not a big fan of the Futureheads, but they got a great review.

Ted Leo was great, but no keyboards (Ted Leo plays both guitar and keyboards and you can't do both at the same time).

Silver Jews were a lot more put together than they were in Madison. There was no sheet music and David Berman was more personable. The first song was crap, but they got it together after that. They were not the best band to the end the concert though, being rather mellow.

They needed more port-a-potties and better food choices. It was too hot to drink much beer since you pretty much had to slam it before it got warm. They were selling water for $1 though, which was great. There was also a fountain where you could refill bottles and that was the longest line all day.

The craft shopping was cool, but suffered from poor lighting conditions. You also could only pay with cash and the ATM line took forever.

I went to the gym today!

Ok, so I used the same title, but I did got to the gym today. I did not go swimming yesterday. :( I didn't get up and then I was waiting for the UPS man. He delivered our new living room carpet from Flor. The old carpet collects hair like crazy and has a few spots of rawhide drool. This carpet comes in tiles, which you can pick up and wash in the sink if necessary.

I did have lunch with Duane where I consumed no less than 25 points. I did not eat anything for the rest of the day though!

Ok, I gotta jump in the shower and get moving.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I went to the gym today!

Oddly enough I remembered how much I actually like going to the gym.

Tomorrow is lap swimming. I have to be there by 8am though, and so far I haven't been getting up that early.

I need to create a workout mix and delete someone else's music of MY mp3 player.

I am also counting points (weightwatchers), which will hopefully last beyond today.


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If it is pictures you want....

Pictures you shall have.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Hey I don't see any pictures

I will get some up soon I promise! One needs to get up before 11:30 to get anything done. I slept 12.5 hours! What the hell is up with that.

Tomorrow is a work day. I will get the landscaping in the front done. It is still pretty hot here, but the humidity has decreased significantly.

Sunday we are going to the State Fair. They have the best cheese curds ever and lots of other yummy food you should only eat once a year (but wait weren't you going to go that concert?). Yes, I wanted to go to the concert but it is the last day to spend with our friend who will be shipping out to Iraq next month. We are going to see Sufjan Stevens next month, so I better find a concert that I want to go to.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It is Hot in Here

Well I have been told by a few people that my dancing the night before the wedding was pretty hot and I should do it more often. Unfortunately a fair amount of alcohol is required to do this, so it doesn't happen that often.

I don't recommend the Aristocrats unless you like being disgusted. I am not a prude or anything, but I didn't find it too funny.

I should have some time the rest of the week to get to pictures online.

Friday, July 28, 2006

No Lollapalooza

Duane is on call that week for work, so no going to Chicago.

Instead I think we should go to a concert in town with these bands:

three days grace
deaf pedestrians
wicked wisdom
anew revolution
everything at once

Unfortunately Seether had to drop out due to the lead singer's drug addiction, but there are some other great bands there. Duane would love it, dontcha think?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Life does get a little better sometimes

Duane's work decided that a pay scale adjustment was in order. Well little did we know that it was a huge pay scale adjustment! I guess that means he has been underpaid for awhile, but we will take it!

He was disappointed today because his new customer may not be in Salem, Oregon. Someone from his team is moving to a different department and they want to give his pain in the ass customer to Duane. This customer is already live with the software and doesn't have a huge budget (so little travel). This transition won't happen for 3-6 months. He did tell them he could handle both customers, but the powers that be have to make that decision.

Slow day here, so I should have been posting here. I am finally caught up with a message board that I read though. I was about 6 days behind with ~130 posts each day.

I have two closings next week that will net me about $5000. All that money has a purpose already, so no plasma tv.

I have another couple who cannot commit to writing an offer. They had so many questions that the seller had had enough. I am still waiting to hear if they will write an offer. Good thing I have a LOT of patience.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No time

I recognize that I have been called out by The Bird Man, but I just have no time to post.

The lighthouse he went to was WAY cooler than the one I went to though!

I promise to post with pictures and words and everything later.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am cursed

I hate vending machines. It always seems like my item gets stuck.

I had a bunch of quarters, but I gave them to Duane last night to pay for parking. I had $1 to get a snack and I am starving! I put in my $1, pick my pretzels, and bam they get stuck.

I am a nickel short of getting two bags of pretzels, although that one would probably get stuck too!

This is the second time this has happened with this particular vending machine.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Duane wayne

I just talked to Duane. They are finished with their work in LA, so why not get drunk? Nevermind that 6am flight! He will be hurting in the morning, but I just have to laugh.

We are supposed to go a baseball game tomorrow night and sit in a section where it is all you can eat and drink (beer). He gets home at 2pm, and may just need to take a nap.

I was out with the nutty buyer today. We wrote an offer that was rejected quickly. The sellers are totally nuts though, thinking that someone will pay $40,000 over the assessment.

We do have a back up, so hopefully that one will work out!!

Bowling tonight was stinky. We had a sub since Duane is out of town. This sub has bowled for us before (well) and has a high average. Of course he bowled like crap tonight and we lost 2 out of 3 games. :( Luckily he is a nice guy, so I can't fault him too much.

More details

I know a little bit more about my friends and their baby. The husband was changing the baby on his lap and dropped her. They took her to the hospital to make sure she was ok. Unfortunately this was a mistake (!). A cat scan was done on the baby and it showed some cranial bleeding (not caused by the drop). They had no explanation for the bleeding and unfortunately trying to find a reason made it worse.

The husband may regain custody in 6-12 months. The wife may regain custody in 3 months. Right now the wife can be with the baby but her mother has custody. The husband and wife can't spend any significant time together.

The husband may end up with a felony conviction.

The real child abusers out there don't take their children to the doctor. It is a messed up system.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Up late

I have a bad habit of staying up late while Duane is gone and this week is no exception so far. I also have been sleeping about 10 hours/day no matter when I go to bed. I have not forced myself to change this or to go to the gym. I am trying to remember to take my mult-vitamin. I have been slacking on eating fruits and veggies and milk for awhile. I have been slacking on eating for awhile in general. I eat dinner, but don't make sure I get lunch or breakfast. It is the lack of a routine and this lack of a routine has been killing me for some months now.

Duane and I are working on getting our debt in order. Duane doesn't watch what he spends and didn't change that habit after I stopping bringing in money. One of the whole points of changing careers was to reduce the debt not increase it! We have a plan now though, but I have to keep making money.

You hear me other there people! I am an awesome realtor! Call me!

I know you are curious

So, my buyer on wrote an offer for the cutest house. It was the one I was sure she was going to like, and she did. Unfortunately she didn't like it enough to write a full price offer, and the sellers accepted another offer. Frustrating!!

I wrote her an email today that cut straight to the truth. She told me that she is ready to write an offer on a place we saw in May and will write it for the listing price. I was shocked! I have one detail to wrap up. It is a residential income property and I need to make sure that the tenant is moving out next month. My buyer seems to think that it will be rented out, which is probably why she told me she would write an offer on it!

Work wise I am back to where I was before. I hate prospecting for clients!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Last weekend

Duane and I went to Summerfest to see Nine Inch Nails. I have been reading in Rolling Stone that concert attendance has been suffering, but I didn't believe it till that night. I haven't been to a concert in the main amphitheater at Summerfest in awhile. They used to be packed! The Nine Inch Nails concert had availability for free seats during the whole show! I felt pretty silly for paying $40 for my ticket.

We walked around and ate beforehand. I had these awesome macaroni and cheese bites. You cut a pan a macaroni and cheese into wedges and deep fry it. Yum, yum. Duane had ribs and we split some cajun shrimp. There was a big country star there that night and CMT was filming his concert. It was too funny seeing the mohawk tatooed people walking around with the cowboy boots and hat people. Toss in some old folks and families and it was an interesting bunch!

Peaches and Bauhaus opened for Nine Inch Nails and they are both pretty hard core. It was difficult to get into the goth mind set with the sun shining. The Peaches lead singer was walking around in hot pink underwear and singing about cock (I think every song had cock in it), but it was a show better suited to a dark venue. (I would say dark and smoky, but we had PLENTY of smoke).

Nine Inch Nails didn't come on until it got dark, so that was better. They had an awesome LED screen in front of the stage and video screens in back. They projected some really cool designs during the show. We had some good seats in the bleachers (not a ton of people around), until they let all the people in the free lawn seats move into the bleachers. :( Trent Reznor was just amazing to watch and pretty hot too!

There were many crimes of fashion including the girl with the mesh shirt and nothing underneath, and some weird sightings (2 guys I went to high school with).

It was a long and hot day, but fun. We meant to get back to Summerfest to see some of the other free concerts, but the $15 ticket price and 1.5 hour drive kept us away.

We also saw a little of Dierks Bentley and Joan Jett that night too.

Hey guess what

I was looking back through my posts and saw my mention of my picky buyer. We did not get an offer in place last month (shocker I know). We had put in an offer on something that was a mess.

She is now back from vacation and we have about 3 weeks (2 week more feasibly) to get something into place. I thought I had her on the right track (east side houses because that is what she can afford!), but she seems to have changed her mind. I guess I will find out tonight we go to look at MORE houses. Yes folks we are around the 40 house mark. We are seeing 3 houses on the same street tonight and I think one of them is perfect for her. Should we bet to see if I can convince her of that?

The other offer we put in was on a two bedroom condo on the west side. It was under priced because the sellers were crazy. It was two crazy old ladies who thought their water was contaminated and their sewer was messed up. The listing agent did not have his act together. The condition report was not even legible! After dicking around for 5 days (the ladies are heading towards bankruptcy and he did not know this!), he finally sent over a counter. The picky buyer had had it at that point and rejected it. It turns out that nothing was wrong with the water OR the sewer.

I probably shouldn't post about this

Duane will probably get on my case for this. I am not saying any names though and no one that reads my blog knows these people.

This is the sad and terrible thing that I mentioned the other day. I have a couple with a baby that are relatives of a good friend of ours, and have become our friends. After much work, I got them an accepted offer on a great condo. They haven't made the greatest decisions in their life, so they were always a bit of a risk.

I hadn't heard from them and it was making me nervous. I got a message last week Wednesday that they were at the hospital with the baby and I called them back. She was crying so hard she couldn't talk. I couldn't get a hold of them again that day. I made Duane call the hospital and go by there.

It turned out that the husband hurt the baby(by accident) and that she had to go to the hospital. Child Protection Services is involved now and there is legal action pending (he may even get jail time).

I finally got an email from the wife. The baby is ok (thank god). They can't buy the condo now, but that should be ok right? The volume of people that do not understand (no matter how many times you explain it) that an accepted offer is a legally binding contract is astounding. Many people think they can just change their minds.

I am angry, but trying not to be. It is a horrible situation for them to be in, how could I be angry? My manager isn't in today, so I have to wait to talk to her. I have to explain to the seller's agent that they are screwed now and have to put the house back on the market. This was not a great deal for the sellers to being with. Their condo had been on the market for months and they were finally selling it for less than they originally paid for it! All my hard work was for nothing and perhaps I am angry at myself for thinking that they wouldn't screw this up.

I need to stop thinking about it and writing it out helps.


I last posted about bowling and we ended up winning 2 games and total pins! We lost the second game by 2 pins, which was quite frustrating. We are in last place by a good margin, so now we are just trying to take down whoever we bowl against.

Friday night we met up with friends of ours for dinner and gelato. The dinner was a fish fry that was just ok, especially when paired with the slow service. The gelato place was awesome though. I had cake batter (which really tasted like cake batter!) and orange dreamsicle. They had a chocolate chili flavor there that was quite interesting. The sweetness of chocolate followed by the heat of the chili in the back of your throat. This is a newer place, so we are quite glad are friends took us there.

Saturday didn't involve much. Errands and working around the house.

Sunday I had a boring open house. I hate doing open houses, but I feel like I must to get clients (even though I haven't gotten any clients from an open house so far!). We went to a get together at another friends house to watch the World Cup final. They do not have air conditioning and the high yesterday was 90!! I made soybean hummus and double chocolate ice cream. Everyone loved both things.

Duane heads of to LA today. It seems like he always gets on my nerves the most right before he leaves for a trip! We are having lunch and then I will drop him off at the airport.

I am doing some more showings with the crazy buyer tonight. We are down to the wire on finding a house. I am really hoping that she will like what we see tonight. These houses are in a great neigborhood (right around the corner from the friend that took us for gelato) and in her price range.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A suggestion

I suggest NOT posting on other people's blogs while under the influence. You post things that sound really cool at the time (but aren't) and spoil surprises while thinking you are cool.

I have an overwhelming amount of stuff to post, which I will do soon. Friends of ours are going through something terrible and sad that we can't help with, and it is weighing heavily on my mind.

We have bowling tonight. We lost last week to the bluehairs, who were one spot above us (we are dead last). Hopefully I won't suck tonight!

Cate and Conor are having a baby girl!!! Some good good news.

Monday, June 26, 2006

How boring it must be

for the 4 people that read my blog. It has been 11 days since I last posted!

Duane and I bought tickets tonight for the 1 day of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago! The Silver Jews will be there and other bands that Duane likes. I had to do something to make up for dragging him to see Nine Inch Nails this Sunday.

I promise I will catch up for the days I have missed. Work is slowing down, which means that I need more clients!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Catch up

10 days since I last posted, you would think I fell down a well or something.

I have been busy and generally not feeling like posting. I have been feeling behind in things in general, so blogging gets pushed off.

I do have some funny stories I should tell (like how I bounced my boss' head off a golf cart), so I will have to get in a mood to tell them.

My picky buyer is back from Hawaii. She wanted to write an offer on something which all of sudden already has an offer! We saw 4 houses yesterday. I think we are near 25 or so. Crunch time is coming up for her, so we will have a deal in place by the end of the month.

Gotta run. I am Duane's driver today since his car blew a tire this morning.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Scandal at the office

When I went full time at the office I became friends with another new agent. I was feeling rather lost at that time and I thought I needed someone to motivate me. She used to call me several times a day asking me to fix something or help her with something. She had a couple successes before I did and then we stopped talking to each other.

She recently called me and asked me to have lunch. I thought she was going to tell me that she was quitting or she was having an affair. It took her the whole lunch time before she told me that she got another job (in real estate).

This isn't the same as in other jobs because you have a contract with your broker (whereas you give 2 weeks notice or just disappear from other jobs). She was freaked out that she couldn't get out of her contract. Well....

Smart people end their contract BEFORE they get another job.

She didn't want to talk to our manager because our manager can be scary and kicks butt. I told her to talk to the owner and BE HONEST. She skipped the honest part.

So someone at the office calls her for an exit interview type thing and she freaked out. She didn't want to give any info, and made people wonder what was up. The owner is pissed that she lied and will not let her out of her contract.

She will be paying a percentage of all her future sales to this office until October.

Moral of the story: Don't lie and think you will get away with it, especially when the other people are smarter than you.

Happy #2 Anniversary to me

It is my 2nd anniversary of being married to Duane. The 2 year gift is supposed to be something cotton. He bought 600 thread count sheets for me (us). I bought tickets to a Nine Inch Nails concert (at Summerfest) which is a present for him (me).

Concerts are nuts these days. The actual seats are $22.50 but then you add the facility charge ($9.75) and the handling charge ($7.50) and you get $80 for 2 tickets.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My first closing-start to finish

I had planned on writing this, and finally feel like doing it.

I met my buyers in January in the middle of a snowstorm. They called me from an ad, so I didn't know what to expect. It was a mother and daughter, but they didn't like the house I showed them.

We met at a later date to sign the buyer's agency contract. This took 2 hours as they read every single line before signing. You should read a contract before you sign it, but sheesh!

They needed a house that would be handicap accessible. The mother could get around ok for now, but would be confined to a scooter in the future. There were not too many handicap accessible houses on the market (about 3). We saw the perfect house, but they weren't ready. God was going to hold the house for them.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not make them understand the process to buying a house. Other family members became involved, but didn't end up complicating things much. They finally took my recommendation for a lender and got the ball rolling. He told them they needed to write an offer (this is about 3 months from when they first saw the house), and so they did.

At this point in the story we involve the seller and the listing agent. I faxed off the offer and the seller countered with a slightly higher price. We accepted and things seemed to be going well.

The seller had not lived in the house (it was his mother's), so we did not have a condition report. The inspection turned up some things and so we asked the seller to fix them. The seller refused, in quite a nasty way in fact. I then found out that the listing agent had not given me some information (the gas fireplace would not ignite, the seller knew this and stated that he would not fix it). Whatever.

We move up to a week before closing. I stopped by the house and was concerned that there was still personal property (which never did get removed) and door had not been fixed. We had asked the seller in the original contract to fix a door that had a hole in it. I emailed the listing agent, who simply forwarded my email to the seller (NOT the way to do that). He fired off a nasty email. Essentially the listing agent had not bothered to read the contract.

My manager got involved and called her manager, which almost got nasty. Fortunately I have a manager that kicks ass! The door got fixed by the listing agent.

Fast forward to the closing. The listing agent was a piece of work. She was all worried about her reputation! She also had never changed the status of the listing (from active to pending to sold) and when it was finally changed the sale price was wrong! I also had to call to get them to remove the sign, 2 weeks after closing.

My buyers are super happy with their house and it is such a change for them. They lived in a run down tiny apartment in a not so great neighborhood. Now they are in a family orientated neighborhood with plenty of room for family to visit and kids to play.

Moral of the story: Patience wins out and some realtors SUCK


I am participating in a charity golf outing at work and could potentially be in a foursome with my boss!

I am taking lessons, but last weeks was rained out. The weather looks to be good tomorrow and it is the last chance for a lesson before the outing. We had better be working on driving, because that is where I need the most help.

We worked on putting at the first lesson. There were some good tips, but it wasn't rocket science.

Yay me!

I got two accepted offers over the weekend.

My friend's house sold in 4 days!!

I got an accepted offer for my friends on the condo they really wanted. The seller is not going to be a happy guy at closing, but I got the best deal for my buyers. The last concern is financing, which is making me a little nervous. I can't do anything about it though and right now all we can do is wait.

I will be listing a friend's condo soon as well. It will be a test of my marketing skills (do I have any?) but this friend is such a good guy.

I need to drum up some new business though!

Music, Cooking, and Reading

These are 3 things that I enjoy and tend to get away from when I am in a funk.

I bought a new Jack Johnson CD, my first. Duane doesn't have any good words for him, but it is music that makes me happy when I listen to it.

I started a book last night before I went to sleep and stayed up till 1 to finish it. I tend to go in streaks with reading, where I will read 5 books in a week.

I have been cooking more, nothing too exciting, but I have actually been feeling like doing it.

I just need to get myself back to the gym!

This Just In

Veronica Mars Season 2 will hit the stores August 22 and contains some cool extras.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


I am here but pretty wiped out. I worked from 10am to 9pm on Friday and worked Saturday morning. I have an offer process going on right now. Unfortunately the listing agent told me they would accept a counter offer and then they didn't. :( I shouldn't have said anything to my buyers but I got excited.

The showings were for the pickiest buyer in the world. We have seen what feels like a million houses and she "isn't feeling it". She will be gone for work for 2 weeks, so I will get a little break.

I have an open house for my friends today. They have already had 2 showings since their property went on the market Friday. I also need to fax off a counter offer.

I swear I am doing what I want to on Monday, no work!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nooorth Carolina

I have made it back from the land of the Demon Deacons and the trip was not too bad.

The family was pretty nice and there were just a few snarky comments. In past visits people have really hounded us about moving there. I think they realized that was a bad strategy when we skipped Christmas this year. Family members were civil to one another and Duane's sister's baby is really cute! I may slip some beano into Duane's dad's beverage the next time we visit, but a little burping and farting never killed anyone.

The weather was really nice. We drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and it was beautiful.

The flight from Detroit to Greensboro sucked ass. I will not be taking that flight ever in the future on NWA at least. NWA got rid of the DC9s and now flies CRJs (ie sardine cans). This makes for a wholly unpleasant experience.

On the way back we had two larger size people on the flight that needed seat belt extenders. The place only had 1 seat belt extender (!) so the guy's wife had to sit in the back of the plane which had longer seat belts. She displaced someone else, who got the seat of the lady who arrived last (unfortunately for her). The flight attendent handled it quite well though, telling the late lady that somehow two people had been booked for her seat. The late lady had to sit next to the large guy and seemed none too happy about it. Moral of the story:Do not be the last person on the plane.

Friday, May 19, 2006


You need a clue that it has been too long since you have been to the gym

A dead spider in your gym shoe ought to do it!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am in a funk

It doesn't matter how smart you are or how strong you are, you can still succomb to a funk.

I am trying to get out of it and get excited about things again.

I will go to the gym. I will get out of bed before 9:30 (!). I will cook dinner. I will eat breakfast and lunch (although it was nice to hear that I look like I have lost weight).

I will sell some houses!!

I have a great idea for a gift for my baby making friends (which I thought of right before I fell asleep last night).

I start golf lessons tomorrow and the new bowling league. These are things to be excited about!

I am feeling pretty dumb

I got my check for my first closing today! :)

I forgot to ask the buyers to bring a check for this stupid transaction management fee that we have. :(

I now have to go back and ask them to write a check after they already have their house and everything. I had asked my manager earlier about it, but got an answer that made me think I didn't have to do anything (not the first time, so either I need to explain my questions better or my manager needs to listen more).

Monday, May 15, 2006

I am not feeling funny today

so I will have to write the story of my first closing another day.

I will be spending some time with a wee little baby this Wednesday, so I am looking forward to that. I start my golf lessons (boo to the possible rain!) this Thursday and the new bowling league!

Boo to the rain last week and the forecast rain all this week! I need some SUN!

I may watch Kung Fu Hustle tonight or Sky High.


I think I had mentioned that Duane hasn't been sleeping well. He has had some other ongoing issues since he was in Hawaii as well. He has been to a few doctors and has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. He has a psychologist that he will be seeing weekly for awhile. It has been a rather draining experience so far, but at least now he is on a path to getting better.

I have been sleeping too late in the mornings and not going to the gym. I need to get back to that routine as I have a swanky wedding in July. I would like to be pleased with my appearance rather than depressed by it.

We are headed to North Carolina this weekend. I could really use some suggestions of something fun to do or some place nice to eat, so the best part isn't the flight home.


My closing happened on Friday, and the listing agent was a real piece of work. The papers got signed and I will get my check tomorrow!

The house got mostly cleaned on Saturday and then we hung out on the couch. We watched Derailed with Clive Owen (love him!) and Jennifer Aniston. Strange movie.

Sunday I had an open house, which people actually showed up to. The rest of the day was lazy.

We have been having a lot of rain here. The lawn mower is finally tuned up, but it may not be dry enough to mow for a few days!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

This week has run me over

And it is only Thursday!

Last Friday evening was the birthday for my niece Autumn who turned 3. She is a cutie. It was fun, but we stayed too late (especially since we had to drive back to Janesville).

Saturday I did a second showing on a condo. They are a cute couple. I didn't push them (I didn't have the energy too really) and they ended up going with something else. Then I stopped at my favorite kid's store in Madison and picked up a gift for Elizabeth's birthday party. This kid's store has toys from Europe and some things you can find at Toys r Us. The clothes they have are beautiful, but expensive! You would have to scotchguard them or something.

The birthday party was fine. My sister-in-law's family are weird, have been and always will be. She has 8 siblings, one of which has decided to be a realtor now. Ooh.. and he just had his first accepted offer! Sometimes you can just feel the world working against you.

Sunday was really nice. Duane and I had breakfast out and then worked on the house. We got the garage and porch cleaned up and some outside work done as well.

This week has involved a lot of working. I have done showings Tuesday and Wednesday (all day). Tonight I have the organizational meeting for our new bowling league and celebrating with a friend that defended his thesis today.

Friday I have my first closing! I have to be nice to the other agent, even though she has been a huge pain in the ass. The seller has come off as a big jerk as well. I may have to detail this experience in a separate post. I am to do some more showings Friday evening, but two sellers have already refused.

The weather sucks here too. Cold, rainy, and windy. Sunday is supposed to be nice though, especially since I have to work!

T minus 9 days till we go to North Carolina.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Busy Me

Another whole week has gone by without me posting! Earth shattering I know. I told Duane I get discouraged when I don't get any comments for awhile; however, how many comments do I expect when all of 4 people know of my blog? :)

Last weekend was all rain, all the time. The Home Buyers Fair was boring, but worthwhile. I finally found a lender who is friendly, intelligent, and knows how to apply for down payment assistance! I have a feeling I will be working with more people like that. I won't be selling million dollar houses, but I will be helping people (which is my ultimate goal).

I had people show up to my open house on Sunday and the ad got me a few phone calls. I have showed it once this week and I am doing a second showing tomorrow. Maybe I will get lucky and they will want to write an offer!

Monday had me writing an offer. It ultimately failed, but sometimes things happen for the best. There were multiple offers and I couldn't recommend that my clients pay more than this condo was worth. There are multiple units for sale in this condo development as well.

Tuesday I met with another lender. He was nice and funny, but nothing outstanding.

Wednesday I met with my clients and the awesome lender, did showings (it is always nice when you walk into a building and it reeks of cat pee OR when you walk into a condo and it is so disgustingly filthy that you walk right back out again), and met with a new client. The new client has some unrealistic wants, but she is determined to buy a house. It may just take some work to get her back to reality.

Thursday I took off and got some things done around the house. When I work a lot (and later into the evening), the house tends to slide. I actually made dinner too!

Today I am at the office, but not doing a whole lot. We have a birthday party tonight for my niece Autumn and a birthday party tomorrow for my niece Elizabeth. Food that I don't have to make! I know I am getting stressed when I feel like finding food is too much of a chore.

TV finales all month. Supernatural finished last night with a strange ending. The two main characters are so good looking though (loved that Jensen Eckles since he was on Days of Our Lives!). Smallville had a major plot happening since next week is the finale. CSI was a little dull, other than Sarah and Grissom making eyes at each other the whole episode! Survivor was interesting, way more interesting than last season.

ALSO, Duane has been having some trouble sleeping which doesn't help my sleeping at all either.

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend and I have Sunday off (no open house, because I got a little screwed by the person I normally do open houses for). This means I can tackle many things in the yard and garage and basement!

Another thing, we took the lawn mower into Sears for a tune up. A tune up! Nothing is wrong with it and they said it would take a week. I got a message yesterday that said they are way behind on repairs and it will be another week!! Meanwhile the lawn is growing and growing.

Can anyone tell that I have had too much caffeine today?

Friday, April 28, 2006

Busy weekend

Well we were going to a dinner tonight for Duane's work, but he doesn't feel like going. The last time we went the food was good, but it was BORING. They do not have alcohol there as a policy (due to an accident after one of these parties that involved alcohol). I understand the policy, but it makes the dinner even more boring.

Tomorrow is a Home Buyer's Fair that I will be attending. It has classes and exhibitors, hopefully it won't be too boring. We may be having dinner with a friend.

Sunday I have an open house, although only from 1-3. Hopefully that won't be a waste of time (although I get paid $30, so it is never a complete waste of time)

It is also supposed to rain all weekend. I would like to see said friend's la crosse games (never having seen one before), but I doubt I will if it is raining all weekend.

I am also reminding Duane that he could invite me out to lunch once in awhile (oh and maybe do the dishes too).

A Duane funnyism: Him- "Have you noticed a funny smell over here? (indicating area right by the garbage can) I think it may be coming from the vent." Me- "Try taking out the garbage" Him- "Oh, yeah"

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I have been keeping busy. I visited with my friends last night that want to sell their house, and we got the paperwork all filled out.

Someone from Duane's work called me about buying a house and it seems she is really interested in buying the house that another friend is thinking about selling. It could all work out really well!

Another agent at the office (one that has been in the business for awhile) wants to meet and talk about me covering some of her appointments. It would work on a referral basis, but could also mean more business for me!

I took the day off today, but I don't have any energy! The weather is beautiful out and I want to work on yard stuff. No energy + hating to work on the yard = not getting much done. I have gotten a little bit done, but it is more fun with Duane (even if he complains 99.9% of the time).

I am going to try some spring cleaning. I have given a lot of clothes to Goodwill, but each year it seems like there is more to give. I don't feel like we have as much stuff as some people accumulate, but it still feels like too much!

We are going to NC in T minus 23 days. I am going to plan to do something fun to make me look forward to it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Baby making

Cate and Conor over at Distraction are having a baby!

This gives us even more reason to visit the fabulous city of Columbia, MO.


I am not a big fan of

Fresca with peach. I thought I would give it a try and it has a too fakey peach flavor.

Diet Berries and Cream Dr Pepper is tasty. I just wish it was available in a case, so I wasn't paying $1 more than if I bought a case of regular.

I should just drink water.


So Friday night I went to see Lucky Number Slevin while Duane played poker. The movie was good and not at all what I expected. Duane didn't lose any money playing poker but he didn't win megabucks either.

I didn't get any work done outside on Saturday. Duane got a new fan though!

My open house was dead on Sunday (what is up with that?). Duane got the lawn mowed though. We went to see Inside Man, which was good but also not what I expected.

I have all these fabulous ideas for posts when I am laying bed or driving. I wish I could beam them right to the computer.

I do have a myspace page now. Duane's sister has one and got us signed up.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Gotta get on that

Survivor was ok. One of the people had to leave because he was all backed up. I understand how your colon can get backed up, but your bladder? So no one got voted off and if he is healthy enough he will be on the jury.

Smallville was good. Supernatural was pretty cool. I am kind of wondering what they will do next season. It seems they are wrapping up two of the major plotlines in the final two episodes, or maybe it only seems that way?

No tv tonight (repeat of Ghost Whisperer and Las Vegas is not on). Duane is going to play poker with work people.

I wanted to work outside all day tomorrow, but now I have to do a little work. I need my buyers to sign something and of course they can't do it tonight!

Sunday is supposed to be great weather but I have an open house! Hopefully I will get tons of leads and make it worthwhile.

I have some pictures I should post sometime soon. Gotta get on that.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am in the office today until 4:30. I have my inspection today and hopefully it won't take 3 hours. It is of course nice out today (rain was predicted). Weeds are starting to appear so I need to get on my landscaping projects. Interior design I love, landscaping design not so much.

I have signed up to take some golfing lessons through the city of Sun Prairie. I am excited!

Alias was pretty good last night, some witty dialogue here and there. Invasion is getting creepier! Bones was good as usual (David Boreanaz is such a cutie!)

Survivor, Smallville, and Supernatural tonight. Think I watch too much tv?

Duane needs to sell some houses

There are people at Duane's work that want to buy houses.

I cannot be at Duane's work every day convincing people to buy houses.

Anyone have any suggestions for Duane? :)

Monday of last week

Monday was the day Duane came home!

Tuesday: Duane took a sick day and I didn't do much. Our friends had their baby!

Wednesday: I did some showings and saw the new baby.

Thursday and Friday I cleaned the house and got ready for Conor to visit.

Friday: Duane and I caught up on watching tv and Conor came! I got to order a fun pizza (instead of pepperoni or sausage).

Saturday: We went to State St and walked up to campus. I tried to interest Conor in the neat shops on State St, but he wasn't too enthused (he also isn't a girl). We walked up to campus and then over to the Union.

Saturday night: We went to the Silver Joos show. Why? opened for them and were quite interesting. Duane and I bought one of their CDs. I haven't been to a show in awhile, so I didn't remember the standing for 3 hours part. My feet were not happy with me.

Sunday: We had breakfast and sent Conor on his way. Little did we know that he was driving through terrible weather! We went to Easter/Twin's birthday. It was good but exhausting per usual. We watched Fun with Dick and Jane at my mom and dad's house (we did not pick this out). It was Ok.

Catching up

Ok, last Sunday I went to Chicago for brunch and shopping.

Brunch was really good. We ate at a place called Hot Chocolate. I had a blue cheese, ramps (green things often seen on Iron Chef America), and bacon. It was awesome.

We went to many shops, most very expensive (well it is Wicker Park after all). We saw some beautiful clothes!

Sprout Home is an awesome gardening store mentioned frequently on Design*Sponge. I bought these for my niece and nephew.

Design*Sponge is an awesome blog for all things design, check it out!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shop till you drop

There was no shopping Monday night. Duane left work later and got home later. He did help me shop Tuesday night though. We have our routine down pretty well. I pre-shop and then he gives his opinions. Sometimes I can get him to look around and pick things out for me, but we did have to get home to watch Veronica Mars.

If you aren't watching Veronica Mars, you should be ashamed! (unless of course you watch no tv or do not receive the station). I hope hope hope that it gets renewed for next season.

Slept terribly last night. Duane couldn't sleep so he was tossing and turning and waking me up all night.

I had a plan to go into the office today, but then I got lazy. It turns out that I will have to go in anyway, someone needs me to fax something.

It is supposed to rain till Saturday. Rain is good for the growing things, but depressing for me!

Alias returns tonight! (as well as Invasion) This is the last season of Alias. It was so good the first two years and then the writers and actors seemed to get bored with it.

Tv Guide online has switched a few of it's columns to a blog format. It sucks.

I still need to write about last week and the weekend. Probably tomorrow when I make myself go to the office all day.

Monday, April 17, 2006


I need to come up with a schedule that has a "post on blog" segment. I think about posting and then never follow through.

I have been slacking at work (the lead generating part, the client part is all good). I cycle between quitting and thinking I might be good at this. At least my manager thinks I have talent, she said she wouldn't even bother getting on my case if I didn't.

The past week was busy and the weekend was awesome. I will post more about that tonight, but right now I am sleepy (maybe because all I have eaten is a piece of string cheese).

Who thinks I can get Duane to go clothes shopping with me tonight? He has good taste but little patience.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


The Luau must have been fabulous. I received a text message this morning that said the Luau was "fuckin' sweet". Duane had to work a half day today and then he said he was going golfing! Rough life.

Babysitting went well today. No major incidents and I earned $50.

I am getting my hair cut on Monday. I have been trying to grow it out, but my mother has not been so subtle about her displeasure with my hair (some not very nice remarks were made). Hopefully it is long enough to be cut in the style I want.

Shopping and fun in Chicago tomorrow!