Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

I have been reading sTori Telling and finding it interesting. I usually would have finished it by now, but I read while I dry my hair so it takes longer to finish a book.

I am down 4.6 lbs with weigh in tomorrow. Duane is down 12.3 lbs. He is finding that he can wear some of his old favorite t-shirts that he felt were too tight before. He is still wearing the same 1 pair of shorts. I told him that hopefully he will be lucky and these shorts will last till it is pants wearing time. I am doubtful!

Tv is getting in full swing and it is really irritating when there are 3 shows on in the same time slot. Our DVR can only record 2 things at the same time! No, I don't watch too much tv thankyouverymuch.

Work is fine (it only sucks instead of super sucking). It looks like I might get a new laptop. One of the other staff members pointed out that it was kind of strange for the IT person to not have a laptop (I have a desktop). The previous IT person was allowed to keep her laptop.

We got our new featherbed and it is awesome! We have had our old one for quite awhile (2 years maybe?) and after awhile they get squished. I still haven't found any new dress pants. They don't have the black pants that I bought last year at JcPenney's anymore (it seems they stopped carrying short sizes in misses) and petite pants are not fitting quite right (the length is good but the top half is bad). You really don't want to know how many stores I have been in trying on pants.

It is cut and color time tonight and I can't wait. I have been spacing out my appointments longer than 6 weeks and now that my hair is long it drives me a bit nutty. I also have a strangely shaped head so headbands all look totally weird on me. My hair is also very fine, so it is difficult to find a hair clip that works. My scalp is sensitive too, so wearing a ponytail all day makes my head hurt. No wonder I had my hair short for so long!

My nieces bday party is this Saturday and it has been quite some time since the whole family has been together. We were all pretty busy doing our own thing this summer. It will be nice to see everyone. I also need to clean up the yard so I can put my Halloween decorations. I am sure Duane is thrilled that it is decorating season again!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I totally forgot....per the usual

To pick up my reserved copy of sTORI Telling at the library. I think I can still pick it up tomorrow though!

I watched the second episode of the new 90210 and was still underwhelmed at the writing. Predictable again, but not quite as weird as the first episode. I do love Kelly Taylor on the show but not her subplot (who is her baby's daddy, Dillon or Brandon?). Brenda has been in and out, but she looks weird (plastic surgery?).

I lost 3lbs at Weight Watchers this past week, but Duane is doing awesome. He has been to the gym all week and wears a pedometer now to count his steps.

One of Duane's favorite local breweries is looking for a new assistant brewer to start next year. It is something I could definitely apply for. I am learning more at my job with the new title (through necessity) but it isn't awesome. I think I will be looking for something new next year anyway.

This weather this weekend was really sucky and didn't inspire much. We cleaned Duane's office (HIDEOUS), spent too much time looking for brown dress pants for me, saw Babylon A.D. (not awesome, but Vin Diesel is yummy), went to Tyranena, and watched TV. Oh, I almost forgot we ordered a new feather bed from QVC today, can't wait to get that!!

I also conquered a problem at work and I just about did a happy dance. I upgraded the wireless router at one of our offices and couldn't get their printer/scanner/fax machine back on the network. I bought them a new machine, which they immediately complained about. I went back last week and got the old machine back on the network and working! It took me a couple tries but I finally figured it out. Unfortunately the hard drive I was trying to clone tonight did not work out so well, but I think that is because the drive is shot.

I am up late working on some laundry, so I better go finish it up so I can get to bed.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Behind per the usual

So we ended up not ripping up the kitchen and it looks like we will be using IKEA cabinets. The floor is there is really grossing me out, can't wait to rip it up. The downside is that I need to pack/donate/get rid of everying in the cabinets.

Instead we drove to Michigan and drank beer all weekend, some of us more than others. Don't you think your wife deserves some nice treatment after suggesting/doing most of the driving/putting up with someone's drunk self? Me too.

We are both doing Weight Watchers now and Duane is doing a very good job of following it. He has realized that he was probably eating twice the amount of calories he is now eating on plan. We have been exercising more too. Lots more upsides to this than downsides, but it does involve more planning and cooking. We also got a Wii Fit, but we haven't gotten it all set up yet.

The weather has cooled off here, but it is still warm during the day. Our pumpkin patch is growing (only 1 baby pumpkin right now), so hopefully it doesn't get too cold before more pumpkins grow.

I finished watching the new 90210 last night. I thought the writing and situations were extremely predictable. It is no where near as witty or glamorous as Gossip Girl. They seemed to throw weird dialog in there just for the hell of it (like the penis convo). I am dvring it tonight and hoping that it improves.

I am working at the Governor's Mansion tonight (little side job with a friend from work). More money for clothes!

Oh, job is on/off as far as good/sucking goes although last week was more sucking days. We have an office about an hour away and they are the whiniest/most helpless bunch ever. Conference call tomorrow morning, should blow.