Friday, April 28, 2006

Busy weekend

Well we were going to a dinner tonight for Duane's work, but he doesn't feel like going. The last time we went the food was good, but it was BORING. They do not have alcohol there as a policy (due to an accident after one of these parties that involved alcohol). I understand the policy, but it makes the dinner even more boring.

Tomorrow is a Home Buyer's Fair that I will be attending. It has classes and exhibitors, hopefully it won't be too boring. We may be having dinner with a friend.

Sunday I have an open house, although only from 1-3. Hopefully that won't be a waste of time (although I get paid $30, so it is never a complete waste of time)

It is also supposed to rain all weekend. I would like to see said friend's la crosse games (never having seen one before), but I doubt I will if it is raining all weekend.

I am also reminding Duane that he could invite me out to lunch once in awhile (oh and maybe do the dishes too).

A Duane funnyism: Him- "Have you noticed a funny smell over here? (indicating area right by the garbage can) I think it may be coming from the vent." Me- "Try taking out the garbage" Him- "Oh, yeah"

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I have been keeping busy. I visited with my friends last night that want to sell their house, and we got the paperwork all filled out.

Someone from Duane's work called me about buying a house and it seems she is really interested in buying the house that another friend is thinking about selling. It could all work out really well!

Another agent at the office (one that has been in the business for awhile) wants to meet and talk about me covering some of her appointments. It would work on a referral basis, but could also mean more business for me!

I took the day off today, but I don't have any energy! The weather is beautiful out and I want to work on yard stuff. No energy + hating to work on the yard = not getting much done. I have gotten a little bit done, but it is more fun with Duane (even if he complains 99.9% of the time).

I am going to try some spring cleaning. I have given a lot of clothes to Goodwill, but each year it seems like there is more to give. I don't feel like we have as much stuff as some people accumulate, but it still feels like too much!

We are going to NC in T minus 23 days. I am going to plan to do something fun to make me look forward to it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Baby making

Cate and Conor over at Distraction are having a baby!

This gives us even more reason to visit the fabulous city of Columbia, MO.


I am not a big fan of

Fresca with peach. I thought I would give it a try and it has a too fakey peach flavor.

Diet Berries and Cream Dr Pepper is tasty. I just wish it was available in a case, so I wasn't paying $1 more than if I bought a case of regular.

I should just drink water.


So Friday night I went to see Lucky Number Slevin while Duane played poker. The movie was good and not at all what I expected. Duane didn't lose any money playing poker but he didn't win megabucks either.

I didn't get any work done outside on Saturday. Duane got a new fan though!

My open house was dead on Sunday (what is up with that?). Duane got the lawn mowed though. We went to see Inside Man, which was good but also not what I expected.

I have all these fabulous ideas for posts when I am laying bed or driving. I wish I could beam them right to the computer.

I do have a myspace page now. Duane's sister has one and got us signed up.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Gotta get on that

Survivor was ok. One of the people had to leave because he was all backed up. I understand how your colon can get backed up, but your bladder? So no one got voted off and if he is healthy enough he will be on the jury.

Smallville was good. Supernatural was pretty cool. I am kind of wondering what they will do next season. It seems they are wrapping up two of the major plotlines in the final two episodes, or maybe it only seems that way?

No tv tonight (repeat of Ghost Whisperer and Las Vegas is not on). Duane is going to play poker with work people.

I wanted to work outside all day tomorrow, but now I have to do a little work. I need my buyers to sign something and of course they can't do it tonight!

Sunday is supposed to be great weather but I have an open house! Hopefully I will get tons of leads and make it worthwhile.

I have some pictures I should post sometime soon. Gotta get on that.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am in the office today until 4:30. I have my inspection today and hopefully it won't take 3 hours. It is of course nice out today (rain was predicted). Weeds are starting to appear so I need to get on my landscaping projects. Interior design I love, landscaping design not so much.

I have signed up to take some golfing lessons through the city of Sun Prairie. I am excited!

Alias was pretty good last night, some witty dialogue here and there. Invasion is getting creepier! Bones was good as usual (David Boreanaz is such a cutie!)

Survivor, Smallville, and Supernatural tonight. Think I watch too much tv?

Duane needs to sell some houses

There are people at Duane's work that want to buy houses.

I cannot be at Duane's work every day convincing people to buy houses.

Anyone have any suggestions for Duane? :)

Monday of last week

Monday was the day Duane came home!

Tuesday: Duane took a sick day and I didn't do much. Our friends had their baby!

Wednesday: I did some showings and saw the new baby.

Thursday and Friday I cleaned the house and got ready for Conor to visit.

Friday: Duane and I caught up on watching tv and Conor came! I got to order a fun pizza (instead of pepperoni or sausage).

Saturday: We went to State St and walked up to campus. I tried to interest Conor in the neat shops on State St, but he wasn't too enthused (he also isn't a girl). We walked up to campus and then over to the Union.

Saturday night: We went to the Silver Joos show. Why? opened for them and were quite interesting. Duane and I bought one of their CDs. I haven't been to a show in awhile, so I didn't remember the standing for 3 hours part. My feet were not happy with me.

Sunday: We had breakfast and sent Conor on his way. Little did we know that he was driving through terrible weather! We went to Easter/Twin's birthday. It was good but exhausting per usual. We watched Fun with Dick and Jane at my mom and dad's house (we did not pick this out). It was Ok.

Catching up

Ok, last Sunday I went to Chicago for brunch and shopping.

Brunch was really good. We ate at a place called Hot Chocolate. I had a blue cheese, ramps (green things often seen on Iron Chef America), and bacon. It was awesome.

We went to many shops, most very expensive (well it is Wicker Park after all). We saw some beautiful clothes!

Sprout Home is an awesome gardening store mentioned frequently on Design*Sponge. I bought these for my niece and nephew.

Design*Sponge is an awesome blog for all things design, check it out!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shop till you drop

There was no shopping Monday night. Duane left work later and got home later. He did help me shop Tuesday night though. We have our routine down pretty well. I pre-shop and then he gives his opinions. Sometimes I can get him to look around and pick things out for me, but we did have to get home to watch Veronica Mars.

If you aren't watching Veronica Mars, you should be ashamed! (unless of course you watch no tv or do not receive the station). I hope hope hope that it gets renewed for next season.

Slept terribly last night. Duane couldn't sleep so he was tossing and turning and waking me up all night.

I had a plan to go into the office today, but then I got lazy. It turns out that I will have to go in anyway, someone needs me to fax something.

It is supposed to rain till Saturday. Rain is good for the growing things, but depressing for me!

Alias returns tonight! (as well as Invasion) This is the last season of Alias. It was so good the first two years and then the writers and actors seemed to get bored with it.

Tv Guide online has switched a few of it's columns to a blog format. It sucks.

I still need to write about last week and the weekend. Probably tomorrow when I make myself go to the office all day.

Monday, April 17, 2006


I need to come up with a schedule that has a "post on blog" segment. I think about posting and then never follow through.

I have been slacking at work (the lead generating part, the client part is all good). I cycle between quitting and thinking I might be good at this. At least my manager thinks I have talent, she said she wouldn't even bother getting on my case if I didn't.

The past week was busy and the weekend was awesome. I will post more about that tonight, but right now I am sleepy (maybe because all I have eaten is a piece of string cheese).

Who thinks I can get Duane to go clothes shopping with me tonight? He has good taste but little patience.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


The Luau must have been fabulous. I received a text message this morning that said the Luau was "fuckin' sweet". Duane had to work a half day today and then he said he was going golfing! Rough life.

Babysitting went well today. No major incidents and I earned $50.

I am getting my hair cut on Monday. I have been trying to grow it out, but my mother has not been so subtle about her displeasure with my hair (some not very nice remarks were made). Hopefully it is long enough to be cut in the style I want.

Shopping and fun in Chicago tomorrow!

Friday, April 07, 2006

T minus 7 days

Cate and Conor will be here this time next week!

Duane is doing better in Maui. Someone gave him some Maui onions and pineapples for free! He is also going to a Luau tonight so I hope he has fun. He went to dinner at Ruth Chris last night, lucky duck!

It seems that my offer has worked itself out, just waiting for the official paperwork! Yeah for a paycheck next month!

I spent some time at my parent's yesterday. My mom and I finished up one baby quilt and just waiting for the baby to be born to finish the other one. Now on to my 101 other sewing projects. My mom did ask me to return some dvds on my way home and I managed to drive all the way to Sun Prairie with them. Luckily I am going down there tomorrow to babysit.

Babysitting all day tomorrow while my sister, brother-in-law, mom and dad go to a show in Chicago. I am wondering if Duane and I will ever get invited to go to these shows?

On Sunday I am going to Chicago to hang out with a friend. I am excited!

I am making chicken stock right now. Hopefully it turns out all right. I have never made it before (can't be that hard, just boil up some chicken and veggies!).

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I found my ring!!

That naughty cat did knock it into the heating vent!

I haven't put a cover on the vent since we renovated the bathroom. I figured he was the culprit when I saw him sticking his paw down the vent.

Luckily for me the ceiling is open in the downstairs basement where that vent is. I was able (with a little work) to disconnect the pipe from the vent. There was a ton of crap in there from the bathroom demo and my ring!

Bowling tonight. I did not report that I bowled a 228 last week! We have a 9 pin tap league (9 pins down on the first ball = strike), but I only got 2 of those.

Duane is doing well in Maui. He is bored (poor Duane). He said the condos where they are staying are beautiful.

I wish I would have went, but I would have missed writing the offer that I wrote last night! It may mean a paycheck next month.

10 days till Cate and Conor visit!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Food from my mom's birthday lunch

The food all turned out really well. I made:

Green herb dip (Barefoot Contessa) with baked tortilla chips
Beer can chicken (on the grill)
roasted yukon gold potatoes with rosemary
sugared asparagus (Cooking Light)
gooey blondies
flourless chocolate cakes with pistachio cream (Cooking Light)

It was the first time I made the flourless chocolate cakes and I wasn't thrilled with them. I didn't like the pistachio part of it. I will try them again sometime though.

The chicken turned out really well. I think the key was having the digital thermometer so the chicken didn't get over cooked.


Here I am.

Last weekend included lots of drinking. Friday night we were out at a going away party for someone from Duane's work. I found out that the girlfriend of one of Duane's work buddies just bought a condo from the OTHER realtor at Duane's work. I know Duane is trying to get my name out there at his work, but finding out things like that are frustrating.

Saturday night we went out for a bit for a friend's birthday.

Sunday I had an open house where two couples showed up and then we went bowling. Duane bought a new ball on Saturday so he had to practice. We bowled with a friend and they bowled 5 games! I bowled 4. Then we went out for Indian food and it was yummy!

This week was spent on some work stuff and getting the house ready for a family lunch yesterday. The lunch was for my mom's birthday. Everything went really well and the food was all really fabulous! The kids had a blast as well.

I did not go see the live music I wanted to on Saturday night because we were both pooped. Hopefully the next time this artist is in the area I will see her!

Duane left this morning for Maui. First he forgot the digital camera, so we had to go home for that. Then he called me as I was driving back home because he left his cell phone in the car. Then he called me and woke me up because he hadn't taken off yet. His plane had mechanical failure and he got himself booked out on a later flight. His phone went dead though and he never called me back. Hopefully he is on his plane to Hawaii!

I am at an open house right now at a BEAUTIFUL condo and there is a wireless connection!

I was lazy this morning and had to hurry to get ready. I left my wedding rings on the bathroom rug and when I got out of the shower my diamond was missing! The cat was in there, so I don't know if he played around with it. It is possible that he could have knocked it down the heating vent. I was freaking out, but I had no time to look for it.

I am at this open house for 2 more hours. Then I get to rush home and see if I can find my ring! Duane won't get to Hawaii until late (our time) so I can't talk to him until then.

UPDATE-Duane just called me from MPLS. He reassured me that I will find my ring. I hadn't thought about the possiblity of my kicking it when I got out of the shower (I was a little sleepy).