Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I have an excuse this time

It seems I can only manage a post every week, but last week got screwed up by our lack of an internet connection. Due to our schedule and Charter's, we couldn't get anyone out here until yesteday. We were told last time that the problem was "at the pole". It seems the problem was really with our splitter and connections. The guy did end up being here for about 1.5 hours, as Charter's internet service provider was down and he didn't know it.

We were in Indiana this past weekend visiting with Chris and Katie. A few other Madison (and former Madison) friends were there including Pete (Hi Pete!). We took 5 growlers of beer down there. 2 from Ale Asylum, 2 from Capital Brewery, and 1 from Tyranena. We had two Belgiums from Ale Asylum, the Belgium Abbey and the Triple Nova. The Belgium Abbey was excellent but we didn't get much into the Triple Nova. Our friend Pete also brought a few growlers, including some of his homemade brew (very tasty!). The weather was rainy ALL weekend, so we ended up staying inside (and watching football). The drive back was rainy/sleety/snowy, but it wasn't horrible.

I did manage to get most of the outside decorations down. The lights around the edge of the roof and santa are still up there and will be for awhile. We got 4 inches of snow here, so no getting up on the roof.

We are in the process of making plans for next weekend when we visit Tal and Katie in Tucson. We are going to drive up to the Grand Canyon, with a pit stop at the Petrified Forest. We are even going to stay here. Duane is really excited.

I can't wait for new episodes of our tv shows. I am watching The Fog right now, mostly because it is in HD and Tom Welling and Selma Blair are in it.

New episodes of Smallville, Supernatural, CSI, and Shark tonight! Yea!

I got sucked into the True Hollywood Story on America's Next Top Model this afternoon. I should really go to the laundrymat and wash our heavy down comforter, but the laundrymat can be such a depressing place!

Oh gross news this morning. A mouse got into the house from somewhere. He must not have gotten the word that mice last about 2 seconds in this house. I think Miss Kitty took it out. Unfortunately Mister Kitty has no brain and tried to eat it. Lucky for me I was sound asleep, so Duane got to clean it up. I was sound asleep because I didn't fall asleep until 2:30 last night.

Pork in the crockpot for sandwiches tonight with a new bbq sauce that we got from Pete!

Friday, January 05, 2007


I have had a stupid cold for over a week now. I think it is finally going away, but I am still getting congested at night (you know when I am trying to sleep). Unfortunately it got worse in Miami, reducing the fun factor for me. We did have a good time, even if it did rain for about 6 hours on Tuesday.

We tried to eat at one of THE places to eat, but the wait was 2.5 hours (no reservations). We ended up on a fun pedestrian street filled with shops and restaurants (in South Beach). We had a fabulous meal at an italian restaurant. Duane started with fresh mozzarella a proscuitto and I started with pasta. My main course was beef tenderloin over spinach with a cream sauce, parmesan and walnuts. Soooo good! After that we hung out at a bar ($6.50 bottles of Newcastle!) with a waitress from Italy (beautiful but terrible service). The people watching was insane.

The Dolphins stadium was awesome and the game was amazing (even though they lost). I would go back to Miami again sometime. Oh, the Miami International Airport is a dump, so I would recommend flying into the Ft. Lauderdale airport. It is smaller with fewer food and shopping choices, but it is much cleaner. My flight didn't leave until 10pm though, so it was a long day.

The weather is still warm here and I should be working on taking down the outside decorations. I just don't feel like it though.

I used our new camera in Miami and hopefully got some great pictures.