Monday, February 26, 2007


Well mostly. I still have some residual snot now and then. I was down and out all last week. I did not want my head cold to morph into a chest cold as my older sister has just recovered from pneumonia and strep! This cold is very typical of what I get every year, but you have to be careful. One year I ended up with croup and double ear infections.

Work still sucks, as in I have no clients. Our trip is coming up and I know Duane is worried about money.

We got a ton of snow here over the weekend, just when I was about to put up my spring flag! There was a drift in the backyard right up to the back door and the dogs could hardly get out. The drift in the driveway from the snowplow was about 4 feet high. I got a lot of exercise from shoveling, which is probably good since I did absolutely nothing on Sunday.

I got a cute pair of new shoes. I was going to show you via link, but I can't find them. They are Rocket Dogs, but the Rocket Dog website does not have the right color combo.

I have managed to be at work today for about 7 hours and do about as little "work" as possible.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow, but I don't know what I want to do with it. I usually let my hair dresser experiment with me, so maybe she will have some ideas.

Gotta figure out some dinner and go home!

Monday, February 19, 2007


I woke up with some crud today. My teeth hurt and my nose is stuffy. I took some Airborne this morning. It wasn't terrible and hopefully it will help. I have a hard time taking anything with pseudoephedrine, so I usually don't take anything.

I will call my possible client tonight to see what his decision is. I feel like I made my case well, but people are always trying to save a buck (and then complain when they get shoddy service).

Two of my packages were received well and they contained the things that I had made. I haven't heard anything from a friend that I send a birthday gift too, but maybe she is sending a thank you card. I figured out that I procrastinated in sending them because I was afraid that the recipients wouldn't like them. Silly me.

The IKEA catalog was cool. It had tons of kitchen ideas which is what I was looking for. We may get down to Chicago sometime soon. Duane claims that Madison has no cool restaurants and we are supposed to be going out for a nice dinner as a belated Valentine's Day.

Our weather has finally gotten warmer. 39 for the high today, which feels like a heat wave!

p.s. work stinks and my manager really got on my case today---someone send me some clients ok?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blue October concert

I am home from the Blue October concert. I did indeed get a friend to go with me, although I think the venue in Milwaukee is better suited to them. This show was all ages and included quite a few young 'uns. The concert was excellent and I am going to look for their earlier cds.

I have an appointment to talk to a potential client tomorrow. He did tell me a couple of months ago that he was going to list with me, until he found someone who said they will list it for 1%. What exactly does he think he is going to get for 1%? It really irks me. I am not sure what my strategy should be.

Duane is out of town for work so no Valentine's Day for me. I was trying to think of what I wanted to do. I think I will at least put some effort into dinner. Weight Watchers is going better this week than last, but I didn't eat much today.

My sinuses have been itchy the past couple of days and I feel a little headachy today. Blah.

I managed to send off a few packages last Saturday that finished off a couple a projects. I haven't heard if they have been received yet.

I got the IKEA 2007 catalog today and I can't wait to go through it!

Monday, February 05, 2007

2 CDs I am enjoying right now

Blue October (Foiled) and Regina Spektor (Begin to Hope). We missed Regina Spektor in Madison because the show sold out before I realized I liked her music. Blue October is playing Milwaukee this Saturday and in Madison on Tuesday. Duane will be out of town on Tuesday, but I am going to see if I can get a friend to go with me. I don't really feel like going to Milwaukee.

This is my first day back to Weight Watchers. I get down on myself when I feel like I don't look good in my clothes, and the way to remedy that is to lose some weight. It seems that clogging has not been cancelled tonight (the temps are below zero). The building that we clog in is keep at a comfortable (not!) 43 degrees, so it is quite chilly in there. It would be nice if someone could go there before 6 and turn the thermostat up, but they never do.

As predicted I did not get much done this weekend. We did some shopping on Saturday and were lazy on Sunday. Some friends called to come over and watch the Superbowl, which seemed pretty dull. We did watch The Devil Wears Prada. The movie had no depth and seemed very plain. I watch to see Catch and Release this weekend, which has actually gotten good reviews.

The temps will eventually warm back up, but man is it cold right now.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I am lost more often than not

Here I am again, another 10 days or so since the last post. At least I am not as bad as some bloggers who haven't posted for months (you know who you are).

I am here at the office waiting until I pick Duane up from the airport. We were in AZ last weekend and then he flew to LA to work instead of coming home. Good thing it is freeze your ass off weather here! Seriously the daytime temps are going to be in single digits with the lows being in the -10s. The dogs just don't understand that they can't go for walks when it is this cold. They figured it out today when they were both freezing towards the end.

We are planning on staying in all weekend and catching up on tv and watching movies. We may go out for a movie, but maybe not.

Work is slow right now. When you get caught up in Christmas and don't prospect, you don't have any clients in January. My little sister says her husband is antsy to buy something in Madison, so let's hope he finally commits! My little sister has also applied to UW-Madison's Physical Therapy program, so good vibes to her please.

Duane and I may go to a concert that I want to go to! It will be a pre-Valentine's Day thing because he is going to be gone on the actual date. I hate those stupid handling fees at Ticketmaster ($7!). The band is Blue October. They have a song on the radio now, and are from Chicago.

Duane's flight is now 20 minutes late, stupid O'hare. Good thing I decided to stay in the office and check it, otherwise I would have been at the airport WAY too early.

I have 2 baby blankets that I need to get in the mail and 3 more I could be potentially sewing (I have to decide if I want to make ones for 2 people at work). This weekend is all about getting projects done. I should make a list or nothing will get done.

I have Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest pictures to post. If I can figure out that flickr thing I should do it there. One more project for the list!

Did I mention that we bought a GPS system? It is the Tomtom 910 and it really is cool. It will be great for my work (when I get some clients) and it will be great in Europe. We bought the model we did because it is the only one that is pre-loaded with North America and Europe. You can buy additional maps for other units but that can be hundreds of dollars on top of the intial $400-500. We used it in AZ and it worked well. This model does have some glitches, but we bought an extended warranty.

Apparantly Duane's plane is on track to leave at the time it was supposed to get here! I am sure he will be happy about that (not).