Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I should be working on my presentation instead of checking everyone's blog every 5 minutes to see if they have posted.

Post people! I need a distraction. :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Can I download my brain somewhere?

We made it to the wedding and back, although we were late getting there and we were late getting back. We had a delay from MSP-BWI (compass issues) so we jumped on a flight to Reagan instead. On the way back Sunday night, our delay was MSP-MSN so we didn't get home until 2am.

The hotel was nice in some ways and not nice in others. The beds were super comfy and the shower was awesome. There was no internet and no vending machines though, and our window looked out on the dog poop area. The weather was great all weekend. We had some awesome crabcakes as well.

I think one of the funniest moments was when BB (name changed to protect the innocent) was worried about her boobies falling out of her dress and/or someone roofying her wine.

The bride and groom were beautiful and the groom played guitar. It all ended too quickly though, as the location made everyone leave at 10.

Now onto this week:

I wrote on offer on Monday for my buyers. I found out today that it will be a short sale (seller does not have enough money to pay off the loan!).

I had a hair appt today that was supposed to be for a color and a cut. Well the appt was only made for a cut (by a newbie receptionist) unbeknowst to me. I am having my first buyers seminar tomorrow night, so I wanted my hair to look great. Luckily my stylist can get me in tomorrow afternoon.

I got my QVC outfit, and the shorts part of it is too big. I guess too big is better than too small. I have to decide if I want to send it back for a smaller size.

I haven't finalized my presentation or the food I am making for the buyers seminar tomorrow night.

I would like to take a deep breath on Friday, but it is a busy day as well. I can't wait to drive to Missouri and spend some relaxing time with the McGowans!

Tip of the Day: If your garbage disposal smells rank, run a whole bunch of ice through it. My mom was having a problem and that (my) tip worked.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Day of Summer

Here are some pictures to celebrate the first day of summer.


Our weekend starts tomorrow morning as we are off to a wedding in Annapolis. I am looking forward to it, but I am also looking forward to taking a nap this afternoon.

I picked Duane up from the airport last night. The previous night he was out drinking mojitos on the company dime. He had two cheesesteaks while in Philly, although neither of them had Cheese Whiz on it (which the REAL Philly cheesesteak has on it).

I showed my buyers a couple of houses last night and they really liked one of them. They will be seeing a couple more on Saturday (a friend of mine at work will be showing them for me). I feel bad for the sellers that have a beautiful house, but crappy neighbors. As we pulled up to one of the houses, a large dog ran down the street (not on a leash obviously) chasing a cat. Even if you like dogs, you don't want to see them running around the neighborhood (especially when you have a small child).

I ordered some clothes from QVC yesterday. I haven't ordered anything from there in quite awhile. This outfit has a skort, t-shirt, tank top, and coordinating button down shirt all for $40! It was also on their Easy Pay plan, which means I pay about $8 a month for 5 months. A hard deal to beat, especially when I compare the shopping experience to my one of the other day (long, tiring...nothing fit right).

I have a funny story from the other day to tell. I bought my Dad an MP3 player for Christmas. I asked him if he had been using it. He says yes, but he could only put about 1 CDs worth of music on there (it is a 1 GB player). It turns out that he had ripped his CD as a wav file, so each song was 20MB or so. Well no wonder he couldn't get any music on there! I showed him how to change bit rate setting so the files weren't so huge (and not wav files). I also got him some downloads from Napster for Father's Day. I set up the account and everything for him. Hopefully it won't take him 7 months to figure out what songs he wants to download. I thought it was funny because I was thinking of him listening to the same CD for 7 months and wondering why people think MP3 players are so great. He is thinking of getting one for my Mom. Now that will be a learning experience for her.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thoughts on the Challenge

Duane and I ended the Food Stamp Challenge a little early (I never did cook those beans). My Mom wanted to have lunch on Thursday and who was I to insist that she have a pb sandwich and an apple? We did have a Food Stamp dinner that night but we went out for Greek food on Friday night.

Our conclusions: The feeling that you can't eat whatever you want whenever you want sucks. The idea that a lot of people have those feelings sucks. The idea that people have no clue that they could feel better about themselves by eating better (because they can't afford it) sucks.

We have also considering eating 1 day out of the week each week for $3. The non-sucky parts were: not eating out so much, actually eating some breakfast and a good lunch (I usually don't), drinking more water instead of soda, and being more aware about food in general.

The sewing project I worked on on Thursday was a doll blanket. I finished the baby blanket awhile ago for this gift, but the older sister of the baby is getting the doll blanket.

My buyers that cancelled their offer are getting their earnest money back, which is a weight off of my mind. They received an offer on their condo (in 1 week instead of 6 months), so now we have to find something else for them to buy.

On Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market to take some pictures and eat. After that we went to a small craft fair. We were unusually unmotivated to buy anything (usually we love buying things from local craftspeople). We did end up with some magnets, cute greeting cards, and pins. I asked Duane what he thought about me getting more into my crafty side and selling things on Etsy. He approved.

Sunday involved some house showings, speeding to Milwaukee for a lunch date, and Duane almost missing his flight to Philly. Good times.

Yesterday I spent the day shopping with my Mom. She goes back to work next week and I will miss the time we have had to work on sewing projects and hanging out. The shopping was for shorts and a dress/skirt to wear at a wedding. I tried on about 10 dresses, none of which fit correctly. It was extremely strange to have things be too loose on the top!! I never thought small boobs was one of my problems. I finally found a skirt and top that are pretty cute. I had a terrible time with shorts, but I finally found a couple. My waist is smaller than my butt and hips, and they are cutting shorts very straight these days. The perils of shopping.

Duane is enjoying Philly. He ate here last night and he ate this:

The classic cut of a Delmonico dry aged steak seasoned and broiled to create delicate porcini mushroom crust with a light drizzling of premium 8-year aged balsamic.

Rough life he has. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


We had porcupine meatballs (meatballs with rice) and home fries for dinner. I also had a salad and a glass of milk. We got home late, so we ended up eating really late. I bought some Little Debbies, because I think our sugar levels were a little low. The Little Debbies are only 14 cents each, so not a budget buster.

I am hanging out with my mom tomorrow and working on some sewing projects. I am looking forward to a low stress day.

Duane was better after he ate a banana this afternoon, but he still wants to know if we can quit early.

Duane helped me with my swing at the range today and we finally figured out why I wasn't getting much distance. I was swinging all with my arms and no legs. I can't wait to get out and play.

Day 4

Breakfast: Banana
Lunch: PB sandwich (I forgot my apple), 2 Diet Dr Peppers
Dinner: Something with hamburger and potatoes

Duane was whining this afternoon about being hungry. He hasn't spent all of his alloted money, but apparently just wanted to whine. No one is forcing him to do this challenge.

I had some pictures taken yesterday to update my business cards. The good scanner we used to have at work doesn't exist anymore and they want another $30 at the photo place to give me a CD. Um, no thank you. I took a picture of the picture with my digital camera. It worked well enough.

I am off to hit some golf balls and get sweaty.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dinner: Salad, leftover chicken w/bbq sauce, roasted potatoes (different than last night...I was going to do baked but got home too late), cooked carrots, and a glass of milk. I might have a banana before I go to bed. The problem with bananas (for me) is that there is a small window of ripeness that I prefer.

I baked some potatoes tonight to use for home fries, hashbrowns, potato pancakes, or twice-baked potatoes tomorrow night. I need to spend some of Duane's money to get some protein for the rest of the week. I could eat my beans and rice, but he doesn't like beans.

We had been eating out a lot prior to this week, so it has felt good to get back to cooking. Hopefully this feeling will stay with me. I like to make ice cream in the summer, and I have been looking forward to that. Maybe I will make some to bring to Columbia! (Cate/Conor any favorite flavors?)

I think I have finally caught up on the sleep I lost last week. Now if I could just get my fat *ss to the gym.

Day 3

Dinner last night was chicken with roasted potatoes and a banana. It was yummy.

Duane went from not wanting to participate to being incredibly anal about it. He weighed his bananas this morning so he could have the exact cost.

I have enough fruits and veggies to get my servings in, but I haven't been eating them (I have been eating the fruits but not the veggies).

Breakfast: banana and glass of milk
Lunch: PB sandwich, apple, and Diet Dr Pepper
Dinner: leftover chicken w/bbq sauce over baked potatoes (and maybe rice depending on how hungry Duane is)

I have to cook my beans, but they take 2.5 hours. No wonder people buy canned beans.

My new clients signed the buyer agency paperwork last night. They seem nice and their baby is cute. We will be seeing some houses this Sunday.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 2

Breakfast: Banana and a glass of milk
Lunch: PB sandwich, apple, and a Diet Dr Pepper
Dinner: Chicken that is cooking in the crock-pot now

I had a bad headache today that I thought might be caffeine related. I did not want a migraine repeat, so I had a Diet Dr Pepper. I still have a headache though, so I took some pain reliever.

My buyers chose to cancel their offer today, even though the seller was willing to extend the closing (but not as far out as they wanted). The good news (for me) is that they have decided to up their purchase price. We won't be making a move until they have an accepted offer on their current condo.

I requested a meet-up with the strange/picky/don't have a clue buyers, but I haven't heard anything back.

I have a client meeting tonight that will hopefully go well (as long as this stupid headache goes away).

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Bread $2.19
Milk $2.49
Apples $2.99
Lettuce $1.58
Potatoes $3.49 (10lbs)
Black beans (4 lbs dry) $2.49
Brown Rice (2 lbs) $1.29
Carrots (2 lbs) $2.00
Celery $1.09
Bananas $1.08
PB $1.89
Chicken $3.99
Diet Dr Pepper $3.00

My plan is to eat a peanut butter sandwich for lunch every day with an apple. Banana and a glass of milk for breakfast. Celery and carrots for snacks. A combo of chicken, rice, beans, or potatoes for dinner with a salad. Yes, the above adds up to more than $21, but the chicken, rice, and potatoes will be split between Duane and I.

Yesterday I had a pb sandwich with an apple for lunch. I had 2 Diet Dr Peppers, which I am going to try to not have (25 cents a piece takes up a lot of the $3 total). I was really busy yesterday and only had some celery with pb for dinner and a glass of milk.

I am not counting today as it was all free food. I am going to add an extra day at the end.

It looks like my current deal is dead, but it is for the best. Duane comes back tomorrow night.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Food Stamp Challenge

I am slacking on the Food Stamp Challenge. I stayed at work later than I intended to yesterday and I didn't get my shopping done. I will do it after I finish sanding my bday gift to my nephew (and take a shower of course).

Did you know that your fingers keep vibrating after you have turned off the sander?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Breathe in......breathe out

I am trying to calm down.

Why you ask?

Because being a realtor means working with people. Sometimes people are nice and pleasant and do as you advise them and sometimes they aren't and don't. My current clients are relocating and have a property to sell. They assured me that they had secured the down payment for the property they wanted here and could close before selling the current property. Well they lied or were confused or whatever. Now they want to extend the closing date 6 months! I advised them that this could mean losing the deal etc. I sent them the amendment. It was sent back to me with ONE signature on it despite being told numerous times that both of them had to sign all paperwork (a married couple). So I have to wait for her to send the amendment with both of their names, which means I could sit at my desk all day.

I have started working with another couple, which I have yet to meet, that has insisted that they don't like any of the over 100 listings I have emailed them; however, they also won't tell me what it is that they do want.

I am having lunch with Duane now. He leaves tonight to drive to Indiana for his boy's golfing weekend.

I have many things to do, including figuring out what I am going to eat for the Food Stamp Challenge. I guess I can do that while I am sitting at my desk waiting for that amendment.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Today is our 3rd anniversary! Duane and I had lunch at Cosi (which is tasty but $$ and at this location you have to deal with the dreaded soccer moms). We will hit golf balls after work to prepare for my charity golf tournament (at 8AM!!).

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sleep success!

I finally had some good, deep sleep last night! It felt good and included some strange dreams.

I am going to be participating in the Food Stamp Challenge along with Cate and others. We are starting on June 9th-June 15th. Duane will be gone for part of the time. He has been skeptical of the challenge, so hopefully he will participate fully for the shortened time.

I have been thinking of what I am going to eat. Peanut butter sandwiches for lunch maybe. I could eat those every day. Dinner will most likely involve chicken. I like to do a whole one in the crockpot and the meat can last all week. I will have to be checking the grocery store sales as well. We have stores here that do this 10 items for $10 deal, which may work in my favor. I always shop with coupons, but I don't always check the sales.

I DO like to drink Diet Dr. Pepper though and I have been working on how I might fit that in. I might just give it up for the week, or buy some smaller quantity (maybe a 2 liter vs. a 12-pack).

My charity golf event is Wednesday. I hope I don't suck and the weather doesn't suck either. It starts at 8am, so I will definitely have to be in bed early tomorrow night (which is much harder for me to do than it should be).

Work is going alright. I have 2 referral clients. I have communicated with one via email, and I don't think english/grammer were her top subjects. She seems very nice though. The other is couple moving from Dover, DE to La Crosse, WI at then end of next month! Hopefully they will both work out. I am also doing a seminar for first time home buyer's at Duane's work at the end of the month. If you have any real estate questions that you have been dying to know the answers to, leave them in the comments section.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

We got Wii'd

Duane has been on a quest for a Wii, although more out of curiousity than actually buying one. A friend alerted him that his store now had a Wii, so Duane bought it. I really don't have an excuse not to play video games with Duane anymore.

Duane did a fabulous job at volleyball on Thursday, helping my office team actually win a game. Unfortunately my over-tiredness led to a migraine that night. I only get 1 or 2 a year luckily.

I spent Friday with my sister and her husband. She is going to be taking classes in the fall at UW-Madison, so I showed them around the campus.

On Saturday Duane installed our new front door! It looks great, and now we have light in the foyer (our old door had no window).

We have been having thunderstorms on and off all weekend, so I haven't gotten my NEW satellite radio all the way hooked up yet. Duane bought the day after Thanksgiving, so that is how long it has taken. It only cost $10, and the monthly subscribtion is reduced since we already have an account. My CD player will only play non-burned CDs (and sporadically at that), so it will be nice to have another listening option in the car.

I better get playing some Wii.