Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is it that time already?

I wonder if I can take a picture of my hair without my face being in it? I always hate pictures of myself. My mom actually likes my hair, you know if I am going to be doing that to it (huh?).

Thanksgiving was nice and low key. I actually got up Friday at 5am and went shopping. Unfortunately I did not get one of the main things I wanted. I did not get this item because it was not located where those items are located in the store, and two employees misdirected me. They were gone by the time I found them. Luckily, it was really more of a wanted item than a needed item. I did get a new smaller digital camera. 2 years ago we bought a Canon (awesome camera), but did not have the extra $100 for the Elph. Love the camera we bought, and even though it isn't THAT big, it seems like it is. It doesn't fit in my purse or other bags very well and always seems like a pain to actually bring out and take a picture. I will be selling the old one though, so I will hopefully recoup some of the cost.

After the shopping I came home and slept for a bit. I ran down to Chicago to hang out with Kandy and go antique shopping. We went to an awesome antique store (www.bamchicago.com) with reasonable prices! I got a cool circular ice bucket with penguins on it and two metal trays. The next store we went to wasn't as great, but Kandy got a cool vintage Christmas tree there. We had an awesome dinner of tapas and then I went home (well to IKEA actually). IKEA was almost totally empty, so I am glad I went there later. I ended up checking out a tempermental self checkout, so I looked like one of those dorks that should not be checking out at the self checkout.

Duane came home on Saturday and we working around the house on Sunday. I also got a new garage door opener on Friday, so Duane worked on figuring that out. Our old one would open by remote, but it would only close if you were inside the garage. That doesn't work so well when are leaving. The garage does have to be cleaned out to actually fit the cars in there though.

It has been rainy here, but not bad temperature wise (which is supposed to change later this week). I have been trying to get all my lights set up outside. I am pretty close to being done.

The offer I was working on with my buyer has failed (the seller refused to budge and was being really unreasonable). We are back to looking at houses.

I found a beautiful bar cabinet (what I was looking for in Chicago) here in Madison!! It is $700 though. Way too much moola.

I put together a picture album at Shutterfly for a gift recently and just got it in the mail yesterday. It was REALLY nice! I can't wait to send it.

I am having lunch with Duane today. The BMW is in the shop for a squeaky belt and a possibly failing window motor. They seem to think it will be under $300, which would be nice!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where am I

I am here and I really need to be better about posting. Our internet connection at home has been wonky for the last week. The Charter guys were over yesterday afternoon and determined that it was something outside the house at the pole. It appears to be fixed now though, and now we know that we have an excellent signal.

I took Duane to the airport at 5:30 this morning. I did get to come home and sleep a little more, but I bet he is really tired. I will be hanging out with my Mom and Dad tomorrow, a very low key affair. I don't think Thanksgiving is that big of a holiday to be on your own. You can give thanks without a lot of other people around.

I had a closing on Monday which provided us with a good check. Hopefully some of it will remain after getting Duane's car checked out. The driver side window has something wrong with it, as well as a squeaky belt somewhere. Love the car, but it is hella expensive to fix.

Last Saturday night we went to see our friend Chris and his friends, The Steepwater Band, at the Union. The show was quite awesome, although REALLY loud. We both has some temporary hearing damage afterwards, a reminder to have earplugs on hand (even though it looks dorky, I would rather be able to hear in my old age).

I also worked on Saturday. I wrote up an offer for my buyer, and we are in the haggling process.

I did not go clogging the other night, nor did I go this week. I did talk to my clogging friend, and she promised to be there more often. She changed hours at her part-time job, which will allow her to do so. I did like doing it, just not totally on my own.

I am in the process of getting my Christmas lights up. I was hoping to have it done already, but I have had to work on the weekends a lot lately. Luckily we have very nice weather this week, so I should get it done. I will post a picture.

I got my hair colored last night and went a little nuts. A friend had her hair done recently, and I really liked it. Unfortunately I did not have a picture of it, so it did not turn out anything like hers. It is fun though, and I am sure my mom will hate it. I may or may not post a picture.

I have been thinking about posting a list of my projects to help keep my accountable. I would have to write said list though. I am having family over on the 10th, and right now my house is in no condition for guests (ie my mother).

Enough of my rambling for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Good news

Our friends in Missouri had their baby girl on November 8th. Eva Mary is doing wonderfully and too cute!.

I worked both days this weekend showing houses to my buyer. I am so hoping that he makes a decision in the next week or so.

Brisco and Boots are curled up with each other sleeping, but Brisco had a dream and woke Boots up. Too cute.

I made dog biscuits today and I hope the dogs like them!

Duane leaves tomorrow to travel to Oregon for the week. I have lots of things to work on and will also probably need to do some showings with my buyer.

The weather is crap today. Totally cloudy and dreary. It was supposed to rain all week, and the forecast changed. I need to get out there and get my lights up, so I am glad it won't be raining.

I have clogging tonight and it will be the first time I have tried it with clogging shoes on (now I am thinking about not going). I can't decide if I like it or not. My friend at work that got me started with it doesn't come during my lesson, and I don't know anyone else. She has been slacking on going as well.

Mr. Kitty wants to snuggle, so I gotta go!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Well then

Ok, the chicken noodle soup turned out really well. If I could have had a video of me throwing the noodles in the soup, you would be laughing hysterically. I forgot until the last minute that I was making homemade noodles and it was quite comical. I also made butternut squash soup that turned well, but no one ate.

My buyers accepted a counter-offer and things are moving towards closing. The closing is November 20th, so it is coming up fast.

The weather is better here and it is supposed to be nice this week (in the 60's).

The woman hater doesn't leave until the end of the month. We had a work event last week that he came to for the free lunch. We have an agent retreat at the end of the month that he says he is going to. Just leave already!

The paper mache pumpkin ended up turning out ok (although not incredibly pumpkin like). It was for my little sister's reception on Saturday. I did a lot and I got really stressed out about BUT it all turned out well. The party was a good time.

Sunday I worked from noon until 6pm with my buyers. I wasn't feeling too badly from the night before, but I was really tired. I spent some time sitting on the couch this morning, so I am feeling better.

I will be working outside this week and getting ready for the holidays. As always I have lots of projects to work on.