Thursday, September 27, 2007

2 kitties were out (one almost all night) because I left the garage door open. They both seem no worse for the wear though.

I liked all the tv last night. Bionic woman was good, but not great. Life was very amusing and Dirty Sexy Money was interesting. Tonight is CSI, Smallville, and ER.

My mom is being proactive and offering her help for the November 3rd craft show. I have been brainstorming ideas, but I need to write my ideas down.

We have almost all of our lightbulbs switched over to CFLs. We have 3 light fixtures that are on dimmers, which CFLs do not work with. 2 of the fixtures do not get turned on much though. We are thinking about changing the switch on the dining room fixture so it doesn't dim. We don't eat at the table often, so we don't have much need for mood lighting.

I love the my cats can take care of small pests in and around the house. I don't much like cleaning up the guts though. At least it was outside.

Duane got a new mp3 player from Woot. Hopefully this one will last longer than a year.

We are out tonight in Madison to see The Steepwater Band. Hopefully not too late.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The dishwasher detergent worked as well as the Clorox bleach pen! I was trying the technique they demonstrated on the show (dipping cookie cutters into the gel and stamping the shirt). On the show they said that the outline would bleed into the shirt (creating a thicker outline), but that didn't happen for me. The shirts are for Halloween and I will show them when they are done.

I was also working on another shirt yesterday. I was very surprised when the cloth showed no reaction to the bleach!

I got some sewing done as well. I have 2 baby blankets in the works and I got one almost all the way put together. I need to call about having some embroidery work done on one of the squares.

The weather is nicer today, partly cloudy with a high of 68, so I will be able to work outside.

Bones was good last night and we liked the new show, Reaper. It was quite funny. It made sense when Duane found out that Kevin Smith is the director.

America's Next Top Model and Gossip Girl tonight, with new shows Bionic Woman and Dirty Sexy Money. I want to check out Life on NBC too.

Yes, I watch too much tv.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No dice

I was not chosen as a vendor for the Craftacular. I think this is will be the third event and they received 3 times as many applications as they have space. Hopefully this will lead them to find a larger venue for the spring show.

I have done some research and I know my product is unique. I don't think I showcased it well enough in my application though.

TV watching was so-so last night. Duane didn't really like Chuck and with so many other shows out there I don't think it will make the cut. Heroes was cryptic as usual, and CSI:Miami was good. Journeyman may be a keeper as well. The first half was confusing, but the second half had some interesting bits.

Tonight is Bones and the new show Reaper.

I am trying to get the front yard ready for Halloween decorations, but the weather is not cooperating.

I learned through one of my crafty tv shows that dishwasher detergent with bleach may work as well as the pens with the bleach gel in them. I bought some t-shirts and will be trying it out today. It would be a significant cost savings if it does work.

Monday, September 24, 2007


It is now the 24th. The day I am supposed to hear whether or not I will have a table at the Craftacular. Am I supposed to wait all day?

I am feeling better than I felt last week. I am started to wonder if the crappy feeling was caused by all the smoke I inhaled at the show I went to. Madison is smoke free, so my every day exposure is pretty low.

I continue to slack off at my real job.

Tonight's tv watching includes: Chuck (new), Journeyman (new), Heroes, and CSI:Miami. I am trying out the two new shows, not that I need anymore tv to watch though!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I have been feeling like crap when I wake up every morning since Sunday. Headache, stomachache, and backache. Usually I feel better by the afternoon, but the mornings stink.

I realized that I had a dream with Britney Spears in it last night. I think she was sitting behind me in church with her kids. She looked very nice (not skanky). I kept thinking, "is that Britney Spears sitting behind me?" Weird.

After listening to Cat Chat on Martha Stewart's Sirus radio channel, I have switched the kitties from dry food to wet food. They talk about dry food being like kitty crack and causing all sorts of health problems (diabetes and urinary tract). They seem to like it so far, and haven't bugged me for extra food. They still bug me for treats though.

I harvested two pumpkins yesterday. I was worried about our freezing temps over the weekend, but all the pumpkins seem ok. A bunch of the leaves suffered though. If all the pumpkins ripen, it looks like we will get 8 or 9! Pretty cool for an accidental pumpkin patch.

The backyard is lookin rather heinous otherwise. We used to have a lawncare company that fertilized and spot treated for weeds. They showed up twice in the spring, and we haven't seen them since. No letters or anything. Very weird.

I watched Hollywoodland last night while Duane was off at a fancy work dinner and playing poker. It was a good movie.

Does anyone remember the movie Kuffs? I used to have a thing for Christian Slater, so I would watch anything he was in. It was on the other night so I recorded it. Duane had never heard of it.

American's Next Top Model starts tonight!!!! (I miss Veronica Mars)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crafty goodness

I used a freezer paper stencil (worked fabulously btw) to create the simple block design of the orange t-shirt.

The top onesie has fabric circles that I printed using a picture of flowers that I took. The bottom onesie has iron-on cupcakes with a piece of ribbon sewn in the middle that says, "So Sweet". These are both organic cotton.

The rock t-shirt was created using stencils, not my finest work though. I was hoping the bleached areas work go totally white so I could accent the flames with red.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rock me like a hurricane

Well, let's just say that the agent retreat (and golfing) was a lot of fun. It put me out of commission for the whole day afterwards though!

I did get part of my niece's birthday gift make (an excellent t-shirt), but I am still working on the other part. When the directions on the magnetic paint say to use at least 3 coats, I think they really mean about 20. In the future I plan on using sheet metal instead of magnetic paint.

I got my application in for the Craftacular, at the last minute as always. I have made a number of things these past months, but I never take pictures. I whipped up two onesies and 2 t-shirts today so I would have pictures to send in.

Duane and I went to a concert on Saturday night in Milwaukee at The Rave. It is a pretty shitacular venue, especially for the range of acts they are able to book. Not only is smoking allowed, extra extra smoking is allowed. I woke up on Sunday feeling like total crap (and I hadn't had anything to drink). We still drove down to Chicago to check out the Renegade Craft Fair and a great dinner with my friend Kandy.

I am watching one of my favorite movies (Broken Arrow) while I wait for the Today's Special Value on QVC. It is something to do with Halloween! Halloween starts the whole decorating season for me, so it is time to put some thought into that.

I won't find out until the 24th if I will be a part of the Craftacular. I am also planning on having a table at my niece's and nephew's school when they have their craft fair. It means I will have to ramp up production!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy, happy, joy, joy

We had a great time in San Diego!! Duane even went kayaking in the ocean with me (picture proof later). We went to the zoo and saw the pandas. We had awesome hamburgers in Ocean Beach and hiked trails at Torrey Pines State Park.

Hershey is doing even better. I am waiting to hear if his liver numbers have improved. They took blood from him this morning, but I don't know when they were going to do the bloodwork. Duane took him in, and he forgets to ask those important questions.

We came home to much cooler weather and no mosquitos!! I hope they are really gone for the season.

We have our company retreat tomorrow in Lake Geneva. I am golfing in the afternoon. I haven't hit anything in forever, so the first couple of holes may not be pretty.

My niece's birthday party is Saturday, so I have to whip up her gift this week. I also have to get in my application for the Craftacular as this is the last week to apply!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Great news!!

I talked to Dr. Susan (our vet's office is women only, Dr. Sandy and Dr. Susan) and Hershey's numbers are way better!! His kidney values are down in the normal range, so they don't think he has kidney disease. One of his liver values is down, but the other one (alk phos) is still off the charts. She said he was wagging his tail and eating!! She advised that I can go to San Diego and not worry. He will be getting subq fluids at the kennel and will have his bloodwork rechecked on Tuesday.

I had her go ahead and order some liver support meds (~$100/month, yikes!). The liver can heal itself, and these meds could be very beneficial. He will finish up his iv fluids and I will pick him up tonight.

Now I just have to do the 9 million things I need to do to be ready to leave tomorrow.

Sooooo frustrating

I met with a potential client back at the beginning of this month. He had attended one of my first time home buyer seminars and is using the lender from the seminar. He said that he was going to interview other agents and was waiting until he received his September raise to make a decision.

I found out just now that he chose another realtor. Do you think he was going to tell me or just wait till I emailed him and then break the news. I asked him why he chose someone else. He said that he went with someone that a friend recommended (and had just used).

I am getting so sick of real estate.

I am not sure when they are going to run Hershey's bloodwork again this afternoon. I am really hoping that his numbers are better.

Mosquito Hell

The mosquitos are still absolutely horrible. You cannot leave the house without insect repellant on, no matter what time it is. Every time you open the door, you let in about 1o more mosquitos that you have to kill.

Hershey is doing a lot better. He ate some wet dog food last night and even ate a dog treat this morning. He was being his usual stubborn self as well. He is back at the vet this morning for more fluids and they will do more bloodwork.

The high today is 91 and it will be humid. We will be begging for cold weather soon.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Hershey's liver and kidney enzymes are elevated. They can't tell why (it could be infection, cancer, or kidney disease). He has been receiving IV fluids all day. I get to pick him up in an hour and then drop him off in the morning to receive more fluids. They will run his bloodwork again in the afternoon and see if his numbers have improved.

I can cancel my ticket to San Diego without much trouble because it was purchased using frequent flyer miles. The last time Duane checked, he could change his flight home for $100. We do have them staying at a vet's office (not their vet's because they don't board dogs), so he would have good care.

I just hope he is feeling a lot better tomorrow, which would make my decision a lot easier.


Hershey ate some hamburger and rice Monday morning and seemed to perk up a bit. We went to Janesville and hung out with the family.

Hershey wouldn't eat anything last night or this morning, so I took him into the vet. They are going to run bloodwork and give him some fluids. He has already lost about 7 pounds! I am keeping the tears away for now. It does seem like something he can get better from, but I just don't know.

Boots got out Sunday night when I was trying to get Hershey in the house. Sometimes he will come back if you shake the treat container. Duane left the container on the counter, and lo and behold "someone" ate the whole container of treats. We forgot to buy more treats yesterday, so the kitties were not happy last night. Duane left a glass on his nightstand and oddly enough Boots pushed it off the nightstand this morning and broke it. We never keep glasses on our nightstands! *sigh*

I took Duane to the airport at 5am this morning. I was going to try and take Hershey in at 8am this morning, but I just couldn't wake up. I won't know until I hear from the vet if I will have to cancel my flight to San Diego.

I didn't get any craft work done this weekend either.

The mosquitos are still insane here.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Dog Sickness

It is 4am and I am awake. Hershey was sick in the middle of the night last night. He would drink water and then throw some of it up. He stopped throwing up this afternoon, but still seems really weak. He will drink water, but is not interested in food.

I am going to call the emergency vet in the morning. Hershey is 14 and seems so frail.

I am really hoping he feels better in the morning.

We also have a mosquito infestation here. They are inside stores (you don't think you are going to get a mosquito bite when you are in Circuit City)! We have probably killed 30 or 40 that have gotten in the house.

We are supposed to go to Janesville tomorrow, but we will have to see what happens with the dog.