Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lack of sleep is getting me down.....

Don't put lack of sleep into google and search, it will only depress you (or make you fat). There is also a website called Diagnose-Me. According to a questionnaire on there, I should seek the help of a sleep specialist.

It has been hot here and we have been resisting turning on the AC. I hate the AC, but warm temps at night lead me to very restless sleep. I also got up early today (7am) which doesn't help either.

I also realized that the reason I may have fallen asleep at every meeting or lecture over 30 minutes might have been a chronic lack of sleep (before I figured out that 10 hours is ideal for me).

I have been at work like a good worker bee. I got a lead on a couple that wants a $150,000 house with 3br/2 car garage in Madison. If there was a decent 3br/2 car garage house in Madison for $150,000 I would probably buy it. But closings = $$

Duane is going to play volleyball tonight for my office team. This should be interesting.

p.s. I also realized I was very sleepy when I was reading the Roo blog this morning and wondering why Conor was talking about having a uterus.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The laptop is back

Unfortunately it now has a persistant line (or lines depending on its mood) that run across the screen. They don't hamper the function, and there is no proof to lay blame on anyone.

The 28 houses couple picked a condo and went back to AZ. They promptly freaked out and I have been working to get them calmed down.

I have lots more to say and I should stop being mopey and write more.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well yeah it sucks

I had started to resent the laptop for intruding on my personal time with Duane, but I miss the darn thing! We finally sent it last week (Duane forgot it two days in a row, Duane remembered the laptop but forgot the address, and then it got sent). We think it is coming back to us sometime this week, but he didn't ask the guy when he called. He also didn't ask how much it was going to cost or how we should pay them. Duane forgets the important questions sometimes.

I am running around this week showing out of state clients 27 houses in 3 days. At least they are nice and like to drink beer.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Back into the swing of things

Well, the beer gardens were lots of fun (except when I got a bloody nose and a German guy from Seattle felt the need to talk on and on).

We have been getting back into the swing of things. My cough and congestion are still lingering. I took some medicine last night that knocked me out for almost 12 hours.

Boots had some peeing problems which turned out to be stress related and not bacterial infection related. He is doing better now (after 2 days at the vets).

We found our two visiting cats last night. Duane thought they were lost or dead, but they have been living under the couch downstairs. The bottom lining on the couch is ripped out (from when Duane thought his wedding ring was in the couch), so it is a perfect place for them to hide out.

The laptop was being looked at while we are gone and now we are to send it off to get it fixed for $125. This is cheaper than the $450 we were quoted. It won't even turn on now, so off it goes.