Thursday, May 22, 2008

It is freezing in my cave of an office

The finale of Gossip Girl was pretty good. The swing has not been put together yet (no sign yet if the improptu pumpkin patch will return). The phlegminess did develop into a cold. I still have no new tops and I haven't returned the water bottle yet.

But we ARE going to Maryland this weekend to visit our good friends the Bird Man and the Hot Librarian!! We are excited and the weather is going to be awesome. I think this cold will be all the way gone before we fly out on Saturday (it better be).

Tonight is my niece's bday dinner. She loves Webkinz. For those of you out there who may not have heard of Webkinz, they are stuffed animals that have lives on the internet. You log your Webkin into the site and then you can create rooms, feed it, etc. I think it is a cute idea. It becomes depressing though, when she told me that one her friends had 20 of them. No kid needs 20 of anything.

I did finally complete some onesies that my sister asked me to make for her to give as gifts. It only took me forever (and a day).

I did look at Boston Store yesterday for some new tops, but I didn't have much patience for it since my nose was running like a faucet. I have been on the look-out for a new purse, and I found a good candidate there. I will get Duane's opinion though. He has a weird thing about purses!

Did I mention that Duane and I have been carpooling lately? Gas (regular) hit $3.85 today. We are definitely considering moving closer to Duane's job. The kitchen needs to be finished before we can sell though and I don't know if that will happen this summer.

My house is not all the way clean yet. I think I will die of embarassment if someone had to stop and use the bathroom. It is pretty gross. It will have to wait until next week though!

This post is so not interesting.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ha, I forgot to give this post a title!

Well the weekend was pretty nice. The potential (not) client finally emailed me to say she was working with someone else. I think she was working with someone else all along, but thought I might drive her around without making her sign a contract (not happening). Way to go and waste my time.

I have picked up some phlegminess, which I am not sure if it is allergies or an actual cold. It certianly isn't any fun.

I bought a new water bottle to help me drink more water (it has a flip top straw) and the f'in thing leaks! You take a sip, set it down, and it leaks all over the place. Now I have to return it, such a pain.

I have been trying to find some new short-sleeve tops for work and I am having no luck. There is an abundance of those tops that look good on tall people, but make the rest of look like we are pregnant. I do have some cute new bottoms, but no tops.

We got all caught up with our season finales from last week (Smallville, Supernatural, CSI, ER, and Ghost Whisperer). Tonight is the season finale of Gossip Girl (Duane loves this show). Hopefully it will be good!

We bought a 3 person swing to put in the backyard yesterday. We haven't put it together yet though, which should be fun!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whitney won America's Next Top Model!

Holy cow, couldn't believe this. I thought Anya had it in the bag. Whitney is a "full figured" model. I think she is a size 10. I guess they figured it was about time. Also, Parvati won the million dollars on Survivor. I guess Amanda didn't figure out that crying in the end causes you to lose the money (she did that on Survivor:China and lost too). The next Survivor is going to be in Africa, but it looks like it will be on water. The other Survivor in Africa was pretty dull because they were not near water (no cute guys either) and had to eat canned food (boring).

I think there are a couple more season finales tonight (ER, Smallville, Supernatural, CSI). We have volleyball tonight though, so we will have to catch up on those.

I met with a possible new client, but she hasn't responded to my emails. She acted like she was all excited to see properties on Saturday. Maybe she will email me tomorrow.

My other buyer still believes that she should get a property for whatever price she wants to pay for it. Darn it, why won't those banks just accept the offer? What dummies. At this point I will be making no money on this, but maybe I will get the award for the most patient agent?

Duane had a walking up the stairs incident last night, and gave himself the project of putting up a new railing on the basement stairs. Who knew it would snap so easily (or that you should pay attention when you are walking up the stairs)?

We are switching to a new kitty litter system (put out by Tidy Cats) which seems like it will be much cleaner. It uses pellets on top, and the pee filters to the bottom to a pad. The kitties seem to like it already. Regular kitty litter sticks to their feet and gets all over the place (gross).

We went to a restaurant tasting on Monday for Duane's favorite beer place. We both tried fois gras (nasty) and I tried a chicken liver (also nasty). The chicken liver had a good flavor, but I couldn't get over the creaminess. There were a couple of winners on the new menu and they will still have the frites. We had fun, even though the douche factor was very high. The people we sat across from were halfway decent (the wife was a little snoooty, but she was pregnant).

My rhubarb looks like it has gone to seed already (3 flowering stalks have popped up). I haven't been able to get out there and pick it, but I will this weekend. I am thinking of some rhubarb muffins with a crunchy sugar topping.

Nothing else too exciting here. We will be traveling to Maryland to visit some friends over Memorial Day weekend, so I am really looking foward to that. I am also looking forward to having a clean house some day in the future, maybe this weekend?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

3 weeks and no post

I stink at blogging lately. It seems that things may finally get back to normal. Normal is actually having time at night to sit on the couch. I haven't been using the computer at home much, because I am busy or Duane is using it. He comes home from Denver late tonight. He called me this afternoon to tell me that he could work at this HMO in Denver (where he has been the past couple of days). Apparently they have less stress there in Denver.

I got caught up on my laundry, I super cleaned all the dog beds, I vacuumed my bedroom and the guest bedroom, and I only have a super messy office and dining room left! I thought I was going to have Saturday all to myself, but a friend of ours will be staying at our house. And he says we should do something fun! Yes, my idea of fun this Saturday was to mow the lawn (desperately needs it) and work around the yard. Oh well, maybe on Sunday!