Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My first closing-start to finish

I had planned on writing this, and finally feel like doing it.

I met my buyers in January in the middle of a snowstorm. They called me from an ad, so I didn't know what to expect. It was a mother and daughter, but they didn't like the house I showed them.

We met at a later date to sign the buyer's agency contract. This took 2 hours as they read every single line before signing. You should read a contract before you sign it, but sheesh!

They needed a house that would be handicap accessible. The mother could get around ok for now, but would be confined to a scooter in the future. There were not too many handicap accessible houses on the market (about 3). We saw the perfect house, but they weren't ready. God was going to hold the house for them.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not make them understand the process to buying a house. Other family members became involved, but didn't end up complicating things much. They finally took my recommendation for a lender and got the ball rolling. He told them they needed to write an offer (this is about 3 months from when they first saw the house), and so they did.

At this point in the story we involve the seller and the listing agent. I faxed off the offer and the seller countered with a slightly higher price. We accepted and things seemed to be going well.

The seller had not lived in the house (it was his mother's), so we did not have a condition report. The inspection turned up some things and so we asked the seller to fix them. The seller refused, in quite a nasty way in fact. I then found out that the listing agent had not given me some information (the gas fireplace would not ignite, the seller knew this and stated that he would not fix it). Whatever.

We move up to a week before closing. I stopped by the house and was concerned that there was still personal property (which never did get removed) and door had not been fixed. We had asked the seller in the original contract to fix a door that had a hole in it. I emailed the listing agent, who simply forwarded my email to the seller (NOT the way to do that). He fired off a nasty email. Essentially the listing agent had not bothered to read the contract.

My manager got involved and called her manager, which almost got nasty. Fortunately I have a manager that kicks ass! The door got fixed by the listing agent.

Fast forward to the closing. The listing agent was a piece of work. She was all worried about her reputation! She also had never changed the status of the listing (from active to pending to sold) and when it was finally changed the sale price was wrong! I also had to call to get them to remove the sign, 2 weeks after closing.

My buyers are super happy with their house and it is such a change for them. They lived in a run down tiny apartment in a not so great neighborhood. Now they are in a family orientated neighborhood with plenty of room for family to visit and kids to play.

Moral of the story: Patience wins out and some realtors SUCK


I am participating in a charity golf outing at work and could potentially be in a foursome with my boss!

I am taking lessons, but last weeks was rained out. The weather looks to be good tomorrow and it is the last chance for a lesson before the outing. We had better be working on driving, because that is where I need the most help.

We worked on putting at the first lesson. There were some good tips, but it wasn't rocket science.

Yay me!

I got two accepted offers over the weekend.

My friend's house sold in 4 days!!

I got an accepted offer for my friends on the condo they really wanted. The seller is not going to be a happy guy at closing, but I got the best deal for my buyers. The last concern is financing, which is making me a little nervous. I can't do anything about it though and right now all we can do is wait.

I will be listing a friend's condo soon as well. It will be a test of my marketing skills (do I have any?) but this friend is such a good guy.

I need to drum up some new business though!

Music, Cooking, and Reading

These are 3 things that I enjoy and tend to get away from when I am in a funk.

I bought a new Jack Johnson CD, my first. Duane doesn't have any good words for him, but it is music that makes me happy when I listen to it.

I started a book last night before I went to sleep and stayed up till 1 to finish it. I tend to go in streaks with reading, where I will read 5 books in a week.

I have been cooking more, nothing too exciting, but I have actually been feeling like doing it.

I just need to get myself back to the gym!

This Just In

Veronica Mars Season 2 will hit the stores August 22 and contains some cool extras.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


I am here but pretty wiped out. I worked from 10am to 9pm on Friday and worked Saturday morning. I have an offer process going on right now. Unfortunately the listing agent told me they would accept a counter offer and then they didn't. :( I shouldn't have said anything to my buyers but I got excited.

The showings were for the pickiest buyer in the world. We have seen what feels like a million houses and she "isn't feeling it". She will be gone for work for 2 weeks, so I will get a little break.

I have an open house for my friends today. They have already had 2 showings since their property went on the market Friday. I also need to fax off a counter offer.

I swear I am doing what I want to on Monday, no work!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nooorth Carolina

I have made it back from the land of the Demon Deacons and the trip was not too bad.

The family was pretty nice and there were just a few snarky comments. In past visits people have really hounded us about moving there. I think they realized that was a bad strategy when we skipped Christmas this year. Family members were civil to one another and Duane's sister's baby is really cute! I may slip some beano into Duane's dad's beverage the next time we visit, but a little burping and farting never killed anyone.

The weather was really nice. We drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and it was beautiful.

The flight from Detroit to Greensboro sucked ass. I will not be taking that flight ever in the future on NWA at least. NWA got rid of the DC9s and now flies CRJs (ie sardine cans). This makes for a wholly unpleasant experience.

On the way back we had two larger size people on the flight that needed seat belt extenders. The place only had 1 seat belt extender (!) so the guy's wife had to sit in the back of the plane which had longer seat belts. She displaced someone else, who got the seat of the lady who arrived last (unfortunately for her). The flight attendent handled it quite well though, telling the late lady that somehow two people had been booked for her seat. The late lady had to sit next to the large guy and seemed none too happy about it. Moral of the story:Do not be the last person on the plane.

Friday, May 19, 2006


You need a clue that it has been too long since you have been to the gym

A dead spider in your gym shoe ought to do it!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am in a funk

It doesn't matter how smart you are or how strong you are, you can still succomb to a funk.

I am trying to get out of it and get excited about things again.

I will go to the gym. I will get out of bed before 9:30 (!). I will cook dinner. I will eat breakfast and lunch (although it was nice to hear that I look like I have lost weight).

I will sell some houses!!

I have a great idea for a gift for my baby making friends (which I thought of right before I fell asleep last night).

I start golf lessons tomorrow and the new bowling league. These are things to be excited about!

I am feeling pretty dumb

I got my check for my first closing today! :)

I forgot to ask the buyers to bring a check for this stupid transaction management fee that we have. :(

I now have to go back and ask them to write a check after they already have their house and everything. I had asked my manager earlier about it, but got an answer that made me think I didn't have to do anything (not the first time, so either I need to explain my questions better or my manager needs to listen more).

Monday, May 15, 2006

I am not feeling funny today

so I will have to write the story of my first closing another day.

I will be spending some time with a wee little baby this Wednesday, so I am looking forward to that. I start my golf lessons (boo to the possible rain!) this Thursday and the new bowling league!

Boo to the rain last week and the forecast rain all this week! I need some SUN!

I may watch Kung Fu Hustle tonight or Sky High.


I think I had mentioned that Duane hasn't been sleeping well. He has had some other ongoing issues since he was in Hawaii as well. He has been to a few doctors and has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. He has a psychologist that he will be seeing weekly for awhile. It has been a rather draining experience so far, but at least now he is on a path to getting better.

I have been sleeping too late in the mornings and not going to the gym. I need to get back to that routine as I have a swanky wedding in July. I would like to be pleased with my appearance rather than depressed by it.

We are headed to North Carolina this weekend. I could really use some suggestions of something fun to do or some place nice to eat, so the best part isn't the flight home.


My closing happened on Friday, and the listing agent was a real piece of work. The papers got signed and I will get my check tomorrow!

The house got mostly cleaned on Saturday and then we hung out on the couch. We watched Derailed with Clive Owen (love him!) and Jennifer Aniston. Strange movie.

Sunday I had an open house, which people actually showed up to. The rest of the day was lazy.

We have been having a lot of rain here. The lawn mower is finally tuned up, but it may not be dry enough to mow for a few days!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

This week has run me over

And it is only Thursday!

Last Friday evening was the birthday for my niece Autumn who turned 3. She is a cutie. It was fun, but we stayed too late (especially since we had to drive back to Janesville).

Saturday I did a second showing on a condo. They are a cute couple. I didn't push them (I didn't have the energy too really) and they ended up going with something else. Then I stopped at my favorite kid's store in Madison and picked up a gift for Elizabeth's birthday party. This kid's store has toys from Europe and some things you can find at Toys r Us. The clothes they have are beautiful, but expensive! You would have to scotchguard them or something.

The birthday party was fine. My sister-in-law's family are weird, have been and always will be. She has 8 siblings, one of which has decided to be a realtor now. Ooh.. and he just had his first accepted offer! Sometimes you can just feel the world working against you.

Sunday was really nice. Duane and I had breakfast out and then worked on the house. We got the garage and porch cleaned up and some outside work done as well.

This week has involved a lot of working. I have done showings Tuesday and Wednesday (all day). Tonight I have the organizational meeting for our new bowling league and celebrating with a friend that defended his thesis today.

Friday I have my first closing! I have to be nice to the other agent, even though she has been a huge pain in the ass. The seller has come off as a big jerk as well. I may have to detail this experience in a separate post. I am to do some more showings Friday evening, but two sellers have already refused.

The weather sucks here too. Cold, rainy, and windy. Sunday is supposed to be nice though, especially since I have to work!

T minus 9 days till we go to North Carolina.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Busy Me

Another whole week has gone by without me posting! Earth shattering I know. I told Duane I get discouraged when I don't get any comments for awhile; however, how many comments do I expect when all of 4 people know of my blog? :)

Last weekend was all rain, all the time. The Home Buyers Fair was boring, but worthwhile. I finally found a lender who is friendly, intelligent, and knows how to apply for down payment assistance! I have a feeling I will be working with more people like that. I won't be selling million dollar houses, but I will be helping people (which is my ultimate goal).

I had people show up to my open house on Sunday and the ad got me a few phone calls. I have showed it once this week and I am doing a second showing tomorrow. Maybe I will get lucky and they will want to write an offer!

Monday had me writing an offer. It ultimately failed, but sometimes things happen for the best. There were multiple offers and I couldn't recommend that my clients pay more than this condo was worth. There are multiple units for sale in this condo development as well.

Tuesday I met with another lender. He was nice and funny, but nothing outstanding.

Wednesday I met with my clients and the awesome lender, did showings (it is always nice when you walk into a building and it reeks of cat pee OR when you walk into a condo and it is so disgustingly filthy that you walk right back out again), and met with a new client. The new client has some unrealistic wants, but she is determined to buy a house. It may just take some work to get her back to reality.

Thursday I took off and got some things done around the house. When I work a lot (and later into the evening), the house tends to slide. I actually made dinner too!

Today I am at the office, but not doing a whole lot. We have a birthday party tonight for my niece Autumn and a birthday party tomorrow for my niece Elizabeth. Food that I don't have to make! I know I am getting stressed when I feel like finding food is too much of a chore.

TV finales all month. Supernatural finished last night with a strange ending. The two main characters are so good looking though (loved that Jensen Eckles since he was on Days of Our Lives!). Smallville had a major plot happening since next week is the finale. CSI was a little dull, other than Sarah and Grissom making eyes at each other the whole episode! Survivor was interesting, way more interesting than last season.

ALSO, Duane has been having some trouble sleeping which doesn't help my sleeping at all either.

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend and I have Sunday off (no open house, because I got a little screwed by the person I normally do open houses for). This means I can tackle many things in the yard and garage and basement!

Another thing, we took the lawn mower into Sears for a tune up. A tune up! Nothing is wrong with it and they said it would take a week. I got a message yesterday that said they are way behind on repairs and it will be another week!! Meanwhile the lawn is growing and growing.

Can anyone tell that I have had too much caffeine today?