Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Answering the door with only one person home isn't easy (2 dogs wanting to know who is at the door), so I put out a pumpkin bucket with candy. I have done this in the past, but this year I put a sign up saying 2 pieces of candy per person please.

When I came home at 6:30ish there was at least half of the container left. We don't have too many kids in our neighborhood and trick or treating was to end around 7. I went out and got the bucket at 8ish and it was totally empty. I have a feeling that the older (uncostumed) kids from the neighborhood about a mile away came and took it all. Nice huh? It has happened before, but I have a feeling I wouldn't want to be answering the door to these kids either.

The power went out at 4 today, so that made up my mind to go to the laundrymat. We have a winter weight synthetic down comforter that doesn't fit in the washing machine. I got a new duvet cover from the Crate and Barrel outlet, so I washed the comforter and put it on the bed.

I am up early tomorrow for a work event but home in time to take the dogs to the kennel. Steepwater is playing in town tomorrow night as well. I have to be at the airport by 6am on Firday, so hopefully the show doesn't go too late!

I picked up some books at the library including some Seattle ones. I am excited about going!

Hell has frozen over and Pigs are flying

Duane ate sushi (more sashimi than rolls) and liked it last night. The night before he ate raw tuna!

I like sushi, but we never eat it, because Duane refused to even try it. Now I am not so jazzed on Madison sushi restaurants, but we have traveled to lots of places that have great sushi! Even Honolulu where Duane is now. We are going to be eating some sushi in Seattle!!

He has this weird thing where he won't tell other people what he doesn't like to eat. He was with work people last night and they went to this restaurant and had sushi. He went along with it because he doesn't want to be the dissenter (or "bad guy"). He also seems to think that he can't call me when he is in a car with other people, but I should stay up until 12:30 when he does get around to calling me.

Yesterday was a better day. I got some cleaning done around the house and my IKEA hack project is almost finished. I went to see Lars and the Real Girl at our new Sundance Theater (a lovely theater but not sure it is worth the $10 ticket). Lars and the Real Girl has Ryan Gosling in it and is an excellent movie.

I am debating on going into work today. I will be at a work event all day tomorrow. Maybe I will stop in. I have a dresser to paint, more cleaning to do, and I need to pack.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It was not a good Monday btw

The day was supposed to go much differently. I was not supposted to go to bed at 12:30. I was in bed around 11, but Duane was dinking around till then. I was not supposed to be woken up right after I fell asleep by a dog who needed to go outside. I was not supposed to be woken up at 5am by a dog that need to go outside again. I was supposed to go right back to sleep, not lay there for an hour. After I did fall asleep, I was supposed to sleep until the alarm went off at 7 and not be pestered by a cat the whole time.

I was supposed to be awake enough to get in the shower after I dropped Duane off at the airport, and not get back into bed. After I did get back into bed, I was not supposed to be woken up by the other dog and pestered by the cat.

I was not supposed to have a headache all day that I still have even though I took some ibuprofen.

I was supposed to get some sewing done, which I did not do because I didn't get home until 8:45.

Tomorrow I am going to dinner and seeing a movie with a friend. Let's home tomorrow is a better day.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Another 5 days without posting

I think I can see why I don't get many comments. My posting can be rather haphazard!

Duane is currently on a plane to Hawaii (Honolulu) where he will be until Thursday night. On Thursday he takes a red-eye flight to Seattle arriving at 5am Friday morning. Friday morning I leave Madison at 7am and get to Seattle at 11am. I think it will be a fun weekend.

I have been doing some crafty things. I purchased a book by Amy Butler with some really cool patterns in it and a book called Craft Inc. which teaches you about starting a craft business. I am almost finished with an IKEA hack (from the IKEA hacker website) to give to my sister. I will try to remember to take a picture tonight. I made a bracelet for her from feldspar stones, but (as usual) I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to her. I have many more things to work on though.

Yesterday we went a pumpkin carving party at my sister's house in Janesville. I made crescent rolls w/little smokies inside and decorated them like gross looking fingers and I made a candy corn look alike appetizer (it was pizza dough in the shape of a candy corn with spinach/artichoke heart dip on top and white/yellow/orange cheese arranged like the layers of a candy corn). My pumpkin turned out nicely. I forgot my camera, but my sister will probably email me a picture. I donated my pumpkins which unfortunately turned into stabbing victims. The kids had already carved 1 or 2 pumpkins and I didn't keep an eye on what they were doing with my pumpkins. No big deal though as I had no particular plans for them. My little sister was supposed to come, but stayed out too late at FreakFest. This is the Halloween event on State Street. We had some intense vandalism a few years back, and the solution was to sell tickets to the event. It has been quite orderly for the past 2 years, but my sister said it felt a little sterile.

The Cable guy actually came early last week. Unfortunately the dvr box we really like (the Moxi box) is no longer being made. He tried to replace our box with a refurbished one, but no go. We got a new dvr box that I don't like. It does not support an external hard drive, but we were able to return the one we bought. It's functions are very basic and limited, but it does record.

I am at work clipping coupons now, but I will head out in a bit. The Bombay Company is going out of business and I am hoping they still have some good stuff at the store here!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No good news

No word on the work situation and there may be no information for a few weeks. I think I will need to do my own thing and if something comes up, so be it.

The market isn't looking to get any better. Sellers are having a hard time accepting the correction to the market (i.e. lower list prices) and buyers are either scared or waiting for prices to go lower.

The good news is that my company is #8 in the world, so at least I am working for the right people.

The bad mood continues

And I almost gave myself quite the electric shock. I had plugged in the laptop cord and it had a kink in it. I untwisted the kink and sparks and smoke shot out. Good thing someone had some electrical tape at the office.

The cable company is coming this afternoon to fix or replace our dvr. It seems the thing is really f'd up and it isn't just an outage in our area. I don't have a good history with the cable people. They usually end up being here 2+ hours to fix whatever needs fixing, so I am hoping that isn't the case today. The window is only 2 hours, so at least I won't be waiting around for 4 hours. I also have to shut the dogs in the bedrooms. Hershey is very nosy and Brisco does not like strangers coming in the house.

I need to order a new filter for the refrigerator. You are "supposed" to replace them every 6 months, but they are $40 each! I also have not seen them in any stores so you have to order them and pay shipping. I think the current one has been in the fridge for a least a year.

Sleeping last night was so-so. It took me a little while to turn my brain off and fall asleep. I woke up at 2 when the dog had to go out. I was having a dream that my sleep was really fake sleeping. The dog had to go out again at 5:30. I have been having lots of strange dreams lately as well.

My manager is here today, so maybe I will get an update on the job situation.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Ok. I cannot be concerned with my bad mood anymore. The fires in CA have gone crazy, burning everything! A lady on a message board that I read is in danger. People cannot travel to the airport because highways are blocked.

Another lady on the same message board was diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread. It is bad enough that they have taken her to a big hospital in Houston. She hadn't been feeling good for awhile, but thought it was allergies.


I am not in a good mood today

but nothing is really wrong or terrible so I should just be thankful that nothing is wrong or terrible.

We watched Transformers last night. It suffered from bad dialogue and a lame soundtrack. The soundtrack could have been so cool, but they spent all their money on special effects. The Autobots and Decepticons were very cool though.

We also watched Club Dredd. Beerfest was much better. Club Dredd suffered from too many inane sex jokes and boob shots. It was Duane's movie pick though and he liked it. It didn't help that we had already watched most of it awhile ago when it was on HBO.

I went shopping in the Chicagoland area on Saturday with my mom. We had a great time. We went to IKEA, TJMaxx&More (which is a TJMaxx and a Homegoods combined), a quilt shop, the Crate&Barrel Outlet Store, and Trader Joe's. We spent most of our time in IKEA and the TJMaxx. We had plans to go to an outlet mall, but we didn't make it there. The TJMaxx was amazing, very clean and organized (which is unusual). Almost everything there is made in China though, which is why it is so cheap. According to the Economist, we better be happy that China has a strong economy because our economy is sucking so bad and someone needs to bolster the world's economy so we don't all go to hell in a handbasket.

I have not slept well lately, so I slept really late on Sunday. Duane played Metroid all day Saturday and all morning Sunday. He has beat the game now, which means he probably won't play it again for a long while. We had beautiful weather, so we headed out to an apple orchard. Unfortunately the place was crawling with people and there were no cider doughnuts left. We almost didn't get a caramel apple because people were taking 4 at a time. Hey, someone else might want a caramel apple you know!

Last night I went to bed at the usual time. I felt very restless. My pulse was not too crazy, but it wasn't at a resting rate. I was trying to do some deep breathing, but I felt like I couldn't catch my breath. I have felt like this on and off at night. The weird thing is that if I go and lay on the couch in the living room, I will fall asleep within a few minutes. If I lay in bed, I could be awake for hours. Very strange.

The weather is cool and rainy.


I was Tagged by TheHotLibrarian last Thursday.

1. Link to your tagger and post rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random and some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of post and list their names.
4. Let them know they were tagged by a comment on their blog.

My 7 facts:

Fact One: I watch way too much tv. I know this but I don't want to give it up.

Fact Two: I love to cook, bake, and entertain. My older sister is this way too. I used to suck at cooking and baking. Cooking is more of a recent improvement. I got the hang of baking while I was in 4H, but before that I had a bad habit of switching the salt and sugar and things like that.

Fact Three: I hold grudges for a looooong time. I might not treat you any differently, but I remember everything.

Fact Four: I went to a Catholic elementary school but left in the 6th grade. I would have stayed until 8th grade, but a new crazy principal was chosen. She was too nuts for my parents (and others), so they pulled us out. I believe it that the school failed me educationally, but it certainly wasn't as depraved as public school.

Fact Five: I was kicked out of confirmation class and I made a nun swear. I was kicked out because I said that I did not believe in God and I refused to discuss the matter. I was let back in (we got a new director) and my penance was teaching CCD classes (religious classes for kids in public school). We did a lot of crafts.

Fact Six: I want to be a science teacher. I wished I had figured this out when I was in college. I have always thought that I was meant to do something important for mankind, but I always thought I was going to discover a cure for a disease.

Fact Seven: My mom wants me to be a nurse. I think my saving grace at this point is that WI does not have an accelerated nursing program (1 year of classes for people who already have an undergrad degree).

I do not know 7 people to tag (I know 4 people who have blogs but don't write in them so there is no point in tagging them). I can tag:

1. Kandy

Holy Crap Batman

I didn't realize that I hadn't posted since last Tuesday. I even knew I had been tagged, but I kept thinking I would post on the weekend. Well that didn't happen.

I will get to the 7 things as required by being tagged later today.

I just looked out the front window to discover that both trees (which I swear were green yesterday but maybe it was Friday) and totally changed color. Our temperatures this week are definitely more fall like.

Our DVR box has been non-functioning all weekend, supposedly due to an outage with our cable company. We hate our cable company in general.

We (as in me it seems) are taking care of chinchillas this week. I have seen them before, but have not petted them or fed them. I will pet them and report back.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The flip side of picking Duane up from work was also driving him to work this morning. Oddly enough he left that part out when asking me if I would pick him up. :) We did go to Trader Joe's last night, so that was nice.

I talked to my little sister yesterday and she is not doing so great. She is attending UW-Madison completing pre-reqs in the hope of going on to PT school. She got her undergrad degree from UW-Milwaukee and was taking classes there last year. She is overwhelmed with classwork and struggling. UW-Milwaukee is a much smaller school with more resources per student. Her husband is also not living in Madison 100% of the time, so I don't imagine that helps. I am making dinner for her and we will talk it out. She was crying on the phone last night, so I know she is really stressed. We have a "problem" in our family where we each think we can do everything on our own with no help (and we are extremely stubborn).

I am somehow missing a pair of work pants. I don't know if I mistakenly put them in the "give to charity bag" or the "no longer fits" bag, or some random drawer. I may go to Kohl's later as they have dress pants on sale (well really everything is on sale there at one time or another). I remember a time when sales at the department stores were a big deal. This is also the time when I thought $100 was a lot of money (junior high or so). What is the real price of things if they are all on sale at one time or another?

I talked to my manager yesterday about how I am obviously not interested in doing the work required to make money at my job lately. I don't want to leave Century 21, it is almost like a second family (although I swear I was getting weird looks after the agent retreat-I really shouldn't drink and dance). My manager is going to look at some possibilities for me within the company.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blue October

I totally forgot to report on the Blue October concert.

We weren't going to go out to dinner, but then decided to at the last minute. We went to the Milwaukee Ale House ( and it was infinitely better than the Water Buffalo. We had $2.50 Imperial Pints (20oz) of their beer and it was tasty. I had lasagna and Duane had the walleye fish fry. Both dishes were tasty.

The concert started at 7. We arrived a little after 8 to find that we had missed Shiny Toy Guns. :( I couldn't figure out how they had gotten two bands on stage and through their sets in an hour, but who knows. Yellowcard was playing when we got there, and they were so-so. When we came in, they were handing out free (really free) tickets to an upcoming Fuel show. Guess no on likes Fuel anymore. Duane had a beer, a Miller product this time, and it was $6.50. We managed to find a street spot this time, so no $15 for parking. They had us enter through a side door instead of the front door, but then we just ended up back at the usual place. They searched and wanded people, so I guess they expected more violent offenders than at the Regina Spektor show. The concert itself was good, but they were better in Madison. I also realized that the acoustics at the Rave are horrible. The music has to be super loud to actually hear it (all the people talking doesn't help either) and the people singing seem to have to yell.

It must be money that motivates bands to play in Milwaukee instead of Madison. Regina Spektor and Blue October were both in Madison last year and I think both shows were sold out. I think it has to do with the lack of a middle size venue in Madison.

I also think I must be an old fogie because I prefer to have good, reasonably priced beer available and actually be able to sit down when I go to a concert.

It was fun to go to all the concerts we went to this month. I don't know anything about the venue for the concert in Seattle, but hopefully it will be decent.

Hey I am actually posting on Monday

The weather was gloomy this weekend and Duane didn't make my life any easier. I got through my work on Saturday (ended up being later and lasting longer than I wanted it to). Our friend came over which resulted in Duane's ass growing roots into the couch. He didn't do any of his chores, even the ones that have been on the list for 2 weeks (and would take 5 minutes). We ended up watch baseball all night as well.

I did some research online last week and discovered that our new hard drive for the dvr was malfunctioning because it was going into sleep mode. Duane made the necessary repairs and it is working just fine. Of course in the process of "testing" it (which was dumb in my opinion), some of shows recorded earlier in the week got deleted. Not a big deal, but there was a simple way to keep them from being deleted.

I got to sleep in on Sunday, while Duane went to BW3 to watch the Packers game. This was an error on my part, because Duane sometimes needs someone to act as his common sense. The Packers won, and BW3 has a raffle. Duane won a lot of free beer (which has to be consumed that day) and was with 2 non-drinkers. It was MGD, not worth drinking even if it is free in my opinion. He called me to say he would be home right after the game, so I had planned to go together and run some errands. He really came home about 1.5 hours after I expected him, and was totally drunk. It certainly did not make me happy as we could no longer run those errands, and none of his chores were going to get done AGAIN. It did not make him happy as he wasn't feeling so great.

The BMW is in for service today, thankfully the last inspection under warranty. Now we can take it to other garages to have things fixed, instead of relying on the overpriced dealer. Duane called a couple of other garages about things they wanted to fix today (not under warranty) and got much cheaper quotes. The car may stay overnight though, so I will stick around the office until it is time to pick Duane up.

I watched Bridge to Terabithia last night. I will have to read the book, because the movie was quite dull.

We may see some sun this week in between rainy days. I hope so!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Thank you

For the comments on my hair. I do agree that the yellowness of the door made the color difficult to see. Maybe you will just have to see me in person to marvel at the redness! :)

I need to harvest the other 7 pumpkins in the backyard today as they are calling for frost tonight. They still have quite a bit of green on them, but I like them anyway. I think I was supposed to remove the leaves of the plant awhile ago to promote the orangeness. I will know better next year when I may actually plant pumpkins on purpose!

We have cloudy and depressing weather today, but supposedly tomorrow will be sunnyish and warmer. I have a little bit of work to do tomorrow (which may result in a paycheck so I shouldn't grumble). Hopefully the work won't carry over into Sunday.

We are back to Milwaukee tonight for the Blue October concert. I wish they would tell you approximately when the band you actually want to see will be playing, but they want you to get in there and wait around (all the while buying $7.50 beers and $3 glasses of water).

We have a friend in town this weekend, but I am hoping to get some crafty work done. Most of the house is clean, the laundry is done, and the Halloween decorations are done SO no excuses!


Some of the more savvy spam out there (actually spelled correctly and everything!)

Have you ever heard this, "God! Your penis is really tiny!"?Didn't you feel sad? Don't let girls choose sexual toys but not you! Megadik will improve your situation once and forever! You just have to trust this wonderful preparation! "Oh! Your penis is impressive!" Is it what you just love to hear? Soon you'll be the only one ladies will dream about! Megadik is your true rescue!

I even like the name, Megadik!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I loathe pictures of myself but here is one of the new hair color. Can you tell that it is red?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hot and Humid but back to Sunny and Cool

Supernatural was good last week, too bad we don't get CW in HD (stupid Charter Cable). We also watched Pushing Daisies, which I found entertaining. The narration idea is not new, but the concept certainly is.

The Of Montreal show was last Thursday in Milwaukee at the Pabst Theater. We had dinner at the Water Buffalo. I got the rec off of the Chowhound site, and unfortunately our dinner was disappointing. They had 4 beers on tap (what? I thought I was in Milwaukee) and the beer was expensive. We had an appetizer that was tasty, but our entrees were nothing special (although I did finally get some tuna actually cooked rare!!). Duane and I shared a plate of macaroni & cheese that was penne in alfredo sauce (huh?). Everything seemed under-seasoned as well.

Unfortunately the show was lackluster as well. We did catch an opener that was hilarious (two dudes and pre-recorded synth tunes). We first saw Of Montreal at the Pitchfork Music Festival. I understand that a music festival is an opportunity to do a full blown show, because it doesn't have the carrying costs of a tour. There were stage antics and lots of original costumes. The Pabst Theater show had no stage antics, the lead singer barely acknowledged the audience, and everyone seemed to be playing to get it over with.

On Saturday Duane and I walked the 5K to raise money for an Easter Seals camp up in WI Dells. The walk was nice and not too difficult. I was having some tummy troubles and made the error of not going to the bathroom before walking (there was only 1 bathroom though). There were no portapotties along the walk either. We had a hair appointment that afternoon and I am now sporting the lastest fall hair color.

I had just enough work to do on Sunday that we couldn't do anything fun (like go to an apple orchard). We did watch Babel. I understood the point of the movie, but I was underwhelmed. I think it is in the genre of Crash, which I found much more moving.

So last night we were back in Milwaukee for the Regina Spektor show. We were back at the Rave (still a horrible venue). It wasn't extra smokey this time, because they had posted signs that Regina requested that people refrain from smoking. I think if you are paying money to see an artist that you like, you might respect that artist's wishes (given that there were mulitple other areas to smoke), but people still smoked. Regina did call people out on it, but that didn't get people to stop either. She played by herself on the piano and guitar for 1.5 hours. I liked the show, but this was not the right venue for her at all (and probably not a great impression of Milwaukee, this being her first time there). People were talking loudly over the music, although you could probably hear it ok if you were one of the people all smooshed up in the front of the stage. Duane and I had a beer this time (instead of a $3 glass of water). Heineken was the only import (and about the only non-Miller beer-they did have two Leinie's beers). We payed $15 for 2 glasses (they were 16oz glasses at least). Yikes! It did taste very good (even Heineken taps can taste skunky sometimes), but we didn't have another.

On Friday we are back at the Rave to see: Shiny Toy Guns, Yellowcard, & Blue October. Yellowcard & Blue October seem to be co-headliners. The show does start at 7, but it will probably be a late night. We bought all the tickets to the Rave shows at once, not having been there before. I can say that I will probably never buy tickets to a show there again.

I haven't mentioned that I will be going to Seattle at the beginning of November. Duane had an opportunity to travel to Hawaii for work and he needs the miles to retain his Northwest status. He would have to miss a show in Chicago (Hold Steady/Art Brut) though. He figured out that the show was playing in Seattle the following Sunday. He can travel to Seattle from Hawaii and stay there for a few days, at no extra cost to him (company pays the flight cost). I was not that excited about going, and didn't pay any attention to the details. Oops. That Saturday is the craft fair I was going to participate in at my nephew's school. I hadn't reserved a spot, but it was something I really wanted to do. I am sure Seattle will be cool though.

No new craftiness to report.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sunny, but cool

It is sunny today, but about 56 degrees out right now. I think we are supposed to get back up to 80 at some point this week.

I watched Music & Lyrics last night. I thought there might be some shred of humor or interesting bits in it. Nope. Hugh Grant was looking old. Drew looked very nice. There was a lame attempt at conflict but everything ended happily ever after. Good thing I can send that back to Netflix.

I got the check I was whining about yesterday in my home mail. It was half of what I expected it to be. Not a good thing when you are not bringing in any money. I am thinking about applying for temp work.

I went out in search of items to finish my Halloween decorating yesyerday. Why can't I remember that as soon as October 1st rolls around, Halloween is shoved to the side and the Christmas stuff rolls in?

I am excited about Supernatural starting this week. I have loved Jensen Ackles since he was on Days of Our Lives.

The daytime tv schedule got all moved around too. Martha is on at 2pm(although for some reason the new season stinks), Creative Juice (on DIY) got moved to 2pm (from 4pm), and Passions on NBC was cancelled (I didn't watch it but it was weird to see a game show come on after Days).

I have also finally accepted that I am both a perfectionist and a procrastinator. Not a good combo.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ha...hopefully not too late

Well the funny thing about the show on Thursday was that the band we went to see did not, in fact, start at 9:30. The band we went to see started at 11:30. It was good thing we went, because there were only about 4 other people there. This venue used to be pretty cool, but I guess it isn't any more (the bar side of the venue had all you can drink for $10 w/free food--should have been a clue).

This weekend involved some working around the house, some babysitting, and some movie watching. I got a whole bunch of t-shirts on clearance at Super Target, so I have some designing to do! I also bought some fabric paint made in France (shown on Martha) so I need to get working on onesies too.

We went to see The Kingdom on Sunday. I liked it. Duane was so-so on it, but he doesn't like Jamie Foxx (who is a main character in the movie).

On Thursday we are going to a concert at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee (Of Montreal). The Pabst Theater is a really nice venue. It is no smoking, you can sit, and you can drink your beer at your seat (and they serve PBR). On Saturday we are walking the 5K for Easter Seals. I am trying to get to $100 in sponsorships, so far I have $40.

I started my Halloween decorations yesterday. I will post a picture as soon as I have everything finished.

A check came into the office a week ago, and I am STILL waiting for my cut of the check. My manager isn't here today to complain to either.