Sunday, December 31, 2006


We are getting ready to go to Miami. We will drive to Milwaukee and stay overnight with my sister. Our flights are pretty early (7am), so we are saving ourselves a little sleeping time. She really wants to watch the Packers game. I have not watched a complete game all season, and hopefully tonight's game isn't too depressing.

We had a good Christmas all in all. Duane liked his gifts better this year than last year. I gave Duane a set of beer glasses (the kind you use to drink Belgium type beer) and 2 t shirts that I got at the craft show. He liked one t shirt better than the other (one t shirt says Mr. Pickles on it The other shows a picture of a guitar about to be smashed during a concert with the heading, "This guitar has seconds to live".

He gave me two CDs (Veronica Mars soundtrack and Regina Specktor) and a necklace.

We did family gifts this year and we got a home kit for our satellite radio. We can hook it up to our Bose surround sound, so that should be cool. We also chose a device that allows you to listen to your mp3 player in the car as our gift from my Grandma.

We went to see The Good Shepherd yesterday. I enjoyed the movie despite it's long length (3 hours). We have to get out and see Casino Royale. Everyone says it is the bomb.

We ate at a new Russian restaurant for lunch yesterday and it was so good. The potato pankcakes were fabulous. I had pelmini (meat stuffed dumplings) that were very good. Duane had a huge fried pork cutlet with cheese inside. Our friend had meat filled crepes, called blini. We will definitely be eating there again.

The weather has been dismal here. It hasn't been too cold, but it has been rainy with no sun. Miami should be a nice change (80s and sun).

I have been trying to get over a cold that basically involves snot. I think I am nearing the end of it now.

Hershey had a vet appointment this week. The vet said that Hershey has a slight heart murmur, but is in good shape otherwise. Fran is going to be watching them while we are gone, so I better get to writing her some instructions.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I switched my blog account over to the new google thing and then forgot the password. Duh.

The month has been nuts so far with work and getting ready for Christmas.

I have very little Christmas spirit this year and normally I have tons. I haven't been able to attribute it to any one thing, but it seems to be prevalent. It has gotten to be all about buying things and even spending time with family doesn't seem to be the same.

We won't be getting a new kitten, especially now that I discovered that Boots has been peeing in the office! We don't know why, as the litter boxes are cleaned every day.

Tomorrow is church at 5pm and then dinner at my mom and dad's house. We are having appetizers. I am making cheese poufs (Barefoot Contessa recipe) and some mini sausage quiches. I still need to wrap a lot of presents (including Duane's).

We had our main email server at work crash the day after our main IT person had her baby (and was not at work). It appears that we lost all our saved email, which I guess is one way to clean out your inbox.

The offer with my buyer is proceeding well and should close as planned.

Duane and I are going to Miami on January 1st for the Orange Bowl game. We will only be there for 2 1/2 days, but it should be fun.

I guess I don't have much to say tonight, but I reset my password so I shouldn't forget it again (hopefully).

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

As usual

I am reading other blogs but not posting on mine. Bad me. I am stressed out this week. My family is coming to visit this Sunday. My house is not clean and my inside decorations are not up. Duane goes to LA today for one day and I want to go to Chicago on Friday.

I am in the middle of another offer for my buyer. I think this house is a better choice for him and think the process will go much more smoothly this time. The listing agent has already commended me for writing a clean offer!

"Friends" of ours recently sent me an email (it was a mass email) asking to help them sell their condo (they are selling it FSBO). I find it rather rude that they didn't even bother to contact me first. They know I am a realtor. I would have given them my opinion on the market and price without insisting that they list with me, but I guess they don't need my help. I think they have it listed a little high considering that their condo does not have a fireplace. The other comparable units that have sold recently have had fireplaces.

We also found out that a friend of ours is no longer employed. In the past he has never lasted long at a job, but this one seemed to be going well. I am worried about him, as his wife and child are living somewhere else. The brother that he is closest to is in Iraq as well.

I want a new kitty and Duane doesn't. He is afraid I will go get the kitten while he is in LA. I would not do that. I may bug him until he gives in however. Do we need another kitty? No.

Last weekend we went to a flea market that sucked. Wisconsin flea markets are no good. We are looking for some side tables for the living room and a bar cabinet. We also went bowling with people from Duane's work. It was fun, but I bowled terribly! On Sunday we went to my nephew's hockey game. He is 5 (and has 4 sisters). He is the cutest guy, but doesn't seem that into hockey. His dad (my brother) has been involved in hockey for most of his life. He used to ref games, but I think he quit when they moved to Janesville. We also went down to Janesville to finish up a quilt I have been working on and had dinner with my parents. A nice weekend, but it didn't involve much work at home.