Thursday, July 28, 2005

I am going to Hawaii (Oahu)!

So I am going to Hawaii with Duane. He will work during the day M-F so we will have evenings and then we will have all of Saturday and most of Sunday. He brokered a deal to get my ticket with frequent flier miles (he didn't quite have enough), and we even get to be on the same flight! This is all very surreal. Luckily we have a friend that can watch the dogs and cats on this short notice.

I may be listing a house for sale! As I get further into real estate, I am starting to believe that this is really something I can do (well)!

Weather is nice again!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I might be going to Hawaii next week!

Duane is traveling to Hawaii for work next week. My mom and my sister think that I should go. It seems that I could get a ticket for around $1000, which is a lot of money. The hotel would be paid for though, minus any extra days that we stayed.

I might be listing a friend's house! I am going into the office today to find out how to do a market analysis and figure out the best price (which reminds me that I better know the address of the house!).

It is no longer hot here. We had thunderstorms roll through last night along with some Canadian air. It is gloomy out, but not hot!

Monday, July 25, 2005

I was wrong

I was wrong on Friday, apparently it can get hotter. Yesterday was a high of 99 with a heat index around 115! The heat is supposed to break this week.

Duane is home from NC. I missed him!

Party at my boss's house yesterday. It wasn't terrible. The house is over the top (lots of weird and nude artwork), but what else is new.

30 days till vacation!

Friday, July 22, 2005

hotter than hell

The temperature is supposed to be 97 tomorrow. We have not been able to turn off the air conditioning in forever. I hate not being able to have the windows open! I have outside projects that I haven't been able to work on either.

Duane will be gone so I will be working on inside house projects and real estate stuff.

We got a great box of veggies from CSA this week including fennel, summer squash, broccoli, basil, and beans. I will post any new recipes I try.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Does the weatherman ever feel bad when he predicts storms for later today and they actually arrive at 9am?

Duane is traveling to NC this weekend. His grandma was diagnosed with stomach cancer, so he is going to see her.

My boss is having a party at his house on Sunday, which I really don't want to go to (especially alone).

Monday, July 18, 2005

36 days

36 days till Duane and I go on vacation!

The campus looks like a war zone with all the construction that has been going on. The bus that I take in to work started a new detour this morning. It took 40 minutes to get into work, as the bus driver was thoroughly confused.

I also found out that I won't have to deal with one of my coworkers anymore after this week. She is going to Columbia for two months. I had to listen to her try to convince her dentist to squeeze her in this week after she forgot her appointment (but I am going out of the country next week! I am sure the dentist cares)

Duane still has a cold that he picked up in San Fran last week. He was rather crabby on Saturday, but better on Sunday. The weather has been insanely hot (95 yesterday) with no end in sight.

I did an open house on Sunday. I got myself all worked up about it, and it was really easy. Duh.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


So I got up this morning at 3:30am to let the dog out, to keep him from peeing downstairs or in the bathroom. As I am letting him out, Boots gets out. I was very tempted to let him frollick outside till whenever he came back, unfortunately I was reminded of the $70 I paid to get him back the last time.

Luckily we have a motion sensor light in the backyard, otherwise I would have been out there with a flashlight. He was in the middle of the yard when I came back from putting clothes and shoes on. I stepped outside and Hershey proceeded to chase him to the back of the yard. I did get him back in the house.

I did a load of wash last night. I checked on it after cleaning up two spots of pee and some poop to discover that someone did not unload their shorts pockets. Usually I check, but I was tired last night. I thought I caught them before I dried the clothes, but I missed one. It got ink on the inside of the dryer and spots on many of my clothes. I washed them again last night, but I may have to buy new shirts.

Duane comes back tonight (thank the lord). He may go back to San Fran in 2 weeks though, seems they liked having him there.

Oh, I also got some pictures taken today for my real estate business cards. I thought they turned out horrid, but I hate all pictures of me.

I am pooped out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I am feeling a little less blah

I still have to go to UPS and pick up the package, but at least I know that I can pick it up.

I am trying to decide on a domain name for my new real estate webpage. (I live in Madison) (I work for century21)

Maybe when I make the big bucks I can have someone clean my house for me. I think I am stressing about other things as well, and I should just go home and hug my dogs and cats.


I am feeling very blah today. Duane is in San Francisco till Thursday night. I spent 2 hours cleaning the house last night, and it really irritated me.

Now I am dealing with getting our rail passes from UPS. I think if you order something worth $600, you probably should have it sent to your office (and not make your wife deal with it).

I am heading down to Janesville tonight to hang out and probably have a knitting lesson. My mom really wants me to knit. She has not given up this quest, so I think I will finally give in.

Maybe Duane could stop using all our cell minutes too. That would be great.

This is an, "I am irritated with Duane" day. That is all.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Everybody's workin' for the weekend

Things I will not miss when I leave this job:

1. Parking ~1 mile from the building I work in and having to pay for it
2. The crotchy bus driver
3. The people on the bus who reak of B.O.
4. Being crammed on the bus like sardines
5. Missing the bus by 10 seconds
6. Construction on campus making a it less than wonderful place
7. The female students who dress like hootchies
8. My boss

Things I will miss when I leave this job:

1. The campus, when it is wonderful
2. My nice computer with the huge flat monitor

I should do my work today and leave early, instead of dinking around all afternoon like I usually do.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

War of the Worlds

I saw War of the Worlds last night. I think it could have been better with someone other than Tom Cruise, but it was pretty entertaining. I have not read the book, so I didn't know what was going to happen. I also didn't know that it was going to be so scary (as I do not like scary movies).

I am meeting with my manager's assistant today, should be interesting. I bought a stupid planner (as she suggested) and left it at home.

The weather looks to be really hot again next week. Duane will be in San Fran enjoying the cooler weather.

I have to remind myself to get a picture of Boots on here.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I don't have my first class tonight.

So I don't have my first class tonight, but I still have a meeting tomorrow. I swear they told me last week that the class would happen tonight, even though the class leader is out of town.

It is only 48 days till we go on our vacation and 68 days till I am done with this job.

I know the reunion will be fun! I am just hoping we don't have to do anything *edited to protect the innocent* like visit in-laws. We really don't have time for that.

Naughty Boots!

That kitty just loves to go outside! He raced from the basement and out the back door this morning when I let the dog out. He kept evading me by ducking into the bushes, but I got him back in the house eventually. I would love to fence the backyard so the kitties could go out and we wouldn't have to worry about them.

We had a good weekend. We worked on the outside of the house on Saturday, did some retail therapy in the suburbs of Chicago on Sunday, and hung out at my brother's on Monday.

We are definitely going (the tickets have been purchased) to NC in September for Duane's 5 year college reunion. I had to give up going to an awesome craft fair in Chicago with a friend, so the weekend better be fun! I am looking forward to some Hero House yummies.

I have my first "class" at Century 21 today. They have in-house classes to help you get started. I don't know what intelligence level they set these classes at, so it could be really boring.

Duane is making dinner tonight!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Boots is back!

So Boots was hanging out at the humane society, and everyone there was loving him. He is super friendly and cuddly. They told Duane on the phone that the charge would be $25, but it was really $70! No more running away for Boots!

I am getting started with Century 21. I can't really do anything until my license goes through, which will be next week sometime. I do have classes to attend. I was a little annoyed by being told that I should try to attend both classes when they meet on the same day (11:30-6pm). Hello...I have a full time job.

Duane and I were also overestimating my cut of commissions, but I think we were being a little unrealisitic.

Have a great 4th!