Saturday, December 15, 2007


We found out this week that some guests we were expecting for New Year's Eve cannot come. They never guaranteed that they would be able to come, but we had been planning on seeing them. We were going to have a party, but now I think it will be pretty low key.

Duane is off playing poker tonight, hopefully he has fun. He has to go to LA next week Monday through Friday. A sucky time for it, but they insist that they need his help.

My holiday party was yesterday and it was fun. My bowling stunk though, except for the last game. I never bowl at this particular alley (smoking allowed since it is not in the city of Madison) and I swear their lanes are different (more oily, less oily..who knows). I came up with a gift, although some how I missed that it was supposed to be white elephant. I framed 2 pictures I had taken of the Capitol. They went to the one man who participated and he was happy with them. I almost ended up with a weird bottle of pink merlot and a box of chocolates, but I switched with someone.

I made the most amazing macaroni and cheese recipe (Martha Stewart). It was so good I even ate the last bits of it cold. It has 2 pounds of cheese in it (it makes a 3 qt pan), but I think it could be lightened. I also took wonton wrappers and made little shells. I filled them with goat cheese and tapenade. I should have made a label though because people didn't know what they were. I wanted to make cupcakes (chocolate stout) but I was too tired.

We got MORE snow today.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let's make it

less than a week since I last posted!!

Last Friday I headed up to the WI Dells for our staff retreat. I managed to get the car stuck in the driveway (my fault because I didn't shovel first). I was proud of myself for getting it unstuck though, especially since none of my neighbors would help me.

On Saturday I picked up Duane from the airport and then headed down to Jville to help my sister out with a party she was catering. She did all sorts of appetizer things and all the food was good. The party was held at the local curling club so the party goers got to try drunk curling! (this was not witnessed by me).

On Sunday I wanted to work at home all day, but we shopped all day instead. Duane needed to look at luggage (which he was supposed to do while I was in Jville), but I got a little of my own shopping done as well.

Tuesday was a snow day this week (seriously the snow has been out of control here). The road conditions were dicey and Duane worked from home. My office ended up closing in the afternoon, so it was no big deal that I didn't go in. I got a lot of work done at home as well.

See, things have been kind of boring! My holiday party is this Friday. It should be fun! I have been practicing up on my bowling, but I have to remember that my bowling does NOT get better with drinking! I need to think of something to make, and come up with a gift for our staff gift swap.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


My cold is gone! You would certainly hope so since it has been elevenity* days since I posted last.

I do not like this working thing, but why would one after they had many days in a row of doing whatever they wanted? The work is not hard (lots of details to not f up though). Even though is it is 4 hours it seems like it takes up my whole day.

My Christmas decorations are way behind. I haven't put any ornaments on the tree yet, as I am having a problem with Boots jumping INTO the tree. I got a rotating tree stand this year, and I think the turning lights are irresistible.

I made a very nice necklace and earring set for my sister's birthday. She was in town today for work, so we got to shop and have lunch. I had an amazing grilled cheese sandwich with goat cheese, bacon, and pears on homemade cheesy bread!! I am hoping to get a picture of her with the necklace and earrings on to post.

We have had tons of snow here. This isn't so good for me (although my yard looks pretty) because the shoveling responsibility falls to me. I guess when you grow up in North Carolina you never learn how to shovel (or clean off your wife's car in the morning). Underneath this snow is the other snow we got that was then covered by a layer of freezing rain. Yuck is right. Walking the dogs the day after that freezing rain was pretty comical.

I am up early tomorrow morning to drive up to the Dells for the staff retreat. It feels a little weird going to this since I have only been staff for 2 weeks. It it interesting to see things from the "other" side.

Duane is in Portland until Saturday. Maybe he will come home with a renewed sense of non-laziness? We are having people over on New's Year and there are certain things that need to be done before then. Time speeds up as Christmas gets closer.

*elevenity is not a real number