Friday, September 30, 2005

I was all gung ho this morning

and now I am feeling kind of tired.

I have things to do at work, so I should probably make a list. Monday is my last day.

Bathroom work this weekend. If I can remember, I will post the pictures of the bathroom.

The weather will be beautiful all weekend. We are hanging out with my brother and sister's families on Sunday, so that will be fun.

Duane has been a crabby whiney ass all week. Shape up or Ship out! :)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is it really only Thursday?

I added some more pictures of the reunion weekend. I really didn't take that many pictures. Does number of pictures = fun factor?

I laid down thinset and cement board in the bathroom last night, MOSTLY by myself. Must be why I have that blister on my hand. Duane was whiney and crabby. He owes me (as I also cleaned up the mess and made dinner). We may have a toliet by the end of the weekend!

More fun tv tonight. We have 3 shows at the same timeslot. I am not sure which network geniuses thought up putting Smallville against Survior against Alias (although it is the last season of Alias). Duane is voting to boycott ER this season. It has gotten pretty lame.

Veronica Mars was awesome last night, although (SPOILER) her being with Duncan is weird. I liked Logan trying to clean up his act, but I suppose they do need a bad boy.

It is time to get out the Halloween decorations!!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hi-ho, Hi-hi, it's off to work we go

I am at work and bored. I have work I should be doing and I am not doing it. I wonder if you can get therapy for procrastination? I seem to have been born with it.

If I can remember I will post some pictures of the bathroom in progress. I don't think I took a picture of the hole in the floor.

Duane has been crabby. DUANE STOP BEING CRABBY NOW. :)

I am back on WWs and planning on hitting the gym in the mornings next week. I realized one of the things keeping me from the gym is that I don't like to shower there. When I am done with this job, I will have the time to go home and shower!

Duane is worried that we will be destitute once I am done with my job.

Monday, September 26, 2005

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Duane, being Duane. Posted by Picasa

Cate and Ted sucking down a fishbowl. Posted by Picasa


I have been trying to get in to blog all afternoon, and the website has finally loaded! I don't have much time, but thought I would post some pictures from the weekend.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Duane bought new glasses and new shoes last night! He is also getting his hair cut today. He will be all spiffy for NC.

Thunderstorms last night from midnight till 3 am, so I am pretty sleepy.

I am a little worried about one of our dogs. It could just be a tummy bug or the thunderstorms (he really hates thunderstorms). He wanted to go for a walk this morning and was eating treats, so he will probably be ok.

The hole in the bathroom floor will be fixed (completely) tonight!

My hair color turned out pretty well (darker brown and is more noticable). She felt the need to cut my hair again (she just cut it last week), but it looks fine.

It is going to be warm in NC this weekend. I am not going in to work tomorrow (yeah) and we fly out at 1:30.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Feeling a bit better today

Duane surprised me by coming home from work early yesterday and working on the hole in the bathroom floor. It is not totally fixed yet, but it is close.

I can also mulit-task during my 2 hour computer class by working on my picture album.

My house is still a pig sty, but oh well!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Under Pressure (insert Davie Bowie song here)

So I was signed up for an online real estate class by my manager's assistant, and she told me it was a self-paced class. Apparantly she forgot the first 3 weeks of the class where you have a live teacher for 2 hours T-F! My company pays for the class ($195) as long as you graduate within 8 weeks, and you can only miss 2 live classes.

Add this to the hole in my bathroom floor and half the walls gone.

Add that to my house being a pig sty.

Add that to wanting to get my europe pictures in an album to take to NC on Friday.

Add that to leaving for NC on Friday afternoon (missing 1 class) which will be fun and make me forget about everything else.

I am also getting my hair colored today and I can't be responsible for what I tell her to do. It will be something noticable though, since the last time everyone told me that they couldn't tell that I had it colored.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Bathroom renovation

Ok. Whoever did the tile job in our bathroom used adhesive and glued it to the plywood subfloor. I guess this is an accepted method of tiling, but in my world you use thinset (cement-like). The difference is that it could take an afternoon to take up the tile or it could take 1 1/2 days!

So the demolition of the bathroom took all weekend, instead of 1 day. We have a large hole in the floor right now where the wood was actually wet! We removed all the wet stuff and will put down new plywood. The wet wood smelled really nasty.

We did pick out some awesome tile for the floor. It is slate, so it will require a little extra care in installing. We liked it better than the ceramics than we were seeing. We also picked out a new toilet and sink.

I am looking forward to NC this weekend!! It looks like shorts are in order as it is hot there.

It is surreal to me that my job will be ending soon. I haven't finished a couple of the projects that I started for myself either. I better get on the ball.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Update: I still haven't ordered that lightbulb that my boss needs (hee hee).

Duane and I are tackling the bathroom this weekend. It needs major renovation. If we waited until a really good time to do it, it would never get done. So, we will probably go without a toliet and sink upstairs (we have one downstairs) for awhile. The shower will remain accessible at all times (per Duane).

I am working on the pictures from Europe. I am being rather detailed with the descriptions, so everyone will just have to have some patience (the physical album will make the trip to NC).

I attended 2 lectures this morning which made me feel a little sad about leaving my career.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Please keep sharp implements away from me

So, I was very happy to be home until I came into work.

All the misery and hatred of my job came back with a rush.

I was originally told that I would have health insurance through December, which has magically changed to November while I was gone. Our benefits lady is a twit though.

No one could figure out how to order a new light bulb for a table lamp while I was gone.

The countdown is on. 16 working days till the blissful end.

Home sweeeeeeet home

Duane and I made it back home from our fabulous European vacation last Friday night around midnight. Our Detroit to Madison flight was supposed to arrive at 10:30, but we had to switch planes after they couldn't fix the brakes on our original place. Yes, I would like a plane that can stop after it lands.

I had a baby shower on Saturday and we spent most of the day apart. It was nice to talk to people other than Duane, not that talking to Duane is bad or anything. We spent Sunday hanging out with family.

What did Duane and I both learn on our trip? We learned that Duane does not listen to me, even when he really should. Will that change? Not if this weekend is any indication. He stayed up late Friday night and was up early on Saturday. He didn't take a nap on Saturday, and slept 7 hours Saturday night. I did tell him he would get tired. He scoffed at me and then proceeded to fall into a coma like state around dinner time on Sunday.

I also thought that he should not bring his wallet on the trip. He insisted on bringing his wallet. At least he let me keep it in my zippered and tightly regulated bag. This did not keep him from leaving his wallet in he post office at the train station in Vienna though, which was really the only bad moment of the trip.

I am going to try and set up a picture album thingy and will link to it when I get it set up.

I am going to say that I no longer have to pay to go to the bathroom in public and beer is no longer cheaper than soda or water.