Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Can you see the iguana in this tree? Posted by Picasa

The rings Posted by Picasa

Watching the sun go down Posted by Picasa

The setting for the wedding Posted by Picasa

almost gone... Posted by Picasa

Finishing the documents (you have to put your thumbprint on all the documents) Posted by Picasa

That's me! Posted by Picasa

My sister just before the wedding Posted by Picasa

My brother in the ocean Posted by Picasa

Beautiful sunset from the beach behind our hotel Posted by Picasa

Parasailing in Mexico (but I don't know who it is!) Posted by Picasa

Musical frogs at my sister's hotel in Mexico Posted by Picasa

Should I be working?


What I am going to do instead?

Post pictures from Mexico!


Monday, February 27, 2006


I was a little confused on the news from Ireland. Apparantly it was an IRA riot in Dublin, not a riot in Dublin and an IRA thing in Northern Ireland. It happened right in the touristy areas that we had been walking around while we were there. Scary!

My vacuum cleaner will suck but still won't do laundry

Duane fixed the vacuum cleaner! Have I had time to vacuum? No!

More of the laundry is done, but not finished.

Apparantly, right after we left Ireland there was a riot in Dublin and IRA fighting in Northern Ireland.

Friday night I attended a Pampered Chef party hosted by a woman new to the business. I was not told beforehand that she is also afflicted with ADD. She was all over the place and I couldn't figure out why! She was very nice and had a cat that loved my coat. I wasn't sure if she was going to let me leave with my coat! After that Duane and I went bowling to make up for missing last week. The young hoochies were out in full force at the Sun Prairie bowling alley!

Duane and I attended a beer fest on Saturday. It was the introduction of a blonde doppelbock. Everyone stands around outside (freezing) and drinking beer. They throw smoked trout off of the roof and everyone tries to catch them (free beer involved), this sends pieces of fish flying everywhere.

Duane got hammered and he was hilarious! I took him to Jo Ann Fabrics and he chased me around with a stuffed frog puppet.

We went to a murder mystery dinner theater last night, paid for by my sister-in-law (it was our Christmas present). My sister and brother-in-law and mom and dad were there too. The food was ok and the show pretty good.

I have gotten nothing done around the house and no work done this weekend. No surprise eh?

Friday, February 24, 2006

I am back in the u s of a


I have returned from Ireland. It was really a beautiful place. The beer could have been cheaper though! ($5 a pint!).

I need to put up pictures from Mexico and pictures from Ireland.

I also need to figure out why my vacuum cleaner won't suck and do laundry.

I also need to shovel out my car if I want to go anywhere. I think Duane owes me for shoveling the driveway and driving all over Ireland. What should I ask for?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A recommendation

Do not go to the grocery store both hungry AND tired. You will come home with a cheesecake that you thought was $7 not $17!

Bowling tonight. Duane didn't make sure he had someone to bowl for him, so I think we have to use his average.

Gotta run!

Monday, February 13, 2006


I fell asleep on the couch last night and then didn't go to bed till late. *yawn*

My frog slippers suffered a causality this weekend, losing one eye to a lab/basset hound mix that likes to chew. Our friends stayed over last weekend with their dog, and she was a cutie. They kept Duane company while I was gone. I also had 4 members of a band sleep in my basement Friday night, and that seemed to go ok as well. The house wasn't too clean for their visit and wasn't too clean when I got home, but all is well.

I should have some pictures of Mexico up sometime soon.

I am trying to figure out why www.girlleastlikely.blogspot.com keeps shutting my browser down!

I swear I had some other things to say, but they have left my brain.

I will be on a plane on Friday to Ireland. I just unpacked!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Posting from Mazatlan, Hola!

The wedding is tomorrow, should be a good time. Food is good, beer is good, and the weather is good!

I miss Duane though. Hola Duane!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Duane is not as young as he used to be

Duane was invited to play in a trivia challenge last night. Our friends called and invited him, but only him (this friend's wife was also playing as well as another friend). Nice huh? I was nice and drove him and a friend there. He consumed lots and lots of beer.

Oddly enough he doesn't feel so great today! I am being nice and trying not to laugh too much.

We may go see King Kong today if Duane starts feeling better.

I need to plan a bit for Mexico. I have to figure out what I am packing etc.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Another trip

Duane and I want to visit our awesome friends in Columbia, MO. I got all excited to go the first weekend in March and then Duane "remembered" that his customer his updating that Sunday. Stupid customer!!

I have a buyer that is being evasive, don't know what is going on with that. She works with Duane, so I can't be too pushy. Sometimes it is difficult to get people to believe that having an agent (at least when you buy a house) is in their best interests.

Tomorrow Duane will move the light fixture in the bathroom that is off because I measured wrong and we had to get a new sink and move the mirror and blah, blah, blah. Then I will finally be able to paint the bathroom the color I should have painted it to begin with and post pictures!!

Maybe this weekend I will post some of my favorite Europe pictures.


I am leaving to go to Mexico in 5 days. There will be people staying at my house while I am gone, so I have to make sure it is clean etc.

Two days after I come back from Mexico, Duane goes to LA for work (he leaves on Valentine's Day, which he thinks is a fake holiday anyway). On Friday I fly out to Dublin for 6 days. Duane flies out from LA and will meet me there. The prices for flights were so cheap that Duane couldn't pass it up.

It is craziness I tell you! Duane thinks we won't travel anywhere once we have kids, so I imagine we will be traveling like crazy until that time (which has been postponed for some months).

Thursday, February 02, 2006

My kitty snores

My kitty Boots sleeps in the window bed which is next to me when I am on the computer. He has a cute little snore that kind of sounds like a squeak. If you wake him up he has a purr that kind of sounds like a trill.

I must get in the shower now.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Days of Our Lives

I used to watch this back in high school. They just won't leave Marlana alone. Now she has amnesia and can't remember anything. They just tried to kill her and now there another evil plot against her.

It is crazy but entertaining!

The outfit

I bought this great outfit, all on clearance or on sale. A light turquoise cardigan paired with a silky brown paisley skirt, off white pantyhouse, and cute brown heels. The sweater and skirt were $8.99, the pantyhouse was $4.20, and the shoes were $6.30.

I was all excited to wear this outfit for my open house last Sunday. I was getting dressed at the last minute (everything is the last minute with me). I put on the cardigan and...a button flies off! Duane said, "Can't you just sew the button back on?. Well I can, but not in 30 seconds or less!

2 people came to the open house and the weather was crappy. Hopefully this Sunday's open house will be better and I will sew that button back on.