Thursday, August 18, 2005


Duane and I will be having dinner and going to a movie tonight. We are a little stressed out about our trip, so we thought we could use some mindless entertainment. I thought I was feeling better about being ready to go, but I had the same dream three times last night.

The jist of the dream is that I arrive in Prague and I have no clothes in my bag. Somehow I got distracted and never packed my suitcase. Duane was going to fly home and get me some clothes. Prague was very pretty in my dream. It was bad having the dream once!

My mom is going to take one of the kitties, so they all have homes now. I think my sister wanted to take one (her kids would have loved it), but her husband was stressing out about it. He is a little OCD I think.

I am trying to figure out which kitty would be best for the two other people. I probably shouldn't think about it so much, but 18 days is a long time.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Well we are more prepared for going to Europe. We have two kitties taken care of, and one to go. My mom said she would take one, but I am leaving that as a last resort.

I have had a twitch in my lower right eyelid for a couple of weeks now, and it is driving me nuts.

Gas prices in Sun Prairie are up to $2.65 now.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back from Oahu

Unless you really like hot weather, expensive food, traffic, lots of people, worrying about your stuff getting ripped off, shopping at expensive stores, and lots of people--don't go to Oahu.

I did see rainbows almost every day and had some really good food. Being by yourself for 10 hours a day gets rather tiresome, especially when there is no HGTV or FoodTV on the hotel tv.

The flight sucked on the way there and the way back, mostly due to the crappy DC10. I still can't believe that you can have an 8 hour flight where there is no free food, not even a snack! Unfortunately, Northwest has Pepsi products, which I don't like. The flight to Europe should be better, ie not on a crappy DC10.

I think I am going to have to send my blog to more people, although do I want other people I know to read this? Maybe if they will leave comments.

Anyone want to watch a dog or kitty for 18 days? Our dog watcher (who we asked months ago) can no longer watch the dogs or check on the cats while we are in Europe. We leave for Europe in two weeks and are not prepared.