Friday, July 28, 2006

No Lollapalooza

Duane is on call that week for work, so no going to Chicago.

Instead I think we should go to a concert in town with these bands:

three days grace
deaf pedestrians
wicked wisdom
anew revolution
everything at once

Unfortunately Seether had to drop out due to the lead singer's drug addiction, but there are some other great bands there. Duane would love it, dontcha think?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Life does get a little better sometimes

Duane's work decided that a pay scale adjustment was in order. Well little did we know that it was a huge pay scale adjustment! I guess that means he has been underpaid for awhile, but we will take it!

He was disappointed today because his new customer may not be in Salem, Oregon. Someone from his team is moving to a different department and they want to give his pain in the ass customer to Duane. This customer is already live with the software and doesn't have a huge budget (so little travel). This transition won't happen for 3-6 months. He did tell them he could handle both customers, but the powers that be have to make that decision.

Slow day here, so I should have been posting here. I am finally caught up with a message board that I read though. I was about 6 days behind with ~130 posts each day.

I have two closings next week that will net me about $5000. All that money has a purpose already, so no plasma tv.

I have another couple who cannot commit to writing an offer. They had so many questions that the seller had had enough. I am still waiting to hear if they will write an offer. Good thing I have a LOT of patience.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No time

I recognize that I have been called out by The Bird Man, but I just have no time to post.

The lighthouse he went to was WAY cooler than the one I went to though!

I promise to post with pictures and words and everything later.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am cursed

I hate vending machines. It always seems like my item gets stuck.

I had a bunch of quarters, but I gave them to Duane last night to pay for parking. I had $1 to get a snack and I am starving! I put in my $1, pick my pretzels, and bam they get stuck.

I am a nickel short of getting two bags of pretzels, although that one would probably get stuck too!

This is the second time this has happened with this particular vending machine.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Duane wayne

I just talked to Duane. They are finished with their work in LA, so why not get drunk? Nevermind that 6am flight! He will be hurting in the morning, but I just have to laugh.

We are supposed to go a baseball game tomorrow night and sit in a section where it is all you can eat and drink (beer). He gets home at 2pm, and may just need to take a nap.

I was out with the nutty buyer today. We wrote an offer that was rejected quickly. The sellers are totally nuts though, thinking that someone will pay $40,000 over the assessment.

We do have a back up, so hopefully that one will work out!!

Bowling tonight was stinky. We had a sub since Duane is out of town. This sub has bowled for us before (well) and has a high average. Of course he bowled like crap tonight and we lost 2 out of 3 games. :( Luckily he is a nice guy, so I can't fault him too much.

More details

I know a little bit more about my friends and their baby. The husband was changing the baby on his lap and dropped her. They took her to the hospital to make sure she was ok. Unfortunately this was a mistake (!). A cat scan was done on the baby and it showed some cranial bleeding (not caused by the drop). They had no explanation for the bleeding and unfortunately trying to find a reason made it worse.

The husband may regain custody in 6-12 months. The wife may regain custody in 3 months. Right now the wife can be with the baby but her mother has custody. The husband and wife can't spend any significant time together.

The husband may end up with a felony conviction.

The real child abusers out there don't take their children to the doctor. It is a messed up system.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Up late

I have a bad habit of staying up late while Duane is gone and this week is no exception so far. I also have been sleeping about 10 hours/day no matter when I go to bed. I have not forced myself to change this or to go to the gym. I am trying to remember to take my mult-vitamin. I have been slacking on eating fruits and veggies and milk for awhile. I have been slacking on eating for awhile in general. I eat dinner, but don't make sure I get lunch or breakfast. It is the lack of a routine and this lack of a routine has been killing me for some months now.

Duane and I are working on getting our debt in order. Duane doesn't watch what he spends and didn't change that habit after I stopping bringing in money. One of the whole points of changing careers was to reduce the debt not increase it! We have a plan now though, but I have to keep making money.

You hear me other there people! I am an awesome realtor! Call me!

I know you are curious

So, my buyer on wrote an offer for the cutest house. It was the one I was sure she was going to like, and she did. Unfortunately she didn't like it enough to write a full price offer, and the sellers accepted another offer. Frustrating!!

I wrote her an email today that cut straight to the truth. She told me that she is ready to write an offer on a place we saw in May and will write it for the listing price. I was shocked! I have one detail to wrap up. It is a residential income property and I need to make sure that the tenant is moving out next month. My buyer seems to think that it will be rented out, which is probably why she told me she would write an offer on it!

Work wise I am back to where I was before. I hate prospecting for clients!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Last weekend

Duane and I went to Summerfest to see Nine Inch Nails. I have been reading in Rolling Stone that concert attendance has been suffering, but I didn't believe it till that night. I haven't been to a concert in the main amphitheater at Summerfest in awhile. They used to be packed! The Nine Inch Nails concert had availability for free seats during the whole show! I felt pretty silly for paying $40 for my ticket.

We walked around and ate beforehand. I had these awesome macaroni and cheese bites. You cut a pan a macaroni and cheese into wedges and deep fry it. Yum, yum. Duane had ribs and we split some cajun shrimp. There was a big country star there that night and CMT was filming his concert. It was too funny seeing the mohawk tatooed people walking around with the cowboy boots and hat people. Toss in some old folks and families and it was an interesting bunch!

Peaches and Bauhaus opened for Nine Inch Nails and they are both pretty hard core. It was difficult to get into the goth mind set with the sun shining. The Peaches lead singer was walking around in hot pink underwear and singing about cock (I think every song had cock in it), but it was a show better suited to a dark venue. (I would say dark and smoky, but we had PLENTY of smoke).

Nine Inch Nails didn't come on until it got dark, so that was better. They had an awesome LED screen in front of the stage and video screens in back. They projected some really cool designs during the show. We had some good seats in the bleachers (not a ton of people around), until they let all the people in the free lawn seats move into the bleachers. :( Trent Reznor was just amazing to watch and pretty hot too!

There were many crimes of fashion including the girl with the mesh shirt and nothing underneath, and some weird sightings (2 guys I went to high school with).

It was a long and hot day, but fun. We meant to get back to Summerfest to see some of the other free concerts, but the $15 ticket price and 1.5 hour drive kept us away.

We also saw a little of Dierks Bentley and Joan Jett that night too.

Hey guess what

I was looking back through my posts and saw my mention of my picky buyer. We did not get an offer in place last month (shocker I know). We had put in an offer on something that was a mess.

She is now back from vacation and we have about 3 weeks (2 week more feasibly) to get something into place. I thought I had her on the right track (east side houses because that is what she can afford!), but she seems to have changed her mind. I guess I will find out tonight we go to look at MORE houses. Yes folks we are around the 40 house mark. We are seeing 3 houses on the same street tonight and I think one of them is perfect for her. Should we bet to see if I can convince her of that?

The other offer we put in was on a two bedroom condo on the west side. It was under priced because the sellers were crazy. It was two crazy old ladies who thought their water was contaminated and their sewer was messed up. The listing agent did not have his act together. The condition report was not even legible! After dicking around for 5 days (the ladies are heading towards bankruptcy and he did not know this!), he finally sent over a counter. The picky buyer had had it at that point and rejected it. It turns out that nothing was wrong with the water OR the sewer.

I probably shouldn't post about this

Duane will probably get on my case for this. I am not saying any names though and no one that reads my blog knows these people.

This is the sad and terrible thing that I mentioned the other day. I have a couple with a baby that are relatives of a good friend of ours, and have become our friends. After much work, I got them an accepted offer on a great condo. They haven't made the greatest decisions in their life, so they were always a bit of a risk.

I hadn't heard from them and it was making me nervous. I got a message last week Wednesday that they were at the hospital with the baby and I called them back. She was crying so hard she couldn't talk. I couldn't get a hold of them again that day. I made Duane call the hospital and go by there.

It turned out that the husband hurt the baby(by accident) and that she had to go to the hospital. Child Protection Services is involved now and there is legal action pending (he may even get jail time).

I finally got an email from the wife. The baby is ok (thank god). They can't buy the condo now, but that should be ok right? The volume of people that do not understand (no matter how many times you explain it) that an accepted offer is a legally binding contract is astounding. Many people think they can just change their minds.

I am angry, but trying not to be. It is a horrible situation for them to be in, how could I be angry? My manager isn't in today, so I have to wait to talk to her. I have to explain to the seller's agent that they are screwed now and have to put the house back on the market. This was not a great deal for the sellers to being with. Their condo had been on the market for months and they were finally selling it for less than they originally paid for it! All my hard work was for nothing and perhaps I am angry at myself for thinking that they wouldn't screw this up.

I need to stop thinking about it and writing it out helps.


I last posted about bowling and we ended up winning 2 games and total pins! We lost the second game by 2 pins, which was quite frustrating. We are in last place by a good margin, so now we are just trying to take down whoever we bowl against.

Friday night we met up with friends of ours for dinner and gelato. The dinner was a fish fry that was just ok, especially when paired with the slow service. The gelato place was awesome though. I had cake batter (which really tasted like cake batter!) and orange dreamsicle. They had a chocolate chili flavor there that was quite interesting. The sweetness of chocolate followed by the heat of the chili in the back of your throat. This is a newer place, so we are quite glad are friends took us there.

Saturday didn't involve much. Errands and working around the house.

Sunday I had a boring open house. I hate doing open houses, but I feel like I must to get clients (even though I haven't gotten any clients from an open house so far!). We went to a get together at another friends house to watch the World Cup final. They do not have air conditioning and the high yesterday was 90!! I made soybean hummus and double chocolate ice cream. Everyone loved both things.

Duane heads of to LA today. It seems like he always gets on my nerves the most right before he leaves for a trip! We are having lunch and then I will drop him off at the airport.

I am doing some more showings with the crazy buyer tonight. We are down to the wire on finding a house. I am really hoping that she will like what we see tonight. These houses are in a great neigborhood (right around the corner from the friend that took us for gelato) and in her price range.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A suggestion

I suggest NOT posting on other people's blogs while under the influence. You post things that sound really cool at the time (but aren't) and spoil surprises while thinking you are cool.

I have an overwhelming amount of stuff to post, which I will do soon. Friends of ours are going through something terrible and sad that we can't help with, and it is weighing heavily on my mind.

We have bowling tonight. We lost last week to the bluehairs, who were one spot above us (we are dead last). Hopefully I won't suck tonight!

Cate and Conor are having a baby girl!!! Some good good news.