Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Weather

It was sunny with a high of 47 yesterday.

It is snowing as I type.

I find that I have much more energy and I am happier when it is sunny. I picked up a B complex supplement yesterday. It is supposed to help with energy (it is called Fatigued to Fantastic). It isn't super expensive. I will let you know if it has any effect.

Duane hit something on his way to work this morning and wrecked his tire. We think it may have been a chunk of concrete! He was able to change the tire (after much frustration, it was on super tight!) and he had a full sized spare.

I am thinking about doing some part-time waitressing. I have work things on the horizon, but I am feeling pretty useless right now.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


My buyers punked out on the deal. These people are about as risk adverse as anyone I know. They asked if I wanted to fire them as clients! They are really nice people and we will find something else for them.

Small snowflakes this morning, no warm(er) weather in sight.

If you pet your cat in the dark you can see little static shocks!

Duane and I went to the gym today. I think part of my tiredness might be dehydration. I haven't been drinking ANY water lately.

Monday, March 20, 2006

My boss told me

I meet with my manager on Mondays. She told me that she has never met someone that is so hard on themselves.

Instead of being proud of myself of writing a good offer, I beat myself up for not having more. She said that I am doing a good job. I won't take that lightly, since she would tell me if I wasn't doing a good job.

It is so easy to get down, sometimes you are there before you even realize it.

There are lots of things to be happy about including that today is the first day of Spring (now if someone could just mention that to the weather!).

I did see a robin yesterday!

Another week has gone by

Bye bye last week, it is Monday again.

Duane and I have both been feeling really tired lately, even though we seem to be getting enough sleep.

Day to day life seems like such a chore.

I worry about work and money every day. At least at my old job, I didn't worry about money so much.

I do have an offer going. If it goes through, I can expect some money in May.

I think I need to make some lists and write down the fun things I am looking forward to.

Monday, March 13, 2006


We spent another Saturday not putting the final touches on the bathroom. I spend 45 minutes in TJMaxx and Duane just about had a fit. We went to a bar and watched Wake Forest lose to Duke (do you think that improved Duane's mood?). After that we went to JoAnn's and spent an hour there. I got fabric to make new dog beds!

I had a feeling the my dad must be doing ok when I got a drunken call from my Aunt Saturday night. She thought she was calling someone from work (after 4 martinis). My Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma went out to dinner with my Mom and Dad.

Sunday was all about family (my dad looked good!). We went to church at 8:15 (in Janesville which is 45 minutes away, you do the math). We had breakfast at my sister's after that. It was good family bonding.

My mom and I helped out a relative with their new puppy. They bought a new puppy (from a crappy source if you ask me!) and the puppy has Parvo. They are doing treament at home, giving antibiotics and fluids. She was having trouble putting the needle in, so we helped out. It was the cutest puppy (a brittany spaniel), and it was looking good when we left. Don't be cheap and buy puppies from bad people please!

My mom bought me two cookbooks for my birthday, so I am looking forward to going through those. My sister gave me a $50 gift card to TJMaxx, and my mom gave me a $50 gift card to JcPennys.

I found out that my dad had been having chest pain for a few weeks before he said anything (or called the doctor!). He went parasailing too! Thank the lord that nothing worse happened to him.

I have showings this Thursday, but I need to work on getting more clients!

7 song challenge

In no particular order:

Yellowcard- Lights and Sounds

I don't think this one has hit the local airwaves yet, but I enjoy it when it comes on Alt Nation on Sirius.

Morningwood- Nth Degree

This is playing locally now and it is a trip. Their latest song (Jetsetter) sucks though.

Saving Jane- Girl Next Door

The song talks about not liking the "perfect" girl. Yeah, I get that.

Kelly Clarkson- Anything on the radio she sings

Yes, I like Kelly Clarkson!

Bree Sharp- Anything she sings

Totally underrated. She will be playing in Madison soon!

Big & Rich- Live This Life

A little county, a little rock and roll. Great song about not being afraid to live.

System of a Down- Violent Pornography

Not for the faint of heart!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Nap time?

My dad is going home from the hospital today. They ended up keeping him longer because he had some pain after the procedure. The pain went away after he took an anti-anxiety medication so they finally determined that it was not due to his heart. He will have to change his diet some and reduce his activity.

Mr. Kitty has been very cuddly lately. He is sitting on the computer desk with me right now.

The weather here is really nice. I just spend a glorious hour in the sun picking up dog poop. I have to go back out there too.

Duane and I are heading into Milwaukee tonight to have dinner with my sister and her new husband. It should be fun.

I will have to do the 7 song challenge this weekend. My favorite radio station got changed (again) so I haven't been listening much. I like to listen to the satellite radio (which is only in Duane's car) so I should be able to find some good choices on the drive tonight.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This week

Life has been crazy this week and it is only Wednesday.

My dad had a cardiac catheterization today. They found a vessel that was 85% blocked and put a stent in it. He emailed yesterday to tell us (kids) that he was having this done. I don't know if I mentioned that he said something regarding his future last Friday, but that was it.

I will be working from 8:30am to 8:30pm tomorrow. Happy Birthday to me. To be fair, I did choose to attend a work thing all day. I have two showings in the evening as well.

We were supposed to see Three Dog Night tonight as a (free) private concert put on by one of the companies associated with my work. We invited 2 friends. At the last minute I couldn't find 2 of the tickets (although they turned out to be right where I put them). My friends admitted that they weren't that gun ho on going anyway. We did have dinner though, and that was nice.

Friday we will be heading into Milwaukee to have dinner with my sister and her new husband. Seems freaky saying that!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Can you believe

That Duane is going to Maui in April for 8 days?

That the homeowner was home on Sunday when I did my open house and scared the crap out of me? (I ended up not doing the open house which was fine because it was snowing!)

That it snowed yesterday, hello spring where are you!

That I picked up another client this Saturday and will be busy this week showing them houses?

That I will be spending my birthday at an all day seminar for work? (breakfast and lunch better be darn good!)

Friday, March 03, 2006

TGIF, oh wait I have work to do this weekend

I am at work and sleepy. I don't feel like working much!

Duane and I could have been visiting an A-list celebrity and the Bird Man this weekend, but Duane's poopy client got in the way. It seems that we won't be able to visit them until late April.

In between periods of moping, I will be showing a house to a couple who is motivated to buy and doing an open house. I will be sewing that darn button back on the cute outfit sweater, so I will look fab-o for the open house.

Duane is going to Maui the first week in April for work. Oh, the rough life he leads. :)