Saturday, September 30, 2006


No, I haven't been asleep since the 19th.

I have determined over the past few weeks that I will wake up after sleeping for 10 hours and I will feel good. Is it possible that I need 10 hours of sleep? If so, it is no wonder that I felt like crap and was tired all the time.

I did go to the gym twice last week, but I didn't go at all last week. I should have, as this week was pretty stressful. I had a closing on Friday that almost didn't happen due to many screwups by the lender (not that my buyer is a peach either). I am cleaning out the basement of the building tomorrow and then hopefully I will be done with it.

I don't have much else to say tonight, even though I have lots of stuff I should write about.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Not much

I didn't do much today and I don't have much to show for it. I didn't post here, do work, or work on any of my projects.

The weather is chilly here and it looks like the thermostat may have taken a dump. New thermostats aren't that expensive, and we needed a better one.

Why is it that I don't like to eat by myself? Duane is eating dinner with customers tonight and I haven't eaten anything yet. I will probably wait till he comes home and have him get something for me.

I think I will work a gift for a friend and get something productive done today.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I went to the gym today!

I need to write about the other part of our Vancouver trip and I will do that (as well as include some pictures).

I went to the gym today. I hadn't been in awhile, but I knew they were making some changes. They have put a tv screen with every bike, treadmill, and eliptical machine and you can watch any channel you want! Holy cow, there is no reason not to exercise now.

Duane and I purchased at 42" LCD tv yesterday and a Bose surround sound system. I know we will enjoy it very much, but I have a lot of different feelings about it. We couldn't fit it in the car yesterday (that should probably have been our clue that no one needs a tv this big), so a friend of Duane's at work will help him today.

I ate some high fiber cereal this morning and I think my lower intestine is freaking out.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yea Hi

I may have been posting under the influence in that last post. Duane and I had a total of 15 beers on Monday. Luckily neither of us were feeling too badly Tuesday morning.

We made it home safe and sound, and we got to sit in first class again (Duane did for both legs, me just for one). They served food, which was horrible! It was a meat and cheese plate. The meat was grisly and the cheese was tasteless. Our flight left an hour late, but we made our connection without much trouble.

We were at the Vancouver airport for quite awhile and were trying to use the wireless internet. We read in a few places that it was available, but couldn't make it work. Duane figured out in Minneapolis that he had the wireless turned off! Duh! (There was a moment where I thought I broke the computer because I had dropped it the night before).

The first day was rainy, but not terrible. We had breakfast at Lupo Cafe. I had coffee! (and didn't especially like it) and eggs benedict. It was a lighter version with no hollandaise, but really tasty. Duane had cinnamon french toast which he said was ok. We jumped on a tour bus and went to the aquarium. They had Beluga whales there and the biggest sea lion I have ever seen! They also had a sloth (one of Duane's favorites), but we couldn't find him. We headed off to Chinatown after that and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden. We had a great guide who explained all the principles of the garden. We jumped back on the bus and rode down to Gastown where we ate and drank beer at the Steamworks Brewing company. I had a lamb burger that was tasty and Duane had fish and chips. His fish was awesome. We walked up the street by the water and had a beer at the Mill Marine Bistro. I had a Granville Island Brewing company hefeweizen which was pretty tasty. Back to the hotel to watch V for Vendetta.

The weather was gorgeous after that first day. Duane and I rode a tandem bike around the park! It took a little coordination, but it was fun. We had lunch at a great greek place that gives you tons of food. I had moussaka and Duane had roast lamb. We went to the Museum of Anthropology after that. I insisted on taking public transportation which took about 1.5 hours (we should have taken a cab). The museum had lots of totem poles, which Duane enjoyed. We were off to Granville Island after that. My shopping time was greatly reduced because of not taking a cab earlier. We had some beer at the Granville Island Brewery. It was good, but didn't wow me. We also had some beer at the Dockside Brewing Company. Duane had a jamaican style beer there that was very interesting! We had a little fight about babies. :( We went to the hotel after that and watched Elizabethtown (well half of it). We went to the Christ Church Cathedral for an evening mass. It was a mass of gregorian chant and was quite peaceful. We had to find something to eat after that and ended up at the Cactus Club Cafe . We had a Shaftebury Cream Ale that was very tasty. I had raw tuna with mango salsa, alvacado, and macademia nuts with crispy wontons. It could have been much better than it was. :( Duane had chicken strips and fries. We finished up Elizabethtown and went to bed.

More later!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oh Life

I am here in Vancouver thinking of you all and thinking about posting. Duane is in bed snoring away. He tired himself out today. We are on a plane back tomorrow.

We talked about babies this trip and how it is easier to NOT make a decision than it is to make one. Duane asks me why do I want babies and I don't have a good answer. Why does anyone want babies?

I am 102 on a list of 121 at work( out of all the offices my boss owns). Not too terrible, but I must do better.

Time to roll into bed, tomorrow will come too early.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I meant to post more last week, but got wrapped up with work and planning for the trip. When I tried to post, the website was slow.

Vancouver has been awesome. We got upgraded on the flight from Minneapolis, due to a kind lady at the NWA World Club. We rode in a nice hybrid taxi to our hotel, and our hotel turned out to be very nice.

It was rainy yesterday, but we managed to have a good day.

I will post more later. We have to run out and rent bikes and start our day!

p.s. always check the batteries in your camera before you go somewhere you might want to take pictures!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I must have gotten busy

I was doing so well with posting every day, and then I must have gotten busy. Duane and I did manage to get up to my sister's on Friday. We even slept outside under the stars and didn't shower for 2 days! The dogs had a blast, and were good for the most part. There was a skirmish between them, and Brisco ended up with a small owie.

It rained all day Monday, and it ended up being a very lazy day.

I wrote another lowball offer today for my buyers. I wish I had more money so I could tell them to take a long walk off of a short pier.

I slept terribly last night and I am sleepy now.

I bought 2 more things from QVC in a smaller size. If this size doesn't fit correctly, then no more QVC clothes for me.

We will be in Vancouver in 3 days.