Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here I am, rock me like a hurricane...

The weird things that pop into your head while thinking about blogging.

We traveled to Minneapolis last Friday. We got into town around 7:30 and hit up the Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery. It was kinda snobby in there. The beer I had was good, but not excellent. Duane had 2 beers, and liked 1 a lot. We moved onto the next place, Stub and Herb's, which was near campus. It was formerly a total college bar but has been renovated up a notch. The atmosphere was a lot nicer. We met up with this guy that Duane was trading beer with. He was wear a hoodie with beagles all over it and his handle on the beer trading site is regalbeagle. Was he a little weird you ask? Yes, just slightly off. We had good beer there, even having a pint of the special beer we were picking up the next day. This did involve talking to the beagle guy for way longer than we wanted to though. Duane also gyyped the waitress (by mistake) and got me to steal a pint glass.

We got to the hotel with no trouble (downtown Hyatt $50/night on Priceline) and checked in. It was a very nice and comfortable room, despite the wireless (not free) access sucking. At least they took it off the bill with no argument. The next morning we were up at 6am and to the brewery by 7 (yeah). It was a little chilly to be sitting in a chair for 5 hours, but it was an experience. It turned out later that they had plenty of beer and we could have gotten there at 3pm and bought what we wanted. I keep trying not to think about that part. After we got our beer ($300 worth), we went to another brewery for lunch. It was a cute place and they have good beer. Duane ordered a chipotle pizza for us to order despite the spicyness disclaimer on the menu. Holy Hell it was spicy!! It was almost too spicy to eat. Eating this pizza involved a CVS stop later in the evening for some Pepto. We went back to the hotel to shower and rest after lunch.

Our hotel was near the sculpture garden (think giant spoon with a cherry on it), so we walked over there. We then walked all around the downtown area. We were looking for somewhere to eat, but also just looking around. We ended up back at the hotel (after the emergency Pepto stop) and picked out a restaurant near the hotel (Nick and Eddie's). It was very nice (despite an anemic beer list) and the food was excellent.

We were up the next morning to travel to Janesville for some family time. We were slow getting out of town (looking for coffee and a LNT that was open). I had a breakfast sandwich from Sonic that was quite tasty but probably all my points for the day. We finally got out of MN and got stopped by a State Trooper! It was weird, we were in mixed traffic and not speeding excessively. He ended up giving us a warning, which made me think that they must have been looking for a car that looked like ours.

We did have a nice family visit even though we were pretty pooped.

This week has been decent so far (despite the internet going down this morning at work). We have still been busy, but work isn't bothering me as much. I did hear something this week that made me laugh. We were in the new office building looking around and I heard: if Carey becomes our IT person in the future she can have this office!! Oh lordy, these people can't guess that I want outta here?

We have a Halloween party on Saturday and our costumes are not ready yet. I have a feeling I will be working on that tomorrow night.

Tonight is Weight Watchers (missed last week). Duane drank a ton of beer over the weekend and still lost 5 lbs! I don't expect to see a loss.

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