Monday, November 03, 2008

Oh Halloween....

I raced home on Friday to put candy out for trick or treaters. I don't answer the door because the dogs and cats are a pain to deal with and I was working on Duane's costume. We don't have many kids in our neighborhood but sometimes they come over from other areas. We didn't get that this year so I was left with candy. Luckily I can stay away from it and I can take it to work for other people to eat.

I stayed up late hunched over the sewing machine, but I did finish Duane's costume. Sewing fake fur to a sweatshirt and sweatpants is a bitch. I was up relatively early on Saturday to drop Duane off to go golfing and I had a hair appointment at 12:45. My costume was an interpretation of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and I was still on the search for most of the costume on Saturday (I did finally find some kiss ass clothes).

Unfortunately my hair appointment was traumatic. My usual stylist was not working on Saturday so I had someone else. It is this lady that always has a bad attitude (don't know if she is the manager or what). She waxed my eyebrows and gave me 1st degree burns right below my eyebrows. I didn't know what she had done, just that it hurt a little more than usual. She proceeded to style my hair (keeping me away from the mirror) even though I think someone else was scheduled to do it. I came in because I wanted a shampoo and style (they massage your head during the shampoo and it is very relaxing). She bullied me into not having it washed (she said the style would hold better) and I hadn't washed it before I came. The style turned out exactly the way I wanted, but since my hair wasn't washed it didn't hold up very well throughout the day. They mysteriously took $10 off my bill and I left. When I got in the car I saw the 2 bright red stripes below my eyebrows and it hurt like hell. I can be sensitive to the waxing (it usually stays red for 30-45 minutes) but I had no idea how bad it was.

I continued shopping for my costume and then got home around 4. I spent 2 hours with ice and a cold washcloth on my eyebrows, but the damage was done. It will heal, but it looks pretty stupid. I tried to let it not ruin my night so I got ready for the party. My outfit was pretty sexy (let's just say I did not bend over much) so I was a little embarassed. I ran with it though and I got some compliments. The party was strangely lame. This friend of Duane's usually throws cool parties (good music, lots of people to talk to) but this was not one of them. I drank too quickly (didn't have much to eat with the trauma and being nervous for the party) and was pretty drunk. We played some Rockband (hard to sing when the words are all blurry). Duane fell asleep (he had been golfing all afternoon and drinking all evening before I picked him up for the party). He did win scariest costume though! I know there are some pictures out there (hopefully not too horrifying). I will post one if I can get someone to send me one. I zonked out on the couch and Duane woke me up at 7 to go home.

Today was supposed to be a stressful day at work (new software going live) but there has been a delay. They are saying it should be ready tomorrow, so tomorrow can be the stressful day I guess.

The house is a complete disaster area (bits of fake fur everywhere) and I am way behind on laundry. Calgon take me away........

p.s. I am going to say something to my regular stylist about the traumatic appointment. I am seeing her this Thursday.

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