Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday better than last

Well WW last week was not a loss, partly because I weighed in on Friday morning instead of Thursday evening (it makes a difference) and partly because I drank too much beer last week.

I have to weigh in on Friday again this week but I will not be wearing heavy jeans. I do work at the G Mansion Wednesday and Thursday though, so I will have to stay away from the food.

The weekend was good. Friday involved a movie, a good dinner, and too much beer. Saturday was corn maze and pumpkin carving day. The corn maze was oddly anticlimatic. The last time we went it was night time (much spookier and harder to navigate) and this time it was day time. Last time was with friends and this time was with some of Duane's coworkers. Pumpkin carving was fun though and we ended up with some yummy toasted seeds.

I watched My Own Worst Enemy last night and thought that it was much better than the first episode. Smoother and less cheesy. I am not missing 90210 (or Knight Rider which I have given up on). I am thinking about tossing a few other shows as well.

We are off to Minneapolis this weekend. Someone is watching the dogs so I really need to get to cleaning up the house. It seems like it is always a mess!

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Kandy Christensen said...

Oh man, I missed Christian last night. Don't worry about the lack of loss, there's always a bit of fluctuation. I can go weeks without dropping a pound and then bam 5 will be gone.