Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey twice in one week!

Well work yesterday was not better by any means. Today has been fine, mostly because it has been slow. Maybe I should do a countdown till our vacation.


My Own Worst Enemy (Christian Slater show) - Not 100% awesome, but worth watching again. The spy version of CS was very creepy while the dad version was good lookin'. It has started off as a hardcore spy show more Alias like. Plot and dialog could use a little work.

Eleventh Hour - Liked the pregnant cheerleader from the movie Sugar&Spice as the hardass FBI chick. The science guy is a little better than so-so. They started off with a hot topic (cloning babies) and didn't distort the science of it too badly. I will watch it again next week.

90210 was not on this week and I didn't miss it. I will be taking it off the DVR list.

Tomorrow is weigh in. We shall see how it goes. It should be a loss, but probably not a huge one.

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Kandy Christensen said...

I agree with you on My Own Worst Enemy, but I can't not watch. It's Christian Slater. An hour of him every week...