Friday, November 21, 2008

Have you missed me?

Our internet connection at work was severed on November 4th in the evening (by mistake). My life has been hellish since then. Work has been a giant ball of stress and will be until we (successfully) move in to our new building. The move starts in 1 week.

I had to put Hershey to sleep Monday evening. He took a major slide over the weekend and was ready to go. I catch myself calling him to go outside and then I remember that he isn't there.

We ripped out the base cabinets in the kitchen and I am SO excited about having a new kitchen.

We still haven't planned half our trip to New Zealand in January, but I (think) all the animals have people to stay with.

I am going to Chicago tonight to see a friend and go to some craft shows tomorrow. I am not going to think about work or anything else stressful!

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