Tuesday, March 10, 2009

random thoughts

I haven't posted in forever. Yesterday was my birthday and I am OLD. Found out that my little sister is pregnant again on Saturday. I still think it isn't something that she really wants (she got accepted to the Physical Therapy program at the UW which is really tough to get into and is now deferring for a year) but I will help her as much as she lets me.

The weather is depressing and my kitchen is still a room with no floor or anything else.

I did have a great visit to see friends in DC last month.

I WILL get back to my crafts. I have onesies to make for a friend and some great ideas for toddler t-shirts that I need to work on.

I have been getting a fair amount of appreciation and validation at work which is nice.

I remembered that I can do and teach myself just about anything which is not something that everyone can say about themselves.

I need to increase my resolve to go to the gym. I have been dinking around with losing weight for too many months.

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