Monday, February 02, 2009

Home from vacation

Well it was a wonderful month of being on vacation and we have over 900 pictures to sort through. I would highly recommend New Zealand as a place to visit, it is an amazing country. I hope to have pictures of the trip up soon.

I realized when we got back that the state of our house is pretty depressing. The basement is still a mess from the flooding and of course the kitchen is a work in progress. A depressing house is depressing to come home to. There will be hard work ahead to get everything in order.

The animals all survived. Mr. Kitty was pretty po'd. He had to stay home by himself and got a whole day of us being home by himself. He even slept with us, which he never does. Boots is the one that usually sleeps with us, and I guess Mr. Kitty won't sleep with us if he is there.

It is going to take a little while to get my head back into work. I want to stay through my coworker's maternity leave, so I think that puts me around April for giving notice. Duane was already looking for new jobs for me last night.

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crankymommy said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to seeing pictures. Good luck with your job search!